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Applicants must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 each semester while attending Liberty University in order to continue to receive the MK Scholarship. Applicants must remain in good standing with the University. Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen or federally defined eligible non-citizen. Legally adopted non-citizens who meet all other applicable criteria may appeal for eligibility.

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Applicants must be a college-age child of a missionary who meets the federal definition of a dependent student. Parent(s) must be serving full-time on a foreign mission field, not in the United States, (or on an approved furlough of 1 year or less) in good standing with an approved, participating agency. Applicants must submit an official signed letter from the mission agency confirming the missionary status and field placement (or approved furlough of 1 year or less) by the application deadline before their first/freshman year.

Welcome to Liberty University, a place where academic excellence, personal growth, and Christian values converge to create a transformative educational experience for international students. Situated in the centre of Central Virginia, Liberty University serves as a guiding light of intelligence, possibility, and togetherness. Just as a well-crafted symphony blends diverse instruments into harmonious melodies, Liberty University orchestrates a symphony of education, support, and enrichment to shape students into world-changers.

Like a majestic canvas painted with vibrant colours, Liberty University offers a diverse range of study areas across 15 colleges and schools. Whether students are drawn to the soaring heights of Aeronautics, the intricate wonders of Biology, the dynamic realm of Business, or the captivating world of Film Production, the university’s academic programs provide a solid foundation for their future endeavours. Each discipline is taught by experienced faculty who are not only experts in their fields but also mentors dedicated to guiding students on their educational journey.

As students step onto the campus of Liberty University, they'll discover a thriving community that celebrates diversity and inclusion. The institution's commitment to creating an environment that embraces every individual's unique background and perspective sets the stage for meaningful connections and personal growth. Through engaging group discussions, educational training sessions, and one-on-one interactions, Liberty University fosters a community where students can explore their identities, challenge their assumptions, and emerge as compassionate leaders ready to make a positive impact in a world hungry for change.

Just as a vibrant garden blooms with a myriad of flowers, Liberty University cultivates a vibrant student life filled with opportunities for exploration and self-discovery. Over 100 student-led clubs and societies serve as fertile ground for like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate, and pursue shared passions. Whether students find their rhythm in a musical ensemble, unleash their competitive spirit in athletic clubs, or engage in intellectual discourse through academic organisations, Liberty University empowers them to shape their college experience and create lifelong memories.

The campus facilities at Liberty University, like a nurturing sanctuary, provide a haven for students to thrive. Providing a range of appetising dishes to fuel both physical and mental well-being, alongside cosy on-campus accommodations that cultivate a feeling of community and solidarity, the university endeavours to foster an atmosphere that enables students to concentrate on their academic pursuits while establishing enduring connections.

The welfare and vitality of students are of utmost importance, and the all-encompassing aid and guidance services guarantee that they possess the assistance and materials necessary to navigate the complexities of university existence.

As students embark on their journey at Liberty University, they become part of an extensive alumni network, a symphony that continues to resonate long after graduation. The university's alumni, like guiding stars in the night sky, provide a source of inspiration, guidance, and mentorship. They stand ready to connect with students, sharing their experiences, opening doors, and helping them navigate the ever-changing currents of their chosen career path.

At Liberty University, the institution takes pride in its commitment to safety and security. Like a vigilant guardian, the dedicated police department, campus safety personnel, and emergency management protocols work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of students. Students can immerse themselves in their studies, knowing that the university has invested in activities and initiatives designed exclusively to keep them safe, providing a secure environment where they can flourish.

Campus Location

Liberty University is located in Central Virginia, offering an ideal setting for international students seeking a high-quality education combined with a rich cultural experience. Situated amidst scenic landscapes and a vibrant community, the campus provides a peaceful and conducive environment for learning and personal growth. The area's proximity to significant urban centres like Richmond and Washington, D.C. opens up opportunities for internships, networking, and exploring diverse cultural events. Additionally, Central Virginia's natural beauty provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities and adventures, allowing students to strike a balance between their academic pursuits and leisure time.

Study Areas

At Liberty University, international students can choose from a wide range of academic programs across 15 colleges and schools. Whether your passion lies in Aeronautics, Biology, Business, Film Production, Psychology, or any other field, Anticipate a demanding syllabus instructed by knowledgeable professors who are dedicated to ensuring your academic achievement. Liberty University's emphasis on academic excellence ensures that you receive a comprehensive education that prepares you for your future career. The university's commitment to offering diverse study areas allows you to explore your interests and develop expertise in your chosen field, setting a strong foundation for your professional journey.

Diversity and Inclusion

Liberty University is an all-embracing and open academic society that esteems multiplicity and advocates impartiality for each and every student.

