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    1 Year

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    January, june, september

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Unfortunately, students from Australia are not accepted for this course. Please reach out to a counsellor for more information.

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The module investigates the purpose and nature of
business and its primary business objectives. The
content includes the role of managers, leaders and
stakeholders and the impact of external influences
on the business. The module also explores the
functional decisions made by a business including;
the importance of the marketing strategy adopted
by the business, how human resources can impact
business performance, plus the importance of
operational performance and financial analysis.

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    Foundation Provider

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ONCAMPUS is a prestigious partnership between Cambridge Education Group and several renowned universities worldwide. With centres located on university campuses across the UK, Europe, and the USA, ONCAMPUS offers exceptional pre-university programmes that pave the way for undergraduate and Master's degrees at leading universities.

Catering specifically to international students who may not meet the direct entry requirements for university studies, ONCAMPUS provides vital support to prepare them for a seamless transition to their desired universities. Since its establishment in 2008, ONCAMPUS has helped thousands of students realise their dreams of studying at top-tier universities in the UK, USA, and Europe.

The ONCAMPUS experience goes beyond academics, providing students with a range of benefits to enhance their educational journey:

Through extensive partnerships, ONCAMPUS offers guaranteed progression to over 500 degree programs at prestigious universities worldwide. This assurance gives students the confidence to pursue their academic aspirations with clarity and purpose.

Recognising the diverse needs and ambitions of students, ONCAMPUS provides a selection of programs and progression pathways to a wide range of universities. This flexibility ensures that every student can find a tailored academic path that aligns with their interests and goals.

As part of Cambridge Education Group, a pioneering foundation program provider since 1952, ONCAMPUS adheres to rigorous quality standards. The organisation undergoes thorough reviews by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), ensuring that students receive an education of the highest calibre.

From day one, ONCAMPUS students become an integral part of their partner universities. The centres are situated on university campuses, granting students the privilege of experiencing a genuine university environment throughout their program. This integration fosters a sense of belonging, encourages collaboration, and facilitates a seamless transition to university life.

At ONCAMPUS, student welfare is paramount. In addition to academic support, the institution prioritises the overall well-being of students:

Trained staff members are dedicated to providing guidance and assistance with common issues such as homesickness, culture shock, and exam anxiety. Students can feel confident knowing they have a support system in place to address their concerns.

ONCAMPUS understands the significance of mental health and offers a safe space for students to discuss their worries and challenges. The institution can also connect students with external agencies if additional support is required.

ONCAMPUS goes beyond academics to help students develop self-confidence and social skills. Opportunities to connect with fellow students and participate in various societies enable personal growth and a well-rounded university experience. Comprehensive guides and tutorial sessions cover essential aspects of student life, including budgeting, self-care, time management, and mindfulness.

Campus Location

ONCAMPUS London is situated in the prestigious neighbourhood of Bloomsbury, right in the centre of the vibrant city of London. Recently, the institution expanded its operations to 99 Gower Street, a magnificent townhouse that now serves as a hub for dedicated workspaces, reception areas, meeting rooms, and classrooms. This strategic move enhances the overall experience for staff and students alike.

Nestled amidst the renowned University of London colleges, including UCL, Birkbeck, SOAS, and LSE, 99 Gower Street perfectly embodies the rich academic heritage of the area. The building's charm and elegance reflect the architectural splendour prevalent in Bloomsbury. Students and staff are surrounded by an atmosphere of intellectual inspiration and historical significance.

While the administrative functions have found a new home at 99 Gower Street, the primary teaching space remains at Birkbeck, located just a short distance away. This proximity ensures that students have easy access to their main learning environment, fostering a seamless and convenient educational journey.

The central location of ONCAMPUS London offers numerous advantages. Students can take full advantage of the vibrant atmosphere and myriad amenities offered by the University of London, Bloomsbury, and Tottenham Court Road. From world-class libraries and research facilities to cultural attractions and bustling shopping districts, the area provides a wealth of opportunities for both academic and leisure pursuits.

The close proximity to esteemed institutions such as UCL, Birkbeck, SOAS, and LSE allows for collaborative opportunities and cross-pollination of ideas. Students can engage in academic discussions, attend guest lectures, and participate in various university events, further enriching their educational experience.

Transportation links surrounding ONCAMPUS London are excellent, ensuring easy accessibility for students commuting from various parts of the city. The well-connected network of buses, underground stations, and rail services allows for seamless travel to and from the campus, facilitating both local and international students in their daily commute.

ONCAMPUS London's campus location at 99 Gower Street places students at the heart of London's academic and cultural scene. With its blend of historical grandeur, proximity to prestigious universities, and easy access to a wealth of resources, the campus provides an ideal setting for students to pursue their academic aspirations. Embrace the spirit of intellectual curiosity and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Bloomsbury as you embark on your educational journey at ONCAMPUS London.

Study Areas

ONCAMPUS offers a wide range of study areas and pathways to help students achieve their academic goals and prepare for future degree programs. With a focus on individual needs and academic excellence, the foundation courses provide a solid foundation for students to progress to top universities in the UK and Europe. By offering a range of subject combinations, ONCAMPUS ensures that students can choose the pathway that aligns with their interests, educational background, age, and English language level.

Undergraduate Foundation Programme (UFP):

The Undergraduate Foundation Programme (UFP) is designed to equip students with the tools for success in undergraduate degree programs at leading UK universities. This intensive one-year program, consisting of three terms, provides a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for the academic challenges ahead. Upon successful completion, students can progress to the first year of various undergraduate degrees or the International Year One Programme.

University of London International Foundation Programme:

As a Recognised Teaching Centre for the University of London International Foundation Programme (IFP), ONCAMPUS offers students the opportunity to pursue an academic award from one of the world's leading universities. The University of London is renowned for its high academic standards and international reputation. Students benefit from the expertise of university academics who