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The International Tuition Deposit Grant is designed to reward new international students who continue their education past the first term of studies. The purpose of the grant is to help international students to continue to work towards reaching their goal of obtaining a career education. Each calendar year, new incoming international students who are enrolled in a program of study at American National University, have completed the first term and enrolled for the second term, qualify for this one–time grant.

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There is no application process for this grant. All new incoming international students who start their second term of study are eligible.

Immerse yourself in the legacy of American National University (ANU), an esteemed institution with a profound history spanning over 130 years. ANU eagerly awaits the arrival of international students like yourself, ready to embark on an extraordinary educational adventure in the United States. Over the years, ANU has opened its doors to students from more than 100 countries, nurturing their aspirations through an array of undergraduate and graduate programs.

ANU caters to the diverse needs of international students, offering a comprehensive selection of academic avenues delivered through on-campus, online, and hybrid formats. These innovative hybrid programs not only adhere to the SEVP requirements for F-1 visa students but also provide invaluable on-campus residencies every 10 weeks, fostering a truly immersive and engaging learning experience.

Having acknowledged the broader context of the educational landscape, ANU acknowledges the evolving circumstances and the significance of flexibility in education. Recognising the desire for variation in sentence structure and complexity, ANU aims to strike a harmonious balance between bursts of complexity and concise expressions throughout the content.

Prepare to embrace the vibrancy of the ANU community as you connect with peers from around the globe. This diverse tapestry of individuals fosters a nurturing environment where cultural exchange flourishes, transcending the boundaries of traditional classrooms.

ANU takes great pride in its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, valuing the wealth of knowledge and experience you bring from your previous educational endeavours. Embracing the principle of inclusivity, ANU warmly welcomes transfer credits for the esteemed graduate programs, empowering you to build upon your existing achievements.

ANU recognises the importance of practical training in shaping your professional journey. Within the realm of our curriculum, the esteemed Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) program grants you the opportunity to engage in valuable work experiences for up to 40 hours per week, spanning a year, without impacting your eligibility for Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Delve into the profound depths of knowledge and expertise with ANU's dedicated faculty, experts in their respective fields. From the esteemed Master of Business Administration to the dynamic Master of Science in Cybersecurity, ANU presents an extensive array of graduate programs seamlessly aligning with your future aspirations.

ANU's commitment to empowering students is further evident in our undergraduate programs, such as Business Administration, Cybersecurity, and Medical Health Services Management. These programs equip you with indispensable skills and knowledge, preparing you to excel in a competitive global job market.

At ANU, your holistic well-being is of utmost importance. In line with this philosophy, ANU acknowledges the financial challenges often associated with health insurance and prides itself on not requiring such coverage. Rest assured, ANU operates with transparency, ensuring there are no concealed fees, and your tuition encompasses not only your educational journey but also the essential course materials that propel you toward success.

Campus Location

Nestled amidst the captivating landscape of Salem, Virginia, lies the prestigious campus of American National University (ANU). International students seeking an exceptional educational experience find solace and inspiration within its hallowed grounds.

The campus location of ANU boasts a serene and inviting environment, fostering academic growth and personal exploration. Adorned with majestic trees and blooming gardens, the campus exudes a harmonious blend of modern architectural marvels and historical charm, captivating the senses of all who tread its paths.

Strategically positioned on East Main Street, ANU's campus occupies a central position within Salem, providing easy access to an array of local amenities and resources. From bustling shopping districts to vibrant dining establishments, the surrounding community offers a tapestry of experiences that enriches student life beyond the boundaries of the campus.

ANU's campus location in Salem also enjoys close proximity to major transportation hubs, ensuring seamless travel for international students. Whether arriving by plane, train, or automobile, the campus stands as a gateway to effortless exploration of nearby cities and attractions, opening doors to new adventures and cultural discoveries.

Beyond the physical landscape, ANU's campus creates a vibrant and inclusive community. Celebrating the convergence of diverse cultures and perspectives, it serves as a melting pot where lifelong connections and friendships flourish. Interacting with students from around the world, you will immerse yourself in a tapestry of languages, customs, and traditions, broadening your global understanding and fostering meaningful intercultural exchanges.

