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Scholarships are not available to students who enroll in accelerated, contract, cohort and second bachelor's degree programs. A student will only be able to receive two institutional awards.

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Lewis University, located just 35 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, offers a unique and transformative educational experience for international students. Nestled on a picturesque 410-acre campus in Romeoville, Illinois, Lewis University combines the traditions of liberal learning with a focus on preparing students for professional life. With its diverse range of academic programs, commitment to academic excellence, and inclusive community, Lewis University provides a springboard for personal growth and career success.

At Lewis University, the belief is that education is not merely about acquiring knowledge but about the pursuit of wisdom and justice. Guided by Catholic and Lasallian heritage, the university fosters an environment where the interaction of knowledge and fidelity in the search for truth thrives. Here, students are not just passive recipients of information; they actively engage in their education, ask thought-provoking questions, and challenge conventional wisdom.

The campus at Lewis University can be imagined as a vibrant tapestry, woven together by the threads of diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives. Diversity is celebrated in all its forms, recognizing that it is through the mosaic of backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs that the community truly thrives. While traversing the campus, pupils will come across a diverse array of classmates, educators, and personnel who contribute their distinct narratives and abilities, culminating in an authentic worldwide educational atmosphere.

Selecting Lewis University entails initiating a voyage of self-realisation, whereby scholars will delve into their interests, refine their talents, and unleash their complete capabilities. The comprehensive programs span various colleges, ranging from the College of Aviation, Science and Technology to the College of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Communications. Students will have the opportunity to delve into their chosen fields, guided by experienced faculty who are dedicated to their success.

The academic programs at Lewis University can be pictured as doors of opportunity, each leading to a different realm of knowledge and growth. Behind these doors, students will find engaging classroom discussions, hands-on experiences, and collaborative projects that bring learning to life. As they navigate through these doors, they will acquire the skills and insights needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

But Lewis University is more than just academic programs and classrooms.  Students can step into student life and discover a tapestry of over 100 active student organisations. From cultural clubs to academic societies, and athletic teams to community service groups, there is a place for every interest and curiosity. By joining these organisations, students will find their tribe, develop leadership skills, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The campus at Lewis University can be imagined as a bustling marketplace, brimming with ideas, opportunities, and intellectual exchanges. Students have the opportunity to involve themselves in stimulating conversations with peers and teachers, take part in projects that benefit the community, and fully experience the diverse range of events and happenings that define campus life. Here, learning extends beyond the confines of the classroom, and students will find themselves challenged and inspired in unexpected ways.

Lewis University's commitment to inclusivity and diversity ensures that every voice is heard and valued. The university creates a sanctified zone, where each member is treasured and respected for their unique contribution to the community. By embracing diverse perspectives and fostering an inclusive environment, Lewis cultivates an atmosphere of understanding, empathy, and growth.

Campus Location

Located just 35 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, Lewis University provides an ideal setting for international students to pursue their academic journey. Situated on a beautiful 410-acre campus in Romeoville, Illinois, the university offers a serene and picturesque environment that fosters focused learning and personal growth. Due to its close distance to the lively city of Chicago, you'll have effortless entry to a broad spectrum of cultural, professional, and amusement possibilities.

Study Areas

Lewis University offers a wide range of academic programs across its various colleges, providing international students with numerous options to pursue their interests and career goals. With more than 80 academic majors and courses, along with 35 postgraduate programs, you will be able to investigate a variety of domains and customise your learning experience to match your interests.

If you're passionate about aviation and transportation studies, the College of Aviation, Science and Technology at Lewis University provides exceptional programs. With top-notch facilities, experienced faculty, and strong industry connections, you'll receive comprehensive training to prepare you for exciting careers in the aviation field.

For those interested in business, the College of Business focuses on building a strong foundation in business principles while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. By means of creative pedagogical approaches and hands-on learning opportunities, you will acquire essential abilities in analysing, leading, and expressing ideas, which will provide you with a distinct advantage in the corporate sphere.

The College of Education and Social Sciences is ideal for individuals who want to make a positive impact in education, social work, or rehabilitation and health sciences. This college offers exceptional programs that emphasise hands-on learning, community engagement, and mentorship. You'll acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become a compassionate and effective professional in your chosen field.

This college celebrates and supports creativity and expression, offering innovative programs in literature, visual arts, performing arts, and communication studies. You'll be part of a supportive community that helps you develop your artistic talents and refine your communication skills.

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Lewis University is highly regarded for its excellence in nursing education. It prepares students for successful careers in healthcare through rigorous academic coursework, hands-on training, and clinical experiences.

For international students seeking advanced education and professional development opportunities, Lewis University's School of Graduate, Professional & Continuing Education is an excellent choice. This school offers flexible scheduling options, online courses, and industry-relevant curricula, allowing you to enhance your knowledge and expertise to advance your career.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Lewis University's values, creating a vibrant and welcoming community for international students. The university celebrates the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that each individual brings to campus. Through a commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, Lewis University promotes dialogue, understanding, and respect among students, faculty, and staff.

