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Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is an esteemed educational institution that values academic excellence, inclusivity, and innovation. It is dedicated to providing a transformative higher education experience for international students. With its vibrant campuses located along the southeast Florida coast, FAU offers a wide range of study areas, a diverse and inclusive community, engaging student life, state-of-the-art facilities, a strong alumni network, and compelling reasons for international students to choose FAU as their educational destination.

Campus Locations:

FAU has six campuses strategically located in different cities along the southeast Florida coast. The Boca Raton Campus is the main campus, known for its state-of-the-art classrooms, research labs, and collaborative spaces. The Jupiter Campus offers a serene setting surrounded by nature, with specialised programs in research and interdisciplinary studies. The Davie Campus provides a suburban environment with a focus on education, business, and the arts. The Fort Lauderdale Campus is conveniently located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, emphasising business, hospitality management, and urban planning programs. The Harbor Branch Campus is dedicated to marine science research and education, providing hands-on field-based opportunities. The SeaTech Campus in the Florida Keys offers programs in ocean engineering, marine science, and underwater technology, allowing students to immerse themselves in marine technology.

Study Areas:

FAU offers over 170 degree programs across various disciplines. Notable study areas include business, engineering, computer science, nursing, online education, and the honours program. The College of Business is nationally recognised for its innovative programs, while the College of Engineering and Computer Science offers comprehensive programs in various engineering disciplines. FAU's Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science provides programs in computer science and computer engineering. The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing prepares students for successful careers in healthcare through hands-on clinical experiences. FAU also offers online programs and an honours program for academically talented students.

Diversity and Inclusion:

FAU is committed to diversity and inclusivity, providing a welcoming environment for international students. The university celebrates the unique perspectives and experiences that international students bring to the community. Various initiatives, programs, and student organisations promote cultural exchange and understanding. FAU's Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs provides resources and support services, fostering an atmosphere where students can express their identities and engage in open dialogue.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies:

FAU offers over 400 clubs and organisations, allowing students to pursue their interests, develop leadership skills, and build lifelong friendships. Academic and professional organisations provide opportunities for academic discussions, networking, and industry insights. Cultural and international clubs foster a sense of community and promote cross-cultural understanding. Hobby and special interest clubs cater to various passions and interests. Leadership and service organisations encourage students to develop leadership skills and contribute to the community.

Campus Facilities:

FAU provides outstanding campus facilities to support student's academic and personal needs. The Recreation & Fitness Center offers state-of-the-art fitness equipment, sports facilities, and recreational activities. Libraries and research resources provide extensive collections and support for academic pursuits. Technology and computing services offer access to computer labs, high-speed internet, and IT support. Student support services include academic advising, career counselling, mental health resources, and tutoring programs. Various dining options are available on campuses, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences.

Alumni Network:

The FAU Alumni Network offers lifelong connections, mentorship opportunities, and professional support. With over 192,000 alumni, the network spans various industries and professions. The Florida Atlantic University Alumni Association organises events, networking opportunities, and exclusive benefits for its members. The alumni network helps international students navigate their careers and establish themselves in their chosen fields.

Why Study Here:

  • FAU provides a high-quality education recognised for its academic rigour and innovation.
  • The university offers competitive scholarships and financial aid opportunities for international students.
  • Its strategic location in southeast Florida provides access to a vibrant business community, cultural events, and internship opportunities.
  • FAU's distinguished faculty members are experts in their fields, offering mentorship and research opportunities.
  • The university's commitment to diversity and inclusivity fosters a supportive and welcoming environment for international students.
  • FAU's strong connections with industry partners and alumni enhance students' career prospects.
  • The university's modern campus facilities and state-of-the-art resources support students' academic success.
  • The engaging student life, clubs, and organisations offer a well-rounded college experience.


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