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  • Annual course fee

    AUD 12,000

  • Duration

    8 Months

  • Post study work visa

    1 Year

  • Intake months

    January, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

Translating and Interpreting is designed to meet the needs of proficient bilinguals who wish to work as professional translators and interpreters. You’ll acquire the skills and knowledge required to perform translating and interpreting in a range of institutional settings common to community and commercial translating and interpreting practice.

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Arbutus College - EduCo, nestled in the heart of downtown Vancouver, is a beacon of academic excellence and professional preparation. With its unique educational structure and commitment to student success, this institution stands out as a transformative hub for international students seeking to carve their paths in Communication Arts, Business, and Technology. Like a compass guiding students through the uncharted waters of higher education, Arbutus College sets sail with a mission to offer quality education that integrates communication and professional skills, preparing graduates for success in the global workplace.

Arbutus College - EduCo aspires to create a dynamic learning community akin to a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of diversity and inclusion. Here, students from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds converge, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the forefront. Just as the harmonious blend of colours in a painting creates a masterpiece, this rich tapestry of ideas and backgrounds fosters an environment where students can prepare to meet the challenges of the world. With expert faculty and staff serving as guiding stars, students find solace in a supportive community that empowers them to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams.

At Arbutus College - EduCo, the journey goes beyond the classroom walls. Like a secret garden, the campus is a sanctuary where students can flourish both academically and personally. Supported by caring faculty and staff, students have access to a reliable support system that nurtures their growth. They can seek guidance from student advisors, connect with student ambassadors, and actively engage with the student association, which acts as the pulse of the college community. This interconnectedness and support network ensure that students' questions are answered, their concerns are addressed, and their voices are heard.

But Arbutus College - EduCo is more than just a vessel for academic pursuits. It is a harbour of opportunity, where on-campus events and activities ignite sparks of inspiration and forge lifelong connections. From captivating talks and forums that fuel intellectual curiosity to engaging workshops that hone practical skills, the college goes beyond the conventional boundaries of education. It is here that students are immersed in a realm where academic knowledge meets real-world applications. Through trade shows, fairs, and social functions, students not only broaden their horizons but also build relationships that later transform into invaluable professional networks.

In summary, Arbutus College - EduCo emerges as an institution that transcends the traditional notions of education. With its prime location, diverse study areas, supportive community, state-of-the-art facilities, and robust alumni network, this institution embodies a world of endless possibilities. Just as a lighthouse guides ships to a safe harbour, Arbutus College - EduCo illuminates the paths of international students, empowering them to navigate the vast seas of knowledge, gain practical skills, and embark on fulfilling careers.

Campus Location

Arbutus College, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, offers students a vibrant and convenient study environment. Situated in close proximity to public transportation, students can easily navigate the city and explore its countless activities and attractions. The campus itself exudes a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, with well-designed classrooms and study lounges spread across two floors. This provides students with ample space to engage in their studies and collaborate with peers. Whether it's enjoying the stunning natural beauty of Vancouver or immersing oneself in the city's diverse culture, Arbutus College's prime location ensures that students have access to an enriching educational experience.

Study Areas

Arbutus College offers a comprehensive selection of study areas, catering to students' diverse interests and career goals. Here are some additional details about the study areas available at Arbutus College:

Business Management:

The Business Management program at Arbutus College equips students with a solid foundation in key business principles and practices. From accounting and finance to marketing and strategic management, students gain a well-rounded understanding of various business functions. They develop critical thinking skills and learn to make informed decisions that drive organisational success.

Hospitality Management:

The Hospitality Management program prepares students for exciting careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training, students learn about hotel operations, event planning, customer service, and food and beverage management. They acquire the skills necessary to provide exceptional guest experiences and succeed in this dynamic field.

International Trade:

The International Trade program focuses on the intricacies of global business and commerce. Students learn about international marketing, logistics, import-export procedures, and cross-cultural communication. They gain insights into global trade trends and develop strategies to navigate the complexities of international markets.


The Marketing program equips students with the skills to create effective marketing strategies and campaigns. Students learn about market research, consumer behaviour, digital marketing, branding, and advertising. They develop the ability to analyse market trends, identify target audiences, and create compelling marketing messages to drive business growth.