By embracing diversity, Lewis University provides a platform for cultural exchange, collaboration, and personal growth. You will get the chance to gain knowledge from classmates with varying experiences, broaden your worldwide outlook, and enhance your abilities to communicate across different cultures, which are highly prized in today's interconnected society. Lewis University's dedication to inclusiveness guarantees that every learner is esteemed, honoured, and assisted throughout their academic excursion.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Engaging in student life is an integral part of the Lewis University experience. With a vibrant campus community and over 100 active student organisations, you'll find numerous opportunities to pursue your interests, make lifelong friendships, and develop leadership skills.

Becoming a member of a student group gives you the opportunity to involve yourself in a society of individuals with similar interests who have the same enthusiasm as you. Whether you're interested in cultural clubs, academic societies, athletic teams, or community service groups, there's something for everyone at Lewis University. By participating in organisations and groups, you will not just elevate your college journey, but also cultivate significant competencies such as collaboration, interaction, and critical thinking.

Campus Facilities

Lewis University provides modern amenities that meet the varied requirements of global learners. The university's library serves as a hub of knowledge, providing access to extensive research materials, online databases, and quiet study spaces. Whether you're conducting research for a project or seeking a peaceful place to study, the library offers the resources and support you need to excel academically.

Finding a comfortable and inclusive living environment is crucial for international students, and Lewis University's 12 residence halls provide just that. With lodgings available for more than 1,300 scholars, you can reside on the campus and completely engage in the university ambience. The residence halls foster a sense of community, offering a supportive and welcoming atmosphere where you can forge lifelong friendships.

In addition to academic and residential facilities, Lewis University offers comprehensive student services to support your overall well-being. From dining options that cater to various dietary needs to career services that assist with internship placement and job opportunities, the university ensures that you have the resources and support necessary to thrive during your time at Lewis.

Alumni Network

As a Lewis University graduate, you'll become part of a dynamic and supportive alumni network that spans the globe. The alumni network serves as a valuable resource for mentorship, professional development, and networking opportunities. Lewis University alumni have achieved remarkable success in various fields, and their expertise and insights can provide guidance and inspiration as you navigate your own career path.

Through the alumni network, you'll have access to exclusive features and discounts that can further support your personal and professional growth. From career counselling and job placement assistance to networking events and continued education opportunities, the alumni network offers a lifelong connection to Lewis University and its vast community of accomplished graduates.

Why Study at Lewis University?

Comprehensive Programs: Lewis University offers a diverse range of undergraduate majors and programs of study across multiple colleges. No matter if your interest lies in aeronautics, commerce, learning, liberal arts, healthcare, or innovation, you'll discover top-notch courses that establish a solid base for your forthcoming profession.

Academic Excellence: With over 320 years of teaching experience in the Lasallian tradition, Lewis University upholds a commitment to academic excellence. You'll receive a quality education from experienced faculty who are dedicated to your success. Small class sizes allow for personalised attention and meaningful interactions with professors.

Professional Preparation: Lewis University places a strong emphasis on professional and career preparation within the context of a liberal arts education. The integration of practical skills with a broad-based education ensures that you develop the critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving abilities sought after by employers.

Convenient Location: Situated just 35 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, Lewis University offers the advantage of being near a major metropolitan area. You can take advantage of internship opportunities, cultural experiences, and networking events in the vibrant city while enjoying the tranquillity of the campus environment.

Inclusive Community: Lewis University values diversity and inclusion, creating a welcoming and supportive community for international students. You'll find a campus culture that celebrates different backgrounds, perspectives, and identities. By joining this inclusive community, you'll gain a global perspective and develop cross-cultural understanding.

Campus Facilities: Lewis University's campus facilities are designed to enhance your learning experience. The library provides access to extensive resources for research and study. The residence halls offer comfortable and inclusive living spaces, fostering a sense of belonging. Additionally, student services such as dining options, career services, and multicultural support contribute to your overall well-being.

Active Student Life: With more than 100 active student organisations, Lewis University offers numerous opportunities to get involved and engage with your peers. Joining clubs and societies allows you to pursue your interests, develop leadership skills, and create lifelong connections. You'll find a sense of community and belonging through participation in extracurricular activities.

Strong Alumni Network: Lewis University's alumni network is a valuable resource for your future career. The supportive community of alumni can provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and valuable insights into various industries. Benefit from the guidance and support of successful graduates who have made an impact in their respective fields.

By choosing Lewis University, you'll gain a high-quality education, benefit from a supportive community, and prepare yourself for a successful future in your chosen field. The comprehensive programs, academic excellence, convenient location, inclusive community, campus facilities, vibrant student life, and strong alumni network make Lewis University an ideal choice for international students seeking a transformative educational experience.

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