Engineering Excellence Scholarship 2024

University of Sheffield Sheffield, United Kingdom

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The scholarship will be awarded to overseas fee status undergraduate students who exceed the academic conditions of standard UCAS offer. Candidates who attain A level grades of A*AA or above (or the equivalent qualification in your country) will receive the Excellence Scholarship.

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Students will not have to apply for this scholarship, as they are automatically awarded to all eligible students when they commence their studies in the Department in October 2024.

The University of Sheffield is more than simply a building; it is a universe of opportunity and a place where academic curiosity is stoked, and diversity is welcomed. The university, which is located in the energetic city of Sheffield, United Kingdom, is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world thanks to the excellence, significance, and uniqueness of its research-driven learning and teaching.

Feel the vitality that permeates every part of the vast campus, a tapestry of stunning natural and architectural wonders. The university's campus buildings, like a symphony of knowledge, weave together to create a serene fusion of inspiration and calm, including the renowned Arts Tower, Firth Court, ICOSS building, Sir Frederick Mappin Building, and the Information Commons. Each building has a unique narrative that reflects the variety and depth of scholarly inquiry that awaits within its walls.

Students will find a wide variety of study areas as they begin their academic journey, all of which are intended to foster their curiosity and support their aspirations. The University of Sheffield offers a variety of paths for intellectual development, whether one chooses to pursue a master's programme, engage in ground-breaking research through a PhD study, or appreciate the flexibility of online learning. The institution supports international students with specialised pathway programmes, intercalated degrees for medical students, and extensive resources to promote a smooth transition into the academic environment since it believes that education knows no geographical bounds.

But the University of Sheffield is more than just a school; it is a place where inclusion and diversity are valued. The university takes great pleasure in its dedication to fostering an environment that is totally inclusive, where people from all backgrounds may come together to challenge conventions, promote understanding, and ignite good change. The university's commitment is demonstrated by the Race Equality Strategy and Action Plan (RESAP), a dynamic document that changes as the institution gains experience, matures, and advances in its pursuit of equality.

On campus, student life is vibrant, with over 350 organisations and societies that spark interest, form lifelong friendships, and provide lifelong memories. The university's sports facilities, which include synthetic turf fields, squash courts, and a fully furnished gym, act as catalysts for personal growth, camaraderie, and a desire for healthy competition, just as the Peak District is right outside the university's door, opening the door to beautiful adventures.

Students will discover a multitude of resources and cutting-edge facilities that support their academic endeavours in breathtaking settings. The university's libraries transform into portals to limitless knowledge thanks to their extensive holdings of digital works and research resources. The university's signature structure, The Diamond, is a symbol of creativity, holding not only a sizable print collection but also industry-leading creative media capabilities that unleash the potential of the mind. The Information Commons also develops into a haven for study and critical thought with its 1,300 learning spaces and unfailing support.

Joining the University of Sheffield entails becoming a part of a prestigious network of more than 300,000 alumni around the world. The institution takes pleasure in cultivating lasting relationships by giving alumni opportunities to get in touch, widen their networks, and remain up to date on new developments at the university. The University of Sheffield is committed to continued personal and professional development, so the adventure continues long after graduation.

Campus Location: 

In the centre of Sheffield, United Kingdom, the University of Sheffield cordially invites students to join its dynamic and welcoming community. The campus, which is southwest of Sheffield, provides students with a lovely and motivating setting for their academic endeavours. Students enjoy a sense of enthusiasm and belonging the moment they set foot on campus as they begin what will be a really life-changing experience.

Campus: A Serene and Inspiring Setting

The southwest of Sheffield is largely covered by the University of Sheffield campus, which offers a tranquil and beautiful environment for academic pursuits. The unique fusion of architectural beauty and the surrounding natural environment is enhanced by green areas and distinctive buildings. The distinctive identity of the institution is furthered by iconic structures like the Arts Tower, Firth Court, ICOSS building, Sir Frederick Mappin Building, and Information Commons.

Study Areas: 

A world-class university that emphasises in-depth learning, cutting-edge capabilities, and the self-assurance to achieve challenging objectives is the University of Sheffield. The institution provides a wide variety of study areas to accommodate a variety of interests and objectives, ensuring that students find the ideal fit for their academic endeavours.

The university offers the tools and advice needed for success whether pursuing a master's programme, a PhD, or online learning. The master's programmes provide students with in-depth information and cutting-edge skills in a variety of subjects, giving them the know-how to succeed in their chosen professional pathways. PhD degrees offer a setting for exploring specialised fields of interest and producing ground-breaking research that has a big impact.