ANU's campus location is more than just a space; it is an invitation to embark on a transformative educational journey. Anchored by the warm embrace of the Salem community and enriched by world-class facilities and resources, the campus serves as a solid foundation for international students' academic pursuits.

Study Areas

Embark on a remarkable academic journey at American National University (ANU), where a myriad of captivating study areas awaits international students. ANU boasts a wide array of programs spanning diverse disciplines, offering a holistic education that aligns with career aspirations and personal passions. Immerse yourself in the following popular courses, each a gateway to knowledge and growth:

  • Master of Business Administration: Uncover the intricacies of the dynamic business world and cultivate essential managerial skills crucial for success in a competitive global marketplace.
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity: Harness the power to combat cyber threats and safeguard sensitive information in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • Master of Science in Information Technology: Embark on a transformative journey through the realm of information technology, mastering advanced concepts and emerging technologies to foster innovation.
  • Master of Science in Software Development: Dive into the world of software development, honing programming languages and techniques to craft cutting-edge applications and systems.
  • Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering: Delve deep into the realms of computer science and engineering, exploring advanced algorithms, data structures, and software design principles.
  • Associate's Degree in Health Information Management: Develop the expertise to manage healthcare data effectively, ensuring its accuracy, accessibility, and security.
  • Associate's Degree in Medical Assisting: Acquire proficiency in clinical and administrative tasks, preparing for a pivotal role in the dynamic healthcare industry.
  • Associate's Degree in Network Support: Gain a comprehensive understanding of computer networks and systems, equipping yourself with the skills to provide technical support and ensure network functionality.
  • Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies: Immerse yourself in the legal profession, acquiring essential skills in legal research, writing, and document preparation to support attorneys in diverse legal settings.
  • Associate's Degree in Pharmacy Technician: Prepare for a fulfilling career in the pharmaceutical industry, mastering skills that contribute to the safe dispensing of medications under the guidance of pharmacists.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Accounting: Lay a strong foundation in accounting principles, financial analysis, and managerial decision-making, paving the way for a successful career in finance and accounting.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Management: Develop leadership and management acumen, empowering yourself to navigate the complexities of the contemporary business landscape.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Cybersecurity: Explore the intricacies of cybersecurity, acquiring knowledge and techniques to safeguard digital assets from threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Medical Health Services Management: Gain a comprehensive understanding of healthcare management, preparing to navigate the intricacies of the healthcare system and contribute to its efficient operation.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Network Administration: Immerse yourself in the world of network administration, mastering skills required to design, implement, and maintain secure computer networks.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion flourish within the vibrant community of American National University (ANU), where international students are warmly welcomed. ANU embraces the vast tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and experiences that international students bring, fostering an inclusive and inviting environment. The university's commitment to diversity goes beyond a mere principle, permeating through every facet of ANU and creating a dynamic academic and social milieu.

ANU thrives as a global hub where students from diverse backgrounds converge, intermingling to learn, evolve, and exchange ideas. This multicultural ambience nurtures a strong sense of belonging and facilitates cross-cultural understanding, thereby enhancing the educational journey for all.

Within the halls of ANU, every student, regardless of their origins, benefits from equal access to education and resources. The university actively promotes inclusivity by providing a plethora of support services, cultural organisations, and student-driven initiatives that celebrate diversity. ANU firmly believes that a diverse and inclusive campus fuels creativity, fosters innovation, and nurtures critical thinking, thereby equipping students with the skills needed to excel in an interconnected world.

By embracing the power of diversity, ANU creates an environment that encourages students to expand their horizons, question assumptions, and gain a broader worldview. The university acknowledges the significance of cultivating an inclusive community that values and respects each student's unique identity, experiences, and contributions.

ANU encourages international students to engage in open dialogues, cultural exchanges, and collaborative learning opportunities. By embracing the multifaceted nature of the university community, students can deepen their cultural awareness, enhance their interpersonal skills, and forge lasting connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

Through its unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion, American National University offers international students an educational journey that is both inclusive and supportive, preparing them to thrive in an interconnected global society. ANU cherishes and celebrates the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of every student, ensuring an extraordinary and transformative college experience.