Translation and Interpretation:

The Translation and Interpretation program trains students to become proficient language professionals. They develop advanced linguistic skills and learn specialised translation techniques. Students also gain expertise in interpreting for various contexts, such as conferences, legal proceedings, and healthcare settings. This program prepares students to bridge language barriers and facilitate effective communication in a globalised world.

Computer Science and Frontend Web Development:

The Computer Science and Frontend Web Development program focuses on equipping students with in-demand technical skills. They learn programming languages, web development frameworks, database management, and software engineering principles.

Arbutus College's diverse range of study areas ensures that students can pursue their passions and interests while gaining practical skills that are highly sought after in today's job market. The programs are designed to be industry-relevant, incorporating the latest trends and technologies. With experienced faculty and a supportive learning environment, students receive personalised attention and guidance throughout their academic journey. Whether aspiring to become business leaders, hospitality professionals, marketers, language experts, or technology enthusiasts, Arbutus College provides the education and resources to turn their dreams into reality.

Diversity and Inclusion

Arbutus College embraces diversity and fosters an inclusive learning community. By nurturing a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere, Arbutus College encourages students to share their unique perspectives and learn from one another. With a faculty and staff dedicated to supporting international student success, Arbutus College provides a strong support system that ensures every student feels valued and empowered to achieve their goals.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

At Arbutus College, student life goes beyond the classroom. The campus offers a vibrant and inclusive environment that fosters personal growth and development. Supported by caring faculty and staff, students have access to a highly reliable support system. From student advisors to student ambassadors and the student association, there are resources available to address any questions or concerns that students may have. The college organises various on-campus events, including talks, forums, workshops, trade shows, fairs, and social functions. These events not only supplement academic learning but also provide opportunities for students to build strong relationships and valuable professional networks. By engaging in clubs and societies, students can explore their interests, develop leadership skills, and create lifelong connections with their peers.

Campus Facilities

Arbutus College boasts state-of-the-art campus facilities designed to enhance the learning experience. The campus provides well-equipped classrooms and study lounges, creating an environment conducive to focused study and collaboration. Additionally, Arbutus College takes pride in its alumni network, which serves as a valuable resource for current students. By connecting with successful graduates, students can gain insights into the industry, explore internship opportunities, and receive mentorship that can pave the way to future career success.

Alumni Network

Arbutus College's alumni network is a testament to the institution's commitment to student success. This network serves as a valuable resource, providing graduates with ongoing professional development opportunities, industry insights, and networking connections. Arbutus College's alumni are well-positioned to offer mentorship and guidance to current students, creating a strong bridge between academia and industry. By tapping into this extensive network, students can leverage the experiences and achievements of those who have gone before them, enhancing their own career prospects and personal growth.

Why Study at Arbutus College?

  • Unique educational structure: Arbutus College offers a distinct educational experience not found elsewhere in Vancouver, focusing on Communication Arts, Business, and Technology.
  • High level of satisfaction: Surveys conducted with over 1000 graduates reflect a strong satisfaction with their programs of study, providing students with the confidence to compete in the job market.
  • Convenient study schedules: Arbutus College understands the importance of balancing work and studies, offering manageable study schedules that allow students to work while pursuing their education.
  • Co-op placements: The college guarantees co-op placements, enabling students to apply classroom learning to real-world scenarios related to their program of study.
  • Eligibility to work: Students can work while pursuing their studies, and Arbutus College programs are recognised by prestigious associations, such as the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the Forum for International Trade Training, and the Canadian Institute of Management.
  • Supportive community: Arbutus College prioritises international student success, providing faculty and staff who are experts in supporting students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Pathways to higher education: Arbutus College offers pathways to universities and other higher education providers for students who complete their programs, opening doors for further educational opportunities.


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Vancouver Campus - EduCo Arbutus College - Arbutus College - EduCo

473 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1L4, Canada

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Located in downtown Vancouver, Arbutus students have easy access to public transport and to the huge range of activities and attractions in the area. The campus has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with classrooms and study lounges spread over two floors.

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