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In order to retain the scholarship, the recipient must continue to be an international student liable for international student fees, pay their portion of the tuition fees on or before the payment due date (first day of teaching) of each semester, maintain satisfactory academic progress each semester with a minimum GPA of 5.3 and with no fail grade in any unit, maintain a full-time enrolment of 40 credit points (0.5 EFTSL) each semester or have the approval to reduce their study load or take a leave of absence for the semester.

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Applicants must commence any CDU Darwin undergraduate program from Semester 1 2023 for on-campus study and must commence in full-time study mode. Applicants must meet the University’s academic and English language entry requirements for their chosen course and must be an international student and has completed their DIS Y12 qualification and ATAR, paying international student fees.

Located in the vibrant city of Darwin, Australia, Charles Darwin University (CDU) serves as a hub of knowledge and opportunity. Situated amidst the captivating allure of Darwin's tropical climate, multicultural tapestry, and breathtaking sunsets, CDU offers a gateway to endless possibilities. Prepare to embark on a transformative educational journey as you immerse yourself in this dynamic environment.

In the heart of the picturesque Northern Territory, CDU's campus emerges as an oasis of knowledge amidst the rugged landscapes. Much like an oasis that sustains life in the arid desert, CDU nurtures the seeds of knowledge and growth within each student. Here, diverse cultures converge, creating an environment where ideas intermingle, and perspectives collide, fostering intellectual curiosity and diversity.

CDU transcends traditional education. It breathes life into knowledge, infusing practical experiences and real-world applications into every facet of learning. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, the expert faculty members orchestrate a symphony of knowledge, bringing their industry experience to the forefront. Collaborative projects, internships, and industry partnerships propel you into uncharted territories, equipping you with sought-after skills and insights.

As you embark on this transformative journey, CDU embraces you as part of its inclusive community. Celebrating diversity, CDU cherishes the unique contributions each student brings. A tapestry of support awaits you, with dedicated staff and student support teams ready to guide you at every step. Here, you will find a sense of belonging and a nurturing environment for personal growth.

Beyond the classroom, CDU offers a vibrant tapestry of student life. Picture yourself amidst a garden of opportunities, where clubs and societies bloom, nurturing personal growth. Engage in extracurricular activities, forge lasting friendships, and refine your skills beyond academia. CDU's student community is a network of connections where like-minded individuals come together and create memories.

In this ever-evolving world, CDU stands as a fortress of knowledge equipped with cutting-edge facilities and resources. Modern libraries, state-of-the-art classrooms, and advanced research laboratories provide an environment conducive to exploration and discovery.

Traversing the corridors of CDU, you become part of a global network of changemakers. The University alumni community extends its support, offering guidance and connections that transcend borders. The opportunity to tap into a wealth of experiences awaits you, paving the way for a bright future.

Choosing CDU means embarking on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. It means immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Northern Territory, exploring the depths of knowledge, and embracing vibrant cultures that shape its identity. 

Campus Life

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is situated in the vibrant city of Darwin, Australia. Located in the picturesque Northern Territory, the campus provides a unique and inspiring environment for your educational journey. Darwin, known for its tropical climate, stunning landscapes, and multicultural atmosphere, offers international students an exceptional study destination.

With its close proximity to Asia, Darwin serves as a gateway to cross-cultural experiences and opportunities. Embrace the warm and welcoming nature of the city, where you'll find a blend of Indigenous traditions, diverse cuisines, and a thriving arts and music scene. As you explore Darwin, you'll be captivated by its natural beauty, including the mesmerising sunsets over the Timor Sea and the lush greenery of nearby national parks.

Study Areas

At CDU, a wide range of study areas are offered to cater to your interests and career aspirations. Whether passionate about business, health sciences, education, environmental studies, or Indigenous affairs, diverse programs empower you to pursue academic passions and achieve goals.

Expert faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the classroom, ensuring a high-quality education that prepares for real-world challenges. Through practical learning opportunities, internships, and industry partnerships, valuable hands-on experience is gained, developing skills sought after by employers.

Diversity and Inclusion

CDU takes pride in fostering a welcoming and inclusive community for all students. Diversity is celebrated, and the unique contributions each student brings to the university are valued. The multicultural environment creates a vibrant tapestry of experiences and perspectives, enriching the learning journey.

Understanding that moving to a new country can be both exciting and challenging, comprehensive support services are provided to help settle into the new life at CDU. From orientation programs and academic guidance to counselling and accommodation assistance, the university ensures well-being and success. Dedicated staff and student support teams are ready to lend a helping hand whenever needed.

Student Life

Get Involved, Make Connections: The university offers a vibrant array of clubs and societies that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether passionate about sports, arts and culture, community service, or academic pursuits, there's a club for everyone.

Joining a club or society is an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals, make lifelong friendships, and develop valuable skills outside of academic studies. Engaging in extracurricular activities, participating in events and workshops, and taking on leadership roles enhance personal and professional growth. CDU's student community is a supportive network that enriches the university experience and creates lasting memories.

Campus Facilities

CDU's campus facilities are designed to support the academic journey and enhance the learning experience. Modern and well-equipped libraries, state-of-the-art classrooms, advanced research laboratories, and dedicated study spaces cater to needs.

The libraries offer a vast collection of resources, including books, journals, and digital materials, supporting research and study requirements. Classrooms are designed to foster collaborative learning, with modern technology and interactive tools facilitating engagement and knowledge sharing. Whether conducting experiments, working on group projects, or seeking a quiet space for focused studying, the campus facilities provide an ideal environment for educational pursuits.

Alumni Network

As a CDU graduate, you become part of the esteemed alumni network spanning the globe. The alumni community is vibrant and active, offering valuable networking opportunities, professional development resources, and lifelong connections.

Connecting with fellow alumni who have excelled in various industries provides insights into desired career paths. Alumni often return to campus to share experiences and expertise, offering guidance and mentorship to current students. Being part of the global network opens doors to new possibilities and strengthens professional prospects.

Why Study at Charles Darwin University, Australia?

  • Excellence in Education: CDU is renowned for its excellence in education, providing high-quality programs and courses taught by experienced faculty members. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their chosen fields.
  • Career Opportunities: Industry-aligned programs prepare students for the real world, ensuring readiness to excel in desired careers. Close collaboration with industry partners keeps the university updated on emerging trends and job market demands.
  • Global Perspective: Embrace a multicultural environment that fosters cross-cultural understanding and prepares students to thrive in a globalised world. Interacting with students from diverse backgrounds provides a broader perspective on global issues.
  • Student Support: Prioritising the well-being and success of students, CDU offers comprehensive support services, including academic guidance, counselling, and accommodation assistance. The university is committed to ensuring that students have the necessary resources and support to achieve their goals.
  • Research Opportunities: Engage in groundbreaking research initiatives and contribute to knowledge creation in chosen fields. CDU is at the forefront of research in areas such as tropical health, Indigenous studies, environmental sustainability, and more.
  • Affordable Living: Darwin offers a cost-effective study destination with a lower cost of living compared to other major Australian cities. Students can enjoy a high standard of living without compromising their budget.
  • Natural Beauty: Immerse yourself in the stunning natural landscapes of the Northern Territory. From breathtaking waterfalls to rich biodiversity, the region offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.
  • Cultural Richness: Experience the vibrant Indigenous cultures and traditions that are deeply intertwined with the Northern Territory's identity. Learning from Indigenous knowledge holders provides a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Australia's First Nations people.


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