The institution also provides route programmes specially created for international students, giving them extra assistance to help them adapt to the educational and cultural practises of the UK. Medical students have a special opportunity to acquire specific knowledge and abilities in fields like biomedical science, public health, and global health through intercalated degrees.

The University of Sheffield is aware that there are several ways to learn. Online learning programmes give students the freedom to pursue a top-notch education from any location in the world while maintaining the ability to juggle other obligations. Courses for older students are designed for people who might be returning to school after a break and provide specialised tools and assistance for a successful academic journey.

Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Sheffield is extremely proud of its multicultural and welcoming community. They will discover a friendly and inviting atmosphere where their distinctive experiences and viewpoints are respected as international students. The university is dedicated to promoting inclusion, equality, and diversity in the community.

The university's dedication to fostering an inclusive environment for everyone is reflected in the Race Equality Strategy and Action Plan (RESAP), which serves as a guiding document. RESAP, which was created in collaboration with faculty and staff, provides specific ideas and actions to combat inequality and advance inclusivity. The institution, which is aware that there is always more to be done, keeps reviewing, updating, and changing RESAP in light of its experiences, community comments, and assistance from industry experts.

The university's dedication to inclusion and diversity goes beyond words. Nearly 15% of employees are black, Asian, or from another minority ethnic group, and 21% of employees are foreign-born. Women make up approximately 50% of the workforce. The University of Sheffield is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and viewpoints, with more than 29,000 students representing 140 nations.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

The University of Sheffield offers more than just academics. The Students' Union offers more than 350 clubs and organisations, giving students countless opportunities to discover their passions, realise their full potential, and meet like-minded people from all over the world. These societies and clubs focus on a variety of pursuits, including community service, the arts, athletics, and more. Students can follow their interests, learn new skills, forge enduring relationships, and pursue their passions by joining clubs or societies.

Campus Facilities

The University of Sheffield makes investments in developing a setting that fosters student achievement. The campus offers top-notch resources, study areas, and facilities to enable students to succeed in their academic endeavours.

With holdings containing a wealth of new media, digital works, texts, and research resources, the university library is a veritable gold mine of information. Students can use their library accounts and browse comprehensive digital collections whether they are on campus or studying remotely. To improve students' ability to conduct research and think critically, the library provides online tutorials, films, and workshops offered by liaison librarians and information skills consultants.

The university's signature building, The Diamond, provides cutting-edge study spaces intended to foster collaboration and creativity. It houses cutting-edge digital collections, a sizable print collection, and in-demand textbooks. Additionally, the building has industry-leading creative media resources, such as private editing booths and a full TV studio, giving students the means to realise their ideas.

The Information Commons is a vibrant centre for learning and research thanks to its 1,300 learning spaces and comprehensive technical assistance. The 120,000-volume collection it maintains is in high demand, and it provides tools and assistance for enhancing research and analytical abilities.

The University of Sheffield is dedicated to giving its students the greatest learning experience possible, and this includes offering excellent IT services. Modern technology and computers are available in the study areas to allow easy access to materials, peer cooperation, and online platform usage.

Alumni Network

After graduating from the University of Sheffield, you'll become a part of a prestigious alumni network. This network, which has more than 300,000 alumni globally, provides a wealth of options for both personal and professional advancement.

The university is still committed to helping its graduates after they graduate. Graduates can reconnect with old acquaintances, broaden their network of Sheffield alumni, and keep up with new developments at the university through a variety of alumni events offered electronically, on campus, throughout the UK, and worldwide. The alumni network is a useful tool for networking, job advancement, and making relationships throughout the world.

The University of Sheffield takes great satisfaction in providing a top-notch educational opportunity within a welcoming environment. International students open themselves up to a world of chances for professional development, cross-cultural interaction, and academic success by deciding to study here. Be a part of a global community where excellence, impact, and inclusivity are central to their goal by joining them at the University of Sheffield.

Why study here?

Institution of World-Class Standing: The University of Sheffield consistently ranks among the top 100 universities in the world. It provides in-depth information, advanced skills, and a supportive atmosphere for academic growth and performance. It is renowned for excellence in research-led learning and teaching.

A diverse and welcoming community: The University of Sheffield values diversity and is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere that fosters success for students from all backgrounds. Studying here offers the chance to interact with a range of ideas and cultures, developing global understanding and collaboration. The community of students and employees here is varied, representing more than 140 nations.

Comprehensive Study Areas, State-of-the-Art Facilities, and a Wide Range of Opportunities for Personal and Professional Development are all available at the University of Sheffield. Students have access to the resources, networks, and tools necessary to achieve academic success and pursue their interests, from cutting-edge library collections and digital resources to cutting-edge study spaces and clubs/societies.


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