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The scholarship is applicable at point of admission and cannot be carried forward to the following academic year(s). The siblings need not be studying on programmes at the University at the same time but may have registered some years apart.

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This scholarship is automatic on evidence of the sibling relationship by providing birth certificates.

The University of Nottingham Malaysia campus provides a special chance to obtain a UK degree closer to home. It is located in the tranquil setting of Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia.

Students from 75 different nations converge at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, creating a rich tapestry of international viewpoints. The institution values diversity, encourages mutual respect, and cultivates an atmosphere in which everyone can participate and feel valued for who they are. The university was founded with inclusivity as its core value, not only as an ideal.

Students will enter a community that promotes ambition as soon as they set foot on the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus. The university holds itself and its work to the highest standards and encourages one another to do the same. The faculty adopts a student-centric approach to learning due to their richness of expertise and the fact that 85% of them hold PhDs. They encourage students to think critically and develop a passion for knowledge that extends beyond the confines of the classroom, enabling them to realise their full potential. Students are better prepared for the demands of the constantly changing global job market because of the commitment to academic rigour.

Education, however, extends beyond the classroom. It is all about encouraging children to grow personally, develop holistically, and seize chances that help them become well-rounded people. Because of this, there is a thriving student life on the campus of the University of Nottingham Malaysia. Students can join one of the many organisations or societies to pursue their interests, broaden their skill set, and create relationships that will last a lifetime. They are able to take part in charitable activities that benefit society. Students can reach their full potential, identify their skills, and make lifelong experiences.

Beyond the chances for academic success and personal growth, the University of Nottingham Malaysia provides a variety of campus amenities that improve the whole experience. The cutting-edge gym and swimming pool allow students to maintain an active lifestyle. At the different restaurants and bars, they can sate their appetites. Comprehensive health services are available to students, ensuring that their well-being is well-cared for. The institution is committed to offering a supportive atmosphere that promotes the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its students.

Students who enrol at the University of Nottingham Malaysia become part of a community of more than 300,000 Nottingham alumni worldwide. The alumni network is a useful tool that provides networking opportunities, professional guidance, and mentoring throughout one's lifetime. Students can learn from successful people in a variety of industries and professions and use their insights to help them on their own path to success.

At the University of Nottingham Malaysia, learning goes beyond the classroom. It involves starting a transformational path that equips pupils with the opportunities and difficulties of a globalised world. It's about encouraging inclusivity, valuing diversity, and pushing the bounds of what's possible for students. Every step of the way, students are supported by the University of Nottingham Malaysia, giving them the tools they need to realise their potential and have a positive impact on the world.

Campus Location: Embrace a Global Learning Experience

The University of Nottingham Malaysia has made it its mission to take students on a journey that transcends boundaries. Set in the picturesque town of Semenyih, Selangor, this campus offers students a chance to earn a UK degree without having to travel far. The tranquil surroundings provide an environment conducive to learning and getting acquainted with Malaysian culture. Being conveniently close to Kuala Lumpur, one of Asia's most bustling cities, gives students the perfect balance between peaceful university life and urban excitement.

Study Areas

The university takes pride in offering a diverse range of study areas that cater to student's academic interests and aspirations. Be it sciences, engineering, business, or the humanities, and they have a wide range of programmes to choose from. The academic staff, with 85% holding PhDs, is dedicated to delivering a student-centric approach to learning. They bring their expertise, knowledge, and industry insights into the classroom, empowering students to reach their full potential. At the University of Nottingham Malaysia, students can expect rigorous academic standards, innovative teaching methods, and a supportive environment that nurtures their intellectual growth.

Diversity and Inclusion

UNM understands the importance of inclusivity and believes in creating a community where everyone can contribute and be appreciated for who they are. With a diverse student community representing 75 countries, they celebrate cultural differences, foster global perspectives, and promote a sense of belonging. Their commitment to fairness and respect ensures that students' rights, feelings, and individuality are valued and respected. You'll find an inclusive environment that encourages open dialogue, collaboration, and mutual understanding among students and staff. At the University of Nottingham Malaysia, students will be part of a community that embraces diversity, enriching their educational experience.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Academics are only one aspect of a student's university experience; at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, they also provide a vibrant and interesting student life. You have the chance to discover your passions, broaden your skill set, and develop lifelong relationships thanks to the wide variety of clubs and societies. Students can immerse themselves in their chosen field by joining a club or organisation, whether they are interested in biology, computer science, engineering, economics, or psychology. Join groups of like-minded people, take part in activities, and unlock your potential while gaining priceless experiences, refining your leadership abilities, and making cherished memories.

Campus Facilities

By providing cutting-edge services and facilities, UNM aims to improve the quality of your life on campus. Students will have access to a variety of non-academic amenities in addition to its state-of-the-art academic resources. In addition to keeping themselves physically active and healthy, students can relax and socialise in various recreation spaces and indulge their palates at their on-campus food and beverage businesses. Their dedication to your well-being extends to health services, ensuring that all of your requirements for physical and mental health are met while you are a student.

Alumni Network: Building Lifelong Connections

Students who enrol at the University of Nottingham Malaysia join a community of more than 300,000 Nottingham graduates from around the world. Their alumni network is a priceless asset that provides chances for networking, professional guidance, and mentoring throughout one's lifetime. Get to know accomplished people from various fields and professions, learn about other industries, and get advice to help students figure out their career plans. The alumni network is available to help students during their academic careers and as they begin their professional lives.

Why Study at the University of Nottingham Malaysia?

Education at a lower cost: When compared to studying in the UK, students might choose to attend the University of Nottingham Malaysia. Enjoy the same famous UK degree and high-quality education at a lower cost.

High Employability: UNM's dedication to excellence guarantees that graduates have transferable skills in demand by leading international brands. Join the ranks of their accomplished former students who have landed jobs at prestigious firms like Ernst & Young, Intel, IBM, Maybank, and many more.

Global possibilities: Students will have access to a wide range of international possibilities because of the campus's location in Malaysia and its robust global alumni network. Develop global relationships, broaden your horizons, and investigate all the options for your future profession.


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