Student Life

The Student Life experience at American National University (ANU) unveils a tapestry of vibrant opportunities for international students to flourish. ANU understands the significance of a holistic development journey, extending beyond academic pursuits, and provides a nurturing and inclusive environment for students to thrive on personal and social fronts.

Within the ANU community, international students discover a diverse range of extracurricular activities and organisations tailored to cater to their varied interests. Engaging in student clubs, cultural events, and community service initiatives opens avenues for forging meaningful connections, expanding networks, and celebrating the richness of individual backgrounds.

ANU places a premium on the well-being of its students and extends comprehensive support services to facilitate a seamless transition and foster a gratifying college life experience. Academic advising, career guidance, counselling, and health services form part of the robust support system designed to cater to the diverse needs of international students. By nurturing a sense of belonging and empowerment, ANU strives to help students overcome challenges associated with adapting to a new environment.

Living in proximity to the ANU campus enhances the convenience and engagement of international students. Modern facilities, including libraries, computer labs, and recreational spaces, empower students to study, collaborate, and unwind. Moreover, ANU's vibrant location grants easy access to a multitude of amenities, cultural attractions, and recreational opportunities, allowing students to immerse themselves in the local community and broaden their horizons.

ANU recognises the value of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and encourages students to participate in activities that foster personal growth and well-being. Engaging in sports, attending workshops, and enjoying social events serve as conduits for pursuing passions and cultivating interests beyond classroom confines.

Celebrating the richness of cultural diversity is a cornerstone of ANU's ethos. Through a plethora of events and activities, the university embraces the tapestry of traditions and backgrounds, enabling international students to showcase their heritage, gain cross-cultural insights, and develop a global perspective essential for an interconnected world.

In essence, Student Life at American National University presents international students with an immersive and inclusive journey that transcends academics. By nurturing personal and social growth, fostering a sense of community, and providing opportunities for exploration, connection, and personal development, ANU affirms its commitment to offering a dynamic and enriching experience.

Campus Facilities

Nestled within the grounds of American National University, a tapestry of exceptional campus facilities awaits international students, designed to cater to their diverse needs and aspirations. These modern amenities embody the university's commitment to creating a humanised and nurturing environment that fosters learning, personal growth, and cultural exchange.

Discover an immersive academic experience at American National University through its state-of-the-art libraries and vibrant knowledge hubs that pulsate with intellectual energy. These well-appointed spaces offer a treasure trove of resources, ranging from an extensive collection of books and journals to cutting-edge digital materials and research support. Here, students can embark on a journey of exploration and expand their intellectual horizons.

Prepare for the digital frontier at ANU's computer labs, dynamic spaces where students can engage with the latest technology. These modern facilities provide access to cutting-edge software, tools, and resources, empowering students to acquire practical skills and embrace the ever-evolving digital landscape. Through hands-on learning and technological discovery, they can chart their path to success.

American National University recognises the importance of holistic well-being. The campus nurtures a sense of community and belonging through inviting recreational spaces where students can unwind, connect, and forge meaningful friendships. These vibrant areas offer opportunities for relaxation, socialisation, and collaborative activities, enriching the student experience beyond the confines of the classroom.

Step into ANU's well-appointed classrooms and lecture halls, purposefully designed to inspire engaged learning. These thoughtfully crafted spaces provide a conducive environment for academic discourse, fostering interactive discussions and encouraging students to explore diverse perspectives. With modern audiovisual equipment and comfortable seating arrangements, students can immerse themselves fully in the learning process.

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, American National University offers fitness facilities where students can prioritise their physical well-being. These dedicated spaces encourage students to engage in sports, exercise, and recreational activities, fostering a balanced approach to life. By embracing physical fitness, students can enhance their overall well-being and unlock their full potential.

To satiate the palate, ANU's campus presents an array of dining options that cater to diverse culinary preferences. From nutritious meals to flavorful delights, these dining spaces serve as meeting points where students can savour delicious cuisine, engage in cultural exchange, and forge lasting connections. The communal dining experience further enriches the vibrant campus atmosphere.

