ASEAN and Oceania Postgraduate Excellence Award

University of Nottingham Nottingham, United Kingdom

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    Jan, 2024

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Applicants must be domiciled in the Americas region. Applicants must be classed as an overseas student for fee purposes. Applicants must hold an offer to start a full-time masters (including MRes) for 2024/25 in any subject area at the University of Nottingham UK.

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Applicants must apply for and receive an offer to study a full-time masters (including MRes) for 2024/25 at the University of Nottingham before applying for this scholarship.

At the heart of the bustling city of Nottingham, there exists a world where knowledge meets culture and diversity - the University of Nottingham. Have you ever dreamt of a place where tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously? That's what the University of Nottingham embodies - a remarkable fusion of the old and new.

Imagine the majestic academic halls as the backbone of this institution, brimming with the city's rich history. Yet, these traditional structures house a forward-thinking community, much like a modern soul breathing life into an ancient body. As one navigates through the varied corridors, one also navigates through the diverse knowledge landscapes.

Visualise the university as a tapestry woven with threads of myriad colours, each representing a unique student from a different part of the world. This vibrancy makes the University of Nottingham a champion of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. Here, students are not just faces in the crowd; they are distinctive threads in the fabric of this diverse community.

Envision a lively palette of extracurricular activities. Ever wondered what it feels like to be part of something bigger? This is where students find their passions beyond the academic realm, joining the myriad of clubs and societies and contributing to the rich, vibrant pattern of campus life.

Remember the tales of Robin Hood's adventures through Sherwood Forest? The city of Nottingham, home to the university, is much like Sherwood - a haven for adventures, but of a different kind. Just as Sherwood was home to legends, Nottingham is home to aspiring scholars, each carving out their unique path.

Consider the vast expanse of the ocean - teeming with life, interconnected and yet each entity is unique. That's the University of Nottingham’s alumni network - a vast, interconnected community of over 320,000 graduates spread across the globe, and yet, each one is a unique reflection of the University of Nottingham.

The University of Nottingham is not just a place to earn a degree; it's an enriching journey, a microcosm of the world, a testament to diversity, and a stage where knowledge takes the spotlight.

At the University of Nottingham, international students receive an education that extends beyond the classroom. From the stunning campuses to the world-class teaching and vibrant student life, every aspect of the university contributes to a well-rounded, enriching study experience. Committed to diversity and inclusivity, the university creates a supportive environment where every student is valued and empowered. Thus, choosing the University of Nottingham is more than just choosing an institution; it's choosing a global community that champions academic excellence, personal growth, and mutual respect.

Campus Location

At the heart of the UK is the University of Nottingham, a renowned institution attracting students from over 150 countries worldwide. With three campuses in the UK, Malaysia, and China, the university provides a truly global educational experience. Nestled within the vibrant city of Nottingham, the campus location offers a unique blend of historical charm and cosmopolitan excitement. The perfect environment for sparking intellectual curiosity and fostering lifelong friendships.

Study Areas

The University of Nottingham offers a comprehensive range of study areas designed to cater to a diverse set of interests and career aspirations. From Arts, where students can immerse themselves in American and Canadian Studies, Classics and Archaeology, and Language Centre, to Engineering fields such as Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

In the Medicine and Health Sciences domain, aspiring healthcare professionals can delve into disciplines like Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Science. For those drawn to the Social Sciences, the university offers specialisations in Economics, Law, Politics and International Relations, among others. This extensive array of study areas serves as a testament to the university's commitment to delivering well-rounded, world-class education to all its students.

Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Nottingham is more than an educational institution; it's a diverse community where everyone's unique experiences and perspectives are valued and celebrated. Committed to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), the university has initiated the "Let’s be clear about EDI" campaign, designed to foster a sense of belonging and respect among all community members. The university's unwavering commitment to these principles ensures everyone feels accepted, respected, and empowered.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

The university's vibrant student life is best epitomised by the bustling Students' Union, the heart of student social life on campus. The University of Nottingham ensures students can access various activities that cater to their interests, whether sports clubs, volunteering projects, or student-run groups and networks. Students can experience unforgettable moments at the numerous events held both on and off campus, making their university life memorable and enriching.

Campus facilities

The University of Nottingham takes great pride in its state-of-the-art facilities, constantly investing in spaces dedicated to students. The university boasts modern lecture and seminar rooms, quiet study areas, and numerous relaxation spots. The university's eight libraries house vast resources, ranging from traditional print books to ebooks and journals. Students can also benefit from five Graduate Centres supported by the Researcher Academy.

Student Service Centres cater to a wide array of needs, offering guidance on matters from finance and visas to health and personal welfare. These comprehensive campus facilities make the University of Nottingham a conducive environment for academic pursuit and personal growth.

Alumni Network

The University of Nottingham boasts an extensive alumni network and a global community of over 320,000 graduates. Alumni are encouraged to remain connected with their alma mater, sharing their expertise, experiences and fostering meaningful connections with the community. The university provides several avenues for alumni engagement, from networking opportunities to lifelong learning initiatives. This global network of Nottingham graduates represents the university's enduring commitment to its students, even beyond their academic journey.

Why Study at the University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is a globally recognised institution, ranked among the UK's top 20 universities (QS World University Rankings 2023, Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022).

The university is part of the prestigious Russell Group, known for its outstanding research-led teaching.

The university ranks 7th in the UK for research power, with 100% of its research recognised internationally (Research Excellence Framework, 2021).

The university is among the top five most targeted universities by the UK's leading graduate employers (The Graduate Market in 2023).

The University of Nottingham offers an inspiring and supportive learning environment with innovative teaching methods and state-of-the-art facilities.

The university is an inclusive and diverse community, championing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI).

The campus is nestled within the culturally vibrant and student-friendly city of Nottingham, which has consistently been ranked among the top ten of QS Best Student Cities.

The university provides excellent support services, ensuring students' well-being and academic success.

The University of Nottingham offers extensive opportunities for personal development, including a wide array of clubs, societies, and volunteering projects.

The university has a rich cultural programme, with over 200,000 individuals engaging annually with Lakeside Arts' events and activities.

The university's robust alumni network allows for lifelong connections and networking opportunities.


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    401 - 500
  • QS

    QS rank

    751 - 800
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    9 - 16


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