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Trinity Western University British Columbia, Canada

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    Jan - Mar, 2024

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Applicants from Washington State who demonstrates a passion for Music. Second preference to any U.S. students.

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Trinity Western University (TWU) is a remarkable institution that goes beyond conventional education. It is a place where students not only gain knowledge but also discover meaningful connections between their studies, their personal lives, and the needs of the world. Founded in 1962, TWU has consistently pursued excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship, grounded in the richness of the Christian tradition.

Imagine a university that acts as a tapestry weaving together threads of faith and reason, creating a vibrant learning community that sparks intellectual curiosity and spiritual growth. At Trinity Western University, this vision has become a reality. It's a place where the pursuit of academic excellence intertwines with a commitment to faith-integrated studies. Here, students are not merely educated; they are equipped to set the foundation for a full and meaningful life.

Picture a campus nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Langley, British Columbia. It's a haven where nature's beauty merges harmoniously with academic pursuits. The tranquil Fraser River winds its way nearby, a metaphorical reminder of the flow of knowledge and ideas that permeate every corner of the university. From this serene setting, students are encouraged to embrace their surroundings, engage with their studies, and explore their personal and spiritual growth.

Trinity Western University offers a diverse array of study areas, providing students with an extensive range of possibilities. Whether it's delving into the humanities and social sciences, embracing the wonders of natural and applied sciences, exploring the world of arts, media, and culture, navigating the realm of business, or pursuing a calling in education, nursing, or human kinetics, TWU caters to all intellectual and creative minds. Like a vibrant tapestry, the university weaves together these various disciplines, creating a cohesive and holistic educational experience.

Trinity Western University is more than just a collection of academic programs. It's a tapestry of life experiences, personal growth, and vibrant community engagement. Students at TWU are welcomed into a close-knit community where friendships are formed, lifelong memories are created, and personal development is nurtured. They can join clubs, teams, and ministries that align with their interests and passions, engaging in activities that go beyond the classroom. From intramural sports teams to community service initiatives, TWU offers a tapestry of opportunities for students to explore their talents, develop leadership skills, and contribute to the betterment of society.

Within this tapestry of academic excellence and vibrant student life, Trinity Western University provides state-of-the-art facilities that empower students to thrive. Like tools in an artist's studio, these resources are designed to facilitate learning, creativity, and innovation. The Multi-Media Centre, known affectionately as "the Cave," is a sanctuary for digital video editing and production. The Instructional Computing Lab serves as a playground for mastering cutting-edge communication software. Onsite film production resources allow students to bring their cinematic visions to life, while the Digital Music Studio empowers aspiring musicians to create captivating soundscapes.

As graduates of Trinity Western University, students become part of a global tapestry—a vast network of over 20,000 alumni spread across the world. This interconnected community supports one another, fostering connections and providing a lifelong support system. Alumni benefit from exclusive discounts, benefits, and services made possible through partnerships with generous businesses and community partners. It's a tapestry of support that extends beyond graduation day, ensuring that TWU alumni continue to thrive long after they leave the campus.

Trinity Western University is more than an institution of higher learning; it's a tapestry of experiences, knowledge, connections, and personal growth. It's a place where faith and reason converge, where academic excellence intertwines with spiritual development, and where students are equipped for a life of purpose and impact. Discover the transformative power of this tapestry, immerse yourself in its vibrant colours, and weave your own unique thread into the fabric of Trinity Western University.

Campus Locations

Nestled in the charming city of Langley, British Columbia, Trinity Western University (TWU) offers an idyllic campus setting that combines natural beauty with proximity to urban amenities. Situated just a short drive from Vancouver and adjacent to the historic Fort Langley, this picturesque university town provides an inspiring backdrop for academic pursuits and personal growth. With the tranquil Fraser River meandering nearby, students at TWU enjoy a serene environment that fosters focus, creativity, and a sense of connection with nature. The university also extends its reach beyond Langley with additional program offerings and campuses in Richmond, B.C., and the Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.

Study Areas

At Trinity Western University, students have a wide range of study areas to choose from, ensuring that they can pursue their passions and academic interests. With 48 undergraduate and 19 graduate degree programs, the university caters to diverse intellectual pursuits. From the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences to the Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences, from the School of the Arts, Media + Culture to the School of Business, and from the School of Education to the School of Nursing, TWU offers a comprehensive selection of disciplines.

The TWU curriculum is designed to integrate faith and reason, fostering a holistic approach to education that encourages students to explore the intersection of their beliefs with their chosen fields. With a commitment to academic excellence and a focus on faith-integrated studies, Trinity Western University equips students to thrive in their chosen careers and make meaningful contributions to society.

Diversity and Inclusion

Trinity Western University is deeply committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community where every individual is valued and respected. The university upholds an ethic of inclusion and equal treatment in accordance with human rights law. TWU is a signatory to various initiatives and charters, including the Universities Canada Inclusive Excellence Principles, so it actively promotes equity and diversity on campus.

