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Applicants are eligible for an alumni fee discount for Murdoch University tuition fees if you meet all the requirements: Applicants have successfully completed an undergraduate degree of Bachelor level or a Masters (research or coursework) degree from Murdoch University, and you are enrolled in an Eligible Course at the time of applying for the alumni fee discount, and you are studying at one of Murdoch's Western Australian campuses. You are not eligible to receive the alumni fee discount if you have been awarded a Murdoch-funded scholarship to undertake an eligible Course and that scholarship is greater than the applicable alumni fee discount. Eligible applicants will only be permitted to apply an alumni fee discount to the fees associated with one of the Murdoch study options: a Graduate Certificate, or a Graduate Diploma, or Masters by research, or Masters by course work.

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Applicants do not need to apply for this scholarship as it is automatically awarded to students who meet all the eligibility criteria.

Murdoch University stands as a beacon of transformative education, where students from around the globe gather to embark on a remarkable academic journey. Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of Perth, Western Australia, this institution has cultivated an environment where intellectual growth thrives alongside personal development. Like a flourishing garden, Murdoch University nurtures the seeds of knowledge, allowing students to blossom into confident individuals ready to make their mark on the world.

At the heart of Murdoch University lies its commitment to excellence in education. Faculty members, akin to seasoned gardeners, bring their expertise and passion to the classroom, cultivating an environment ripe for intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. With a diverse array of study areas, students are encouraged to explore and pursue their academic interests, unlocking doors to new realms of understanding. Murdoch University's curriculum, like a symphony of knowledge, strikes a harmonious balance between theory and practical application, empowering students with the tools they need to thrive in their chosen fields.

But Murdoch University is more than just a place of learning. It is a vibrant community that celebrates the richness of diversity. Like a tapestry woven from threads of different colours, cultures, and perspectives, the campus comes alive with a spirit of inclusivity and empathy. Here, international students find a second home, where their voices are heard, their stories are valued, and their contributions are celebrated. They become part of a global family, each member adding their unique hues to the vibrant mosaic of the Murdoch experience.

Student life at Murdoch University, akin to a kaleidoscope, offers a myriad of opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. Within this kaleidoscope, students find themselves immersed in a tapestry of clubs and societies, where passions are kindled, talents are honed, and lifelong friendships are forged. These vibrant communities, like a garden bustling with life, provide fertile ground for personal exploration, leadership development, and the cultivation of shared experiences.

As students traverse the paths of Murdoch University, they encounter a plethora of world-class facilities that serve as catalysts for growth. The Library, a sanctuary of knowledge, beckons students with its wealth of resources, acting as a guiding light on their academic journey. The campus, like a well-tended garden, offers spaces for quiet contemplation, collaborative endeavours, and moments of respite. Here, students can find solace in the embrace of nature, recharge their spirits, and let their thoughts bloom like vibrant flowers.

Murdoch University's commitment extends beyond the boundaries of its campus. Like a river flowing through the community, the institution's alumni network connects past and present, creating a current that propels graduates toward remarkable achievements. As alumni spread their wings and venture into the world, they become ambassadors of Murdoch's values, fostering connections, igniting change, and leaving an indelible mark on their chosen fields.

In summary, Murdoch University is a place where the seeds of curiosity are nurtured, where individuals from diverse backgrounds find a welcoming home, and where intellectual growth intertwines with personal development. It is a tapestry woven with the threads of knowledge, community, and opportunity. Within this vibrant tapestry, students embark on a transformative journey, cultivating their passions, flourishing in their endeavours, and embracing the world with open minds and compassionate hearts.

Campus Location

Murdoch University is a successful academic school renowned for its scenic campus and energetic environment. It is located in Perth, Western Australia. The institution, which is conveniently located 15 minutes from the city centre, provides the ideal combination of accessibility and peace. International students have a compelling setting where they may concentrate on their academics and take in the campus's natural splendour.

The capital of Western Australia, Perth, is well known for its friendly vibe and excellent level of living. Perth gives foreign students a well-rounded experience with its pristine beaches, gorgeous parks, and energetic city life. The city's vibrant arts sector, varied food culture, and cultural events all showcase its multiculturalism. Murdoch University students benefit from being a part of this energetic metropolis while yet having a tranquil campus to retire to for their academic endeavours.

Study Areas

Murdoch University offers a wide variety of academic opportunities so that students can explore and succeed in their chosen disciplines. The extensive programmes and cutting-edge research possibilities that the institution provides in a variety of fields demonstrate its dedication to excellence.

Murdoch University's programmes in the arts and humanities promote innovation, analytical thinking, and a profound understanding of the human condition. The study of subjects including English and creative writing, theatre and drama, journalism, history, and philosophy is open to students. The accomplished professionals who make up the faculty lead the students through a programme that promotes intellectual development and the acquisition of analytical skills.

For students interested in the world of Business and Economics, Murdoch University provides a solid foundation in business principles and practices. The School of Business and Governance offers programs in areas such as Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and International Business. Students gain practical skills through real-world case studies, internships, and industry collaborations, preparing them for success in the dynamic business landscape.

In the realm of Science and Engineering, Murdoch University offers a range of innovative programs designed to address global challenges and technological advancements. From Environmental Science and Conservation Biology to Biotechnology, Renewable Energy, and Robotics, students have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities. The university's focus on hands-on learning ensures that students gain practical experience and develop the skills needed to tackle complex scientific and engineering problems.