Alumni Network

  • Extensive Professional Network: International students gain access to a diverse and expansive network of alumni representing various industries and career trajectories. This global community offers mentorship, networking opportunities, and avenues for fruitful professional collaborations.
  • Career Guidance and Assistance: The Alumni Network provides career-oriented resources, such as job boards, industry insights, and workshops, empowering international students to navigate their professional endeavours. Alumni generously share their experiences and offer guidance to assist current students in achieving their career aspirations.
  • Lifelong Learning and Development: The Alumni Network presents continued educational opportunities, including webinars, seminars, and workshops, ensuring that graduates stay updated on the latest industry trends and advancements. Lifelong learning is actively encouraged, enabling alumni to enhance their skills and knowledge throughout their professional journeys.
  • Alumni Gatherings and Reunions: Regular alumni events and reunions serve as platforms for international students to reconnect with former classmates, forge new connections, and celebrate their shared achievements. These gatherings foster a sense of camaraderie and provide opportunities for exchanging experiences and valuable insights.
  • Volunteerism and Philanthropic Endeavors: The Alumni Network inspires international students to give back to the community through volunteer initiatives and philanthropic activities. From mentoring current students to supporting scholarships, alumni actively contribute to shaping the future success of American National University.
  • Exclusive Benefits and Services: As part of the Alumni Network, international students can access a range of exclusive benefits and services. These may include library resources, career counselling, and discounts on professional development programs. Such perks are thoughtfully designed to support alumni in both their personal and professional lives.

Why Study at the American National University?

Studying at American National University unfolds an intriguing journey for international students, intertwining the essence of perplexity and burstiness. Here are compelling reasons why selecting American National University can ignite a transformative educational expedition:

  • Distinguished History: With a legacy spanning over 130 years, American National University stands as a testament to its enduring dedication to education. Its long-standing reputation and distinguished history foster an environment of academic excellence, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment for international students embarking on their educational odyssey.
  • Comprehensive Programs: American National University encompasses an extensive array of comprehensive programs tailored to cater to the diverse interests and career aspirations of international students. Ranging from business administration to cybersecurity and information technology to healthcare management, the university presents a dynamic learning landscape that nurtures students' potential and equips them for success in their chosen domains.
  • Hybrid Learning Approach: Acknowledging the evolving educational panorama, American National University embraces a flexible hybrid learning approach. International students bask in the amalgamation of on-campus engagement and online learning, ushering in accessibility and accommodating a broad spectrum of learning preferences. This fusion engenders a well-rounded educational expedition that seamlessly intertwines academic rigour with adaptability.
  • Transfer Credit Options: American National University values the prior academic accomplishments of international students, providing opportunities to transfer credits. This recognition empowers students to leverage their existing knowledge and expedite their educational voyage. The flexibility to incorporate prior learning seamlessly enables students to forge their path towards academic attainment.
  • Career-Focused Education: American National University's educational ethos centres around career readiness, instilling international students with the knowledge and skills imperative in today's competitive job market. The curriculum bridges the gap between academia and industry, incorporating practical training opportunities and internships that enhance real-world experience. This emphasis on career-oriented education propels students towards professional success upon graduation.
  • Supportive Faculty: At American National University, international students benefit from the invaluable guidance and expertise of a dedicated faculty. Comprised of experienced professionals in their respective fields, the university's professors infuse the classroom with practical insights and an unwavering commitment to teaching. Their mentorship and support engender a nurturing learning environment conducive to academic and personal growth.
  • Cultural Diversity: American National University reveres diversity and cultivates a multicultural ambience. International students relish the opportunity to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering a global understanding and facilitating cross-cultural connections. This enriching experience expands horizons beyond the confines of the classroom, fostering personal growth and an appreciation for diverse perspectives.
  • Student Support Services: American National University wholeheartedly invests in the success and well-being of its international students, offering a plethora of comprehensive support services. From academic advising to career counselling and access to resources such as libraries and learning centres, these services ensure students receive the necessary support to surmount challenges and accomplish their academic goals.


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