The university has implemented measures and policies that ensure an equitable, diverse, and inclusive recruitment, retention, and support system for both faculty and students. By embracing diversity, Trinity Western University creates a rich and vibrant learning environment that prepares students to engage with a globally interconnected world.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Trinity Western University offers a vibrant and engaging student life experience, fostering personal growth, leadership development, and lifelong friendships. With numerous clubs, teams, ministries, and activities available, there is something for everyone to get involved in and explore their interests. Whether it's joining an intramural sports team, participating in community service initiatives, or engaging in cultural clubs, students can find a sense of belonging and make lasting connections. The university encourages students to pursue their passions outside the classroom, as involvement in extracurricular activities enhances holistic development and complements academic learning. Additionally, TWU hosts a variety of events throughout the year, providing opportunities for students to come together, celebrate their achievements, and engage with the wider university community.

Campus Facilities

Trinity Western University is equipped with state-of-the-art campus facilities to support student's academic and creative endeavours. These resources provide students with the tools and environments they need to excel in their studies and explore their interests fully. Among the notable facilities is the Multi-Media Centre, affectionately known as "the Cave." Housed in the Vernon Strombeck Centre, it is a hub for digital video editing and production training, featuring advanced editing systems and high-quality digital video cameras. The Instructional Computing Lab offers students the opportunity to learn and master desktop publishing and related communication software, ensuring they have the necessary skills for today's digital age.

For students interested in film production, TWU provides onsite access to cameras, lighting sets, booms, and microphones, enabling them to bring their creative visions to life. Moreover, the Digital Music Studio caters to Media + Communication students, providing access to digital recording hardware and software for producing high-quality digital audio for films, video games, CDs, and other media projects. These cutting-edge facilities empower students to develop their technical skills and unleash their creative potential.

Alumni Network

As a graduate of Trinity Western University, students become part of a thriving global network of over 20,000 alumni. The university values its alumni and strives to foster a strong sense of community and connection even after graduation. The Alumni Association provides numerous opportunities for graduates to stay connected, discover valuable resources, and continue participating in the life of the university. Through engaging alumni experiences, networking events, mentorship programs, and volunteer opportunities, TWU nurtures meaningful relationships among alumni worldwide.

In addition to fostering a sense of belonging, the alumni network offers practical benefits. Thanks to the generosity of the university, its alumni, and community partners, TWU has partnered with various businesses to provide exclusive discounts, benefits, and services to its graduates. This ongoing support demonstrates the commitment to the success and well-being of TWU alumni long after their time on campus.

Why Study at Trinity Western University

  • Transformational Educational Experience: Trinity Western University is dedicated to providing a transformative educational experience for all students. The university focuses on faith-integrated studies in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional disciplines. It emphasises academic excellence, research, and scholarship while fostering a vibrant and engaged community.
  • Diverse Range of Study Areas: TWU offers a wide range of study areas, including 48 undergraduate and 19 graduate degrees. Students can choose from programs in humanities and social sciences, natural and applied sciences, the arts, media, culture, business, education, human kinetics, nursing, and more. This diverse selection caters to a variety of intellectual and creative interests.
  • World-Class Academics: Trinity Western University is known for its world-class academics. The university boasts small class sizes, allowing for personalised attention and meaningful interactions with professors. Students receive a high-quality education delivered by experienced faculty members who are passionate about teaching and mentoring.
  • Vibrant Student Life: TWU offers a vibrant and engaging student life experience. Students have the opportunity to join clubs, teams, and ministries that align with their interests and passions. Whether it's participating in intramural sports, exploring nature trails, attending comedy improv nights, or cheering on the Spartans, there are numerous activities and events to make lifelong memories and forge friendships.
  • Prime Campus Locations: Trinity Western University has a prime campus location in Langley, British Columbia. Situated just a short drive from Vancouver, the campus is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including the picturesque Fraser River and historic Fort Langley. Additionally, TWU offers programs at two campus sites in Richmond, B.C., and the Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Supportive Community: At TWU, students become part of a supportive and inclusive community. The university is committed to providing an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all students. It supports principles of inclusion and equal treatment without discrimination. Students have access to various resources, including admissions counsellors, professors, and mentors at the Centre for Calling and Career Development, who guide and support them throughout their academic journey.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Trinity Western University offers state-of-the-art facilities that enhance the learning experience. Students have access to the Multi-Media Centre for digital video editing, the Instructional Computing Lab for mastering communication software, onsite film production resources, and the Digital Music Studio for producing digital audio. These facilities enable students to develop practical skills and unleash their creativity.
  • Global Alumni Network: Upon graduation, students join a global network of over 20,000 Trinity Western University alumni. The university values its alumni and nurtures meaningful relationships within the community. Alumni benefit from exclusive discounts, services, and other benefits that stem from partnerships with businesses and community partners, ensuring ongoing support and connection beyond graduation.


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