The Health and Social Sciences disciplines at Murdoch University prepare students for rewarding careers in areas that directly impact people's lives. The School of Health Sciences offers programs in Nursing, Psychology, Counselling, and Chiropractic, among others. Students receive comprehensive training, practical placements, and access to modern healthcare facilities, enabling them to make a positive difference in individuals' well-being.

Murdoch University is also known for its programs in Education and Teaching, equipping aspiring educators with the knowledge and skills to shape future generations. The university offers courses in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Special Education. Students engage in practical teaching experiences and gain insights into the latest educational methodologies and practices.

The Law and Criminology programs at Murdoch University provide students with a solid understanding of legal principles and the criminal justice system. Through interactive classes, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and advocacy skills. The School of Law offers practical legal training and opportunities to work with community organisations, preparing students for successful legal careers.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Murdoch University, inclusion and diversity are not just catchphrases; they are fundamental principles that form the campus's thriving community. The campus is a cultural melting pot that accepts students from all around the world. International students discover themselves in a welcoming and encouraging setting where their distinctive viewpoints and experiences are acknowledged.

The university's dedication to diversity is evident in the wide variety of cultural activities, organisations, and society it offers. Through programmes like the Language and Cultural Exchange (LACE), Murdoch University gives students a forum to communicate their cultures, languages, and traditions. Students may build a global perspective and deep connections in the multiracial community.

International students frequently take solace in the knowledge that they are not travelling alone. The support services offered by the institution are tailored particularly to the requirements of international students, guaranteeing a seamless transition and offering help with visa issues, housing needs, and cultural acclimatisation. Every student at Murdoch University should feel appreciated and supported as the school works to build a diverse and inviting environment.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Murdoch University prioritises academic success, but it also understands the value of a well-rounded educational experience. The Murdoch Guild, a private student organisation, contributes significantly to the enrichment of student life by providing a wide variety of clubs and organisations that appeal to different interests and passions.

International students can take a break from their studies and participate in activities that are in line with their interests and hobbies by joining a club or society. Regardless of whether students are passionate about sports, the arts, intercultural exchange, or entrepreneurship, they will discover a welcoming community. These student-run organisations plan tournaments, workshops, and other activities that give students a chance to show off their abilities, gain leadership experience, and form enduring connections.

Club and society involvement not only improves the educational experience but also offers chances for skill and personal development. Particularly for international students, forming relationships and friendships within these networks is simpler. The shared experiences and interests foster a sense of community and camaraderie, easing the transfer to a foreign land and culture.

Campus Facilities

Modern facilities are something Murdoch University takes pleasure in offering to help students with both their academic and personal requirements. The campus is laid up with a range of areas for studying, working with others, and unwinding minds to produce the best possible learning environment.

The Library, which has substantial collections of books, periodicals, and digital materials, serves as the centre of academic resources. It offers quiet study spaces, gathering spaces, and Wi-Fi and computer lab access available around the clock. The Guild Kiosk is a one-stop shop for information, services, and event tickets, and it is situated in the Library.

Murdoch University has a large selection of restaurants and cafés with a variety of cuisines for students in need of nourishment. Even discounts are available to Guild members at the Café Kadjininy, managed by the Guild and located in the Library. Numerous student activities are held in Bush Court, the centre of the campus, including the well-liked MarketDaze, where students may sample cuisine from food trucks and peruse other kiosks.

Students have access to the Sports and Recreation Centre, which has a fully-stocked fitness centre, social sports teams, and Murdoch sports groups, to be active and healthy. Exercise not only helps you relax, but it also gives you a chance to socialise with other students and build a feeling of community.

Alumni Network

After graduating from Murdoch University, students can join the university's large alumni network, which has more than 80,000 members. The institution is proud of its graduates, who have made major contributions to several global sectors. As an international student, you become a part of a group of pioneers, leaders, and free thinkers who are united by Murdoch's principles.

The alumni network presents a wealth of chances for involvement and development. By mentoring current students, serving on university boards or committees, or helping at Murdoch events, graduates may give back to the institution. Alumni chapters offer a venue for networking, professional growth, and socialising with other graduates, business people, and students. These relationships can forge enduring friendships and lead to intriguing employment prospects.

Murdoch University respects its graduates and is aware of their ability to influence the future. The institution makes sure that its graduates continue to inspire and make contributions to society by cultivating a close relationship with them.

Why Study at Murdoch University?

  • Excellence in Education: Murdoch University is renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to providing high-quality education. Faculty members are experienced professionals who are passionate about imparting knowledge and empowering students.
  • Beautiful Campus: The campus offers a picturesque environment that inspires learning and personal growth. Its lush green spaces and modern facilities create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to studying and socialising.
  • Diverse and Inclusive Community: Murdoch University celebrates diversity and promotes an inclusive environment where students from all backgrounds feel welcome and valued. The multicultural community allows for cross-cultural exchange and fosters global perspectives.
  • Holistic Student Experience: Murdoch University believes in providing a well-rounded student experience. Alongside academic pursuits, students have the opportunity to join clubs and societies, participate in cultural events, and engage in sports and recreational activities.
  • Supportive Services: International students receive dedicated support services to ensure a smooth transition and successful academic journey. From visa assistance to accommodation guidance, the university is committed to addressing the unique needs of international students.
  • Networking and Career Opportunities: Murdoch University's extensive alumni network and industry connections provide students with access to valuable networking opportunities and potential career pathways. The university's reputation opens doors to exciting prospects in various fields.


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