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University of Leeds Leeds, United Kingdom

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    May, 2024

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    Oct - Dec, 2024

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Applicants must be classified as an International student for fee purposes. Applicants should have applied for 2023/2024 entry for a Masters programme included in the eligible courses section. Applicants should not be in receipt of funding from other sources that, combined with this scholarship, would equal to more than 100% of the tuition fee. Applicants should demonstrate an excellent academic track record, and be predicted to achieve or have achieved a Bachelor degree with a 2:1 (hons) or equivalent. Applicants should show excellent professional and personal skills evidenced through work experience and/or extracurricular activities. Applicants should demonstrate the potential to contribute to the social and cultural diversity of our Masters programmes and student community.

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The University of Leeds is a famous institution that provides a life-changing educational experience. It is located in the centre of a bustling and friendly city. Selecting the best institution for an international student might be a challenging undertaking. Leeds University, on the other hand, stands out as a symbol of academic distinction and an open-minded community that offers a supportive atmosphere for students from all backgrounds.

Students at Leeds University have the chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant and diverse campus culture fully. The energetic student community is overseen by the Leeds University Union, which is home to several clubs and organisations run by students. There is something for everyone, whether your love is for sports, debate, theatre, gaming, dancing, photography, or even skydiving. You are guaranteed to discover a group of people who share your interests and passions with over 300 clubs and organisations to select from.

The campus is a hive of activity and provides a wide range of amenities and tools to support your academic endeavours. Leeds University takes every possible measure to provide a world-class learning environment, from cutting-edge lecture spaces and computer clusters to fully stocked libraries and IT services. You may easily access the knowledge and information required to excel in your studies thanks to the library's enormous collections of books, manuscripts, and online resources.

Finding your home in a new academic community may be exhilarating and difficult for overseas students. In order to make sure that every student feels respected and supported, Leeds University recognises the significance of inclusion and provides a variety of support services. The Security Office works around the clock to maintain a safe and secure campus environment, while the Student Services Centre is a useful resource for everything from fee payments to official paperwork.

Leeds University is proud of its extensive international alumni network. You join this prestigious network as a student, allowing you to interact with more than 312,000 alumni from 197 different nations. Numerous involvement possibilities, including as volunteering, mentorship, and career advice, are provided via the alumni network. Leeds University offers insightful perspectives into the working world and cultivates significant relationships that might catapult your future success by using the skills and experiences of alumni.

The institution you attend can have a significant impact on your future. When it comes to offering a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond the classroom, Leeds University goes above and beyond. Due to its dedication to diversity and inclusion, all students are made to feel welcome and supported, regardless of their background. You may succeed intellectually, personally, and socially in this setting because to the abundance of clubs and societies, campus amenities, and specialised support services.

Leeds University is more than simply a building; it is a thriving, welcoming community that promotes development, develops talent, and forges relationships that last a lifetime. It is a location where you may test your limits, discover new opportunities, and create lifelong memories. By selecting Leeds University, you start a life-changing adventure that will equip you for success in a world that is always evolving. Why then wait? At Leeds University, become a part of the vibrant community of scholars and realise your full potential.

Campus Location

The campus of Leeds University is situated in the centre of the thriving city of Leeds, giving students the ideal combination of city life and a close-knit campus community. Leeds is well known for its booming cultural scene, exciting nightlife, and a wide variety of dining options. The city's top-notch transit systems make it simple to go to cultural events, commercial areas, and leisure areas. At Leeds University, students have the special opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide variety of experiences on campus and in the neighbourhood. The academic endeavours are complemented by Leeds' lively energy and cultural offers, which fosters holistic growth and inquiry.

Study Areas 

Leeds University is dedicated to giving students a setting where they may follow their passions and achieve success in their chosen disciplines. The institution offers a wide selection of academic programmes, all of which are intended to provide students with the information and abilities they'll need for their future employment. Let's look at some of the popular academic areas Leeds University offers.

Management and business 

The Business School at Leeds University is well known for its esteemed business and management programmes. Students can explore topics like finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and international business in this setting. Graduates from Leeds University's Business School are well-prepared for the fast-paced business world thanks to a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and industry links.


Civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering are just a few of the engineering specialities that Leeds University's Faculty of Engineering provides. Modern infrastructure, practical learning opportunities, and access to cutting-edge research all help students. The faculty's close ties to business and industry provide access to worthwhile internships and team projects that improve students' employability and allow them to significantly advance their disciplines.

Social Sciences

Sociology, psychology, politics, and international relations are just a few of the social science programmes offered by Leeds University, which is a leader in this subject. Students obtain a greater grasp of human behaviour and societal dynamics by interacting with modern challenges and honing their critical thinking abilities. The university's research-driven strategy guarantees that students get knowledge from top experts, enabling them to become agents of change in their communities.


History, literature, languages, philosophy, and cultural studies are just a few of the subjects you may study at Leeds University's Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Cultures. The depths of human creativity, cognition, and expression are explored by students as they hone their analytical and communication abilities. The interdisciplinary approach taken by the faculty enables students to link ideas from many fields, promoting a well-rounded education and stoking their intellectual curiosity.


Leeds University is a leader in scientific teaching and research. Programmes in fields including biology, chemistry, physics, math, and environmental science are available to students. Students have unmatched possibilities to participate in scientific breakthroughs and develop their subjects of study thanks to the university's cutting-edge laboratories and research facilities.

Diversity and Inclusion 

Diversity and inclusiveness are valued at Leeds University as important principles that enhance the educational process. Students from all backgrounds can feel welcomed, respected, and supported since the institution deliberately fosters an inclusive environment. With a sizable number of international students, the campus transforms into a cultural mashup, enabling a dynamic global experience. Leeds University places a high priority on equality, making sure that all of its students have a feeling of community and equal opportunity to succeed both academically and personally. The institution equips students with the skills they need to navigate the global society and make valuable contributions.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies 

One of the busiest and most lively student unions in the nation, Leeds University Union gives members a variety of chances to interact, develop, and make friends for life. The union, which is totally run by students, is essential to developing a vibrant and interesting social environment on campus. Students have the opportunity to discover and develop their interests, whether they be in sports, the arts, culture, faith, or hobbies, thanks to the more than 300 student-led clubs and societies. There is a pathway for every hobby, from debate and football to gaming, dancing, photography, and even skydiving. With its stores, cafés, restaurants and adaptable areas for holding events, the Union building itself acts as a centre for socialising, learning and relaxing. Top bands and other artists perform at the union as well.

Campus Facilities 

Leeds University has a wide range of on-campus amenities that improve the overall learning environment. Modern teaching spaces with the newest technologies offer a creative and interesting learning environment. The university's libraries offer quiet individual study spaces for concentrated work and lively group work zones for collaborative projects to accommodate a variety of learning styles. A vast selection of books, journals, and internet resources are readily available to students, supporting their education and research projects. While computer clusters outfitted with cutting-edge technology satisfy their computing demands, the IT Service Desk is available to help students with technical concerns. As a one-stop shop for administrative issues, the Student Services Centre streamlines procedures including fee payments, student ID collecting, and access to official paperwork. Additionally, the school places a high priority on security and safety, creating a safe environment for all students.

Alumni Network

The worldwide alumni network of Leeds University includes almost 312,000 successful people in 197 different countries. Graduating students join this significant group, which provides beneficial support, chances for networking, and connections for potential future careers. The institution encourages its graduates to support the community by offering their skills and time as volunteers. Alumni are essential in assisting current students in realising their potential and leading them towards success through mentorship programmes, career counselling, and industry insights.

Why Study at the University of Leeds?

  • Academic brilliance: Leeds University has a great reputation for research and teaching in a variety of fields, and it is widely recognised for its academic brilliance.
  • World-class Faculty: Students get the chance to study under eminent authorities in their subjects, receiving priceless information and insights.
  • Diverse Study Topics: The institution provides a large selection of study topics, enabling students to follow their interests and ambitions.
  • Inclusive Community: Leeds University promotes an inclusive community that values diversity and makes all of its students feel welcomed and at home.
  • Vibrant Student Life: Student life is active and engaging at Leeds University thanks to the active student union, various clubs, and organisations, which fosters chances for development and lifelong memories.
  • Ideal Location: Leeds University is in the centre of the city, so students may benefit from city life while yet feeling a sense of belonging to the campus community.
  • Comprehensive Campus Facilities: The institution provides extensive facilities to improve the study experience, including libraries, IT services, and student support centres in addition to modern teaching facilities.
  • Global Alumni Network: Graduates join a large alumni network, which gives them access to professional contacts and mentoring possibilities throughout the world.


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