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Applicants should have minimum GPA of 2.75. This scholarship aims to recognize his contribution and support students at ASU who wish to travel and study abroad in Laos and or neighboring countries of Southeast Asia: Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines who demonstrates an interest in Southeast Asia.

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Application form and required documents must be submitted by the deadline for consideration.

For more than a decade, the esteemed partnership between two of the world's leading providers of education -- Kaplen and the renowned public research university, ASU -- has taken the form of ASU-Kaplan. The aim of this joint venture is to give international students access to an unparalleled learning experience that blends academic excellence, cultural immersion, and exceptional student life.

Situated in the vibrant city of Tempe, Arizona, ASU-Kaplan has joined forces to provide students with a unique and life-changing learning experience. Not only does world-renowned ASU offer its esteemed staff, modern research centres and the vast array of academic programs, it also brings with it an impressive standing among the top universities in the United States. With Kaplan's established background in international education, they are able to provide comprehensive student services that ensure each person is given all the necessary resources to become successful.

ASU-Kaplan is a great venue for international students to study, offering them the chance to pursue a range of educational programmes from undergraduate through to graduate level. With courses ranging from business and engineering to social sciences and the arts, ASU-Kaplan has something that can suit any student's needs or ambitions no matter where they are from.

ASU-Kaplan offers more than just a challenging academic experience; they also provide an inviting community for their students. Extracurricular activities, clubs, and organisations give learners the opportunity to meet new people and discover passions outside the classroom. An innovative mindset is actively nurtured at ASU-Kaplan, promoting critical thinking, collaboration, and essential life skills that can create meaningful change around the globe.

ASU-Kaplan comprehends the value of global perspectives in today's interconnected world. By providing students with a varied and culturally diverse student body, international students possess the opportunity to gain an informed comprehension of different cultures and thereby form a global viewpoint that readies them for success in an ever more globalised workforce.

To sum it up, Arizona State University - Kaplan International offers a special educational opportunity that brings together the stellar academics of ASU and the international savvy of Kaplan. By providing an encouraging and open atmosphere for learning, ASU-Kaplan sets students up to achieve great things academically, get involved with their communities, and transform into global influencers who aid in improving society.

Campus Location

Nestled in vibrant Tempe, Arizona, lies Arizona State University - Kaplan International (ASU-Kaplan). This campus is housed in a buzzing urban environment within Phoenix's metropolitan area. With this prime location comes an array of energy and opportunities that can be found nowhere else.

The students at ASU-Kaplan have the privilege to attend classes in one of the most desirable locations: Tempe. Known for its warm weather and plenty of sunshine, it is not only an ideal place to study but also to get involved with the community. With downtown just a few steps away, it provides many opportunities for fun such as restaurants, cafes, shops and entertainment venues. Being able to experience the array of trendy eateries or attending local festivals makes Tempe a great place for student life.

Adjacent to the campus is the stunning Tempe Town Lake, providing countless opportunities for students to partake in outdoor activities. Whether it's kayaking or paddleboarding on the lake, or jogging along its tranquil trails, there are a myriad of ways to enjoy nature. The area also plays host to various events and concerts that liven up the atmosphere and contribute to a unique academic experience.

The Phoenix metropolitan area is within easy reach of the campus, granting students the chance to sample the city's cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries and theatres. Additionally, those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle have plenty of options with trails for hiking close by, numerous golf courses and some spectacular desert vistas.

The campus area provides plenty of options for getting around, with a light rail station and many bus stops located within close proximity. Having access to these forms of transport makes it simple for students to move around the city and explore the surrounding region; allowing them to gain a sense of independence.

Nestled within a thriving and cosmopolitan city, ASU-Kaplan is so much more than just an educational institution. Not only does this university offer a plethora of learning opportunities, but it also offers students access to a stimulating and enriching environment that helps them make use of their time at Arizona State University - Kaplan International. With such incredible exposure to different cultures and lifestyles, students can be sure that they will gain plenty from spending time on this campus.

Study Areas 

Arizona State University - Kaplan International offers a diverse range of courses across various disciplines, providing students with ample opportunities to pursue their academic interests and career goals. Here are the 15 top courses offered at the institution:

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Graphic Design
  • Sustainability
  • Criminal Justice
  • Communication
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Public Health
  • Political Science
  • English Literature

Diversity and Inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values at Arizona State University - Kaplan International (ASU-Kaplan), creating a welcoming and inclusive campus community. ASU-Kaplan embraces individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, recognising the immense value that diversity brings to the educational experience.

With a commitment to providing equal opportunities for all students, ASU-Kaplan actively seeks to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and valued. The university celebrates the uniqueness of each individual, promoting a sense of belonging and encouraging students to embrace their authentic selves.