The Equity and Inclusion Department performs a crucial function in nurturing a university milieu where pupils from diverse origins feel appreciated, esteemed, and endorsed. The university actively engages in promoting diversity mentorship and retention programs, which aim to create an inclusive and empowering atmosphere for all students. By means of collective talks, instructional workshops, and individual or collective mentoring, Liberty University guarantees that students obtain the assistance they require to excel academically and personally. The university's commitment to advocacy against discrimination demonstrates its dedication to upholding biblical values and principles.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

At Liberty University, international students have the opportunity to engage in vibrant student life by participating in various clubs and societies. With over 100 student-led clubs, there is something for everyone, regardless of their interests or hobbies. Clubs enable like-minded individuals to connect, share ideas, and pursue their passions together. Whether you are interested in joining a professional organisation related to your field of study, a cultural club that celebrates diversity, or a recreational club that allows you to indulge in hobbies like music or sports, Liberty University provides a supportive and inclusive environment where you can explore your interests beyond academics. Engaging in student clubs not only enhances your college experience but also allows you to develop valuable leadership skills, build lasting friendships, and create lifelong memories.

Campus Facilities

Liberty University is dedicated to furnishing its scholars with excellent amenities that enhance their complete welfare and scholarly accomplishments. On-campus dining options offer a variety of healthy and delicious meal choices, catering to diverse dietary preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a quick bite between classes or a sit-down meal with friends, the dining options at Liberty University ensure that you are well-nourished and energised throughout your day. Furthermore, the university offers comfortable on-campus housing, providing a home-away-from-home experience for international students. Being a resident student at college offers numerous advantages, such as fuller involvement in campus life, increased opportunities to form meaningful connections with peers, and convenient access to educational and recreational resources. Liberty University also prioritises the health and wellness of its students, offering comprehensive care and counselling services. From mental health support to educational resources on self-care, Liberty University ensures that students have the necessary resources to maintain their well-being and succeed academically.

Alumni Network

When you choose to study at Liberty University, you become part of a vast and supportive alumni network. The alumni community is a valuable resource that provides networking opportunities, mentorship, and career guidance. Liberty University's graduates have achieved remarkable success in various fields, and the alumni network serves as a platform for connecting with professionals who share their Liberty experience. The network extends beyond graduation, allowing you to tap into a strong community of individuals who can offer insights, open doors, and support you throughout your career journey. Whether you are seeking internships, job opportunities, or guidance for further education, the Liberty University alumni network is there to provide support and assist you in achieving your goals.

Safety and Security:

Ensuring a safe atmosphere is highly significant to Liberty University, particularly concerning pupils from overseas. To ensure their studies are uninterrupted, the university upholds a strong commitment to safety standards that have earned them recognition in the top 5% of America's safest college campuses.

To guarantee such safety regulations, Liberty's police department provides 24/7 security services and emergency response teams in close collaboration with other campus safety and training personnel. In doing so, they equip students with information on safety protocols and emergency management procedures as an additional safeguard. Liberty University's commitment to student safety creates a sense of reassurance, allowing international students to pursue their education with peace of mind.

Why study at Liberty University?

  • Academic Excellence: Liberty University is renowned for its excellent education. With a varied selection of academic programs, international pupils have many options to find the right course of study that fits their ambitions. The faculty comprises experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering top-tier instruction. In addition to a stringent curriculum, students receive hands-on training which equips them with the knowledge and capabilities needed for success in their chosen field.
  • Supportive Community: Liberty University fosters a supportive and inclusive community that values diversity and promotes equality for all students. The dedication of the organisation to variety and incorporation is apparent through the presence of the Equity and Inclusion Office. This department offers guidance, encouragement, and chances for community development to scholars, educators, and personnel. International students can expect to be welcomed into a community that embraces their unique backgrounds and perspectives, creating an environment where they can thrive academically, socially, and personally.
  • Vibrant Student Life: International students attending the vibrant and engaging atmosphere of Liberty University will find many opportunities to connect with interesting people who share their interests. Joining one of the student-led clubs provides an avenue for personal growth, as well as improving leadership skills and taking part in extracurricular activities that can supplement their educational journey. From academic societies to cultural activities, recreational pursuits, and community service initiatives there is something for everyone – a chance to form meaningful connections.
  • State-of-the-Art Campus Facilities: Liberty University takes pride in providing top-notch campus facilities that enhance the student experience. On-campus dining options offer a variety of nutritious and delicious meals, catering to diverse dietary preferences. The comfortable and convenient on-campus housing options create a close-knit community where international students can forge friendships and fully immerse themselves in campus life. Furthermore, the establishment gives importance to the welfare and soundness of its scholars, providing extensive healthcare and fitness amenities, encompassing therapy assistance, to cater to all medical or psychological needs.
  • Extensive Alumni Network: Joining the Liberty University community means gaining access to an extensive alumni network. The alumni network comprises successful graduates from various fields who are passionate about giving back and supporting current students. As an international student, connecting with this network opens doors to valuable networking opportunities, mentorship, and career guidance. The alumni network can provide insights into different industries, share experiences, and offer guidance as international students navigate their career paths.
  • Safety and Security: Liberty University puts the protection of its students first and foremost. The college is often listed among the most secure universities in the country, granting peace of mind to both domestic and international pupils while they focus on their studies and development. With a dedicated police department, campus safety and training personnel, and robust emergency management protocols, Liberty University maintains a secure campus environment where international students can feel safe and supported.

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