The diverse student body at ASU-Kaplan reflects a global community, with students from different countries and cultural backgrounds coming together to learn, collaborate, and exchange ideas. This diversity enriches the educational experience by promoting cross-cultural understanding, broadening perspectives, and challenging assumptions. It fosters an environment where students learn from one another and develop the interpersonal skills necessary to thrive in an interconnected world.

ASU-Kaplan's commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond the student body. The university's faculty and staff are also diverse, representing a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. This diversity contributes to a rich academic environment, where students have the opportunity to engage with faculty members who bring unique perspectives and expertise to their teaching and research.

In addition to embracing diversity, ASU-Kaplan actively promotes inclusivity through various initiatives and programs. These efforts encompass providing resources and support for underrepresented student groups, fostering dialogue on social issues, and organising cultural events that celebrate different traditions and identities. The university also prioritises accessibility, ensuring that students with disabilities have the necessary accommodations to fully participate in campus life.

ASU-Kaplan's dedication to diversity and inclusion is evident in its commitment to equity and social justice. The university encourages students to actively engage in discussions and activities that promote positive social change, empowering them to become advocates for inclusivity and equality within their communities and beyond.

In summary, Arizona State University - Kaplan International prioritises diversity and inclusion as core values, creating an environment where all individuals are embraced, respected, and empowered. Through its diverse student body, faculty, and staff, ASU-Kaplan fosters an enriching educational experience that promotes cross-cultural understanding, empathy, and the development of global citizens who can thrive in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

Student life - Clubs and Societies 

Student life at Arizona State University - Kaplan International (ASU-Kaplan) is vibrant and diverse, offering a wide array of opportunities for students to engage, connect, and pursue their passions beyond the classroom. ASU-Kaplan recognises the importance of holistic development and provides a supportive environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

One of the hallmarks of student life at ASU-Kaplan is the extensive range of clubs and societies available to students. These student-led organisations cover a broad spectrum of interests, from academic and professional associations to cultural, arts, and recreational clubs. Students have the chance to join clubs related to their fields of study, allowing them to deepen their knowledge, network with like-minded peers, and gain valuable hands-on experiences.

Furthermore, cultural clubs and societies play a significant role in fostering inclusivity and celebrating diversity at ASU-Kaplan. These organisations provide a platform for students to showcase their cultural heritage, share traditions, and engage in cross-cultural exchanges. From international student associations to cultural appreciation clubs, students have ample opportunities to connect with others who share their backgrounds or explore new cultures.

Beyond academic and cultural pursuits, ASU-Kaplan also offers a range of recreational and sports clubs. Whether it's participating in intramural sports, joining a fitness club, or engaging in outdoor adventures, students have options to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. These clubs not only promote physical well-being but also facilitate social connections and a sense of camaraderie among students.

In addition to clubs and societies, ASU-Kaplan organises a variety of campus events and activities throughout the year. These events include guest lectures, workshops, cultural festivals, art exhibitions, and performances. Students have opportunities to engage with distinguished speakers, learn new skills, appreciate different art forms, and celebrate the diverse talents within the campus community.

The university's commitment to student life extends beyond the campus boundaries. ASU-Kaplan encourages students to get involved in community service and volunteer initiatives, allowing them to make a positive impact on the local community. These experiences not only contribute to personal growth but also provide valuable opportunities to develop leadership skills and foster a sense of social responsibility.

Overall, student life at Arizona State University - Kaplan International is vibrant, inclusive, and multifaceted. Through clubs, societies, events, and community engagement, ASU-Kaplan creates an environment that encourages students to explore their interests, develop new skills, build lasting connections, and create memorable experiences that enhance their overall university journey.

Campus facilities 

Arizona State University - Kaplan International (ASU-Kaplan) boasts a range of exceptional campus facilities designed to support the academic and personal development of its students. These modern and well-equipped facilities contribute to a conducive learning environment and enhance the overall student experience

The campus features state-of-the-art classrooms and lecture halls that provide comfortable and technologically advanced spaces for students to engage in their academic pursuits. Equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment and interactive technologies, these facilities enable dynamic and engaging teaching and learning experiences.

ASU-Kaplan also offers extensive research facilities that support the university's commitment to innovation and academic excellence. From specialised laboratories to research centres, students have access to cutting-edge resources and equipment that facilitate hands-on exploration and experimentation. These facilities empower students to deepen their understanding of their respective fields and contribute to groundbreaking research initiatives.

The campus provides comprehensive library resources, including vast collections of print and digital materials, journals, databases, and research tools. The library offers quiet study areas, collaborative spaces, and access to expert librarians who provide guidance and support for students' research and information needs. Additionally, online access to resources ensures that students can access the library's vast collection anytime, anywhere.

To cater to the diverse needs of the student community, ASU-Kaplan offers a range of dedicated student support services. These include counselling services, career development centres, academic advising, and disability support services. The university recognises the importance of holistic student well-being and provides resources and guidance to help students navigate their academic and personal challenges successfully.

In terms of recreational facilities, ASU-Kaplan offers a variety of amenities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. These include fitness centres, sports facilities, and outdoor spaces where students can engage in physical activities, unwind, and socialise with their peers. The campus also features dining options, including cafeterias and food courts, providing students with a variety of culinary choices to suit their tastes and preferences.

ASU-Kaplan's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its eco-friendly initiatives and facilities. The campus incorporates sustainable practices and features, such as energy-efficient buildings, recycling programs, and green spaces that promote environmental stewardship and conservation.

In summary, Arizona State University - Kaplan International provides students with exceptional campus facilities that support their academic pursuits, research endeavours, personal development, and overall well-being. From modern classrooms and research facilities to comprehensive libraries and student support services, ASU-Kaplan ensures that students have access to the resources and support they need to thrive during their university journey.

Alumni Network 

The alumni network of Arizona State University - Kaplan International (ASU-Kaplan) is a dynamic and influential community that spans the globe, comprising graduates who have excelled in their respective fields and made a significant impact in various industries and sectors.

ASU-Kaplan takes pride in its strong and extensive alumni network, which serves as a valuable resource for current students, recent graduates, and fellow alumni. This global network fosters lifelong connections, professional collaborations, and mentorship opportunities, empowering individuals to thrive in their careers and make a positive difference in their communities.

The alumni of ASU-Kaplan represent a diverse range of professions and industries, including business, technology, healthcare, education, arts, and social sciences. Their success stories serve as inspirations for current students, demonstrating the transformative power of education from ASU-Kaplan.

The university maintains an active relationship with its alumni, organising networking events, reunions, and career fairs to facilitate meaningful connections and professional development opportunities. Alumni are often invited to share their experiences and expertise through guest lectures, panel discussions, and mentoring programs, providing valuable insights and guidance to the next generation of ASU-Kaplan graduates.

The alumni network also plays a crucial role in giving back to the university community. Many alumni contribute their time, resources, and expertise to support scholarships, research initiatives, and community engagement programs. Their philanthropic efforts help ensure that future generations of students have access to the same transformative educational experiences they received at ASU-Kaplan.

ASU-Kaplan alumni are known for their commitment to innovation, social impact, and leadership. They have been recognised for their achievements and contributions on national and international stages, earning prestigious awards and accolades. This recognition further solidifies the reputation of ASU-Kaplan as an institution that produces graduates who excel and drive positive change in their chosen fields.

Through their accomplishments, ASU-Kaplan alumni continue to enhance the reputation and influence of the university, creating a strong network of professionals who actively contribute to society. Their shared experiences, diverse perspectives, and ongoing engagement with the university community serve as a testament to the transformative power of education from ASU-Kaplan.

In summary, the alumni network of Arizona State University - Kaplan International is a thriving community of accomplished professionals who exemplify the university's commitment to excellence and leadership. Through their achievements, mentorship, and philanthropic support, ASU-Kaplan alumni make a significant impact in their fields and contribute to the continued success and growth of the university and its students.

Why Study here?

  • Academic Excellence

Arizona State University - Kaplan International is renowned for its academic excellence, offering a wide range of rigorous and innovative programs across various disciplines. Under this heading, one can highlight the university's distinguished faculty members who are experts in their fields, providing students with quality education and mentorship. The institution's commitment to research and cutting-edge technology further enhances the academic experience, preparing students for successful careers in their chosen fields.

  • Global Perspective and Diversity

With a diverse and inclusive campus community, Arizona State University - Kaplan International fosters a global perspective that prepares students to thrive in an interconnected world. Here, students have the opportunity to interact with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, enhancing their cultural understanding and broadening their perspectives. This heading can emphasise the university's commitment to inclusivity, highlighting the various multicultural events and initiatives that promote global citizenship.

  • Innovative Learning Environment

Under this heading, one can focus on Arizona State University - Kaplan International's commitment to fostering an innovative learning environment. The institution embraces new technologies and teaching methods, providing students with experiential learning opportunities and hands-on experiences. The university's state-of-the-art facilities and research centres offer students access to cutting-edge resources, encouraging creativity and critical thinking.

  • Career and Professional Development

Arizona State University - Kaplan International places a strong emphasis on preparing students for successful careers. This heading can highlight the university's career services and internships, which connect students with industry professionals and provide valuable networking opportunities. Additionally, the institution's strong alumni network and partnerships with renowned companies offer students a pathway to job placements and post-graduation opportunities.

  • Vibrant Campus Life and Location

The university's vibrant campus life and ideal location can be highlighted under this heading. Arizona State University - Kaplan International is situated in the vibrant state of Arizona, known for its natural beauty, cultural attractions, and economic opportunities. Students can enjoy a rich social life, participate in extracurricular activities, and explore the surrounding area, providing a well-rounded college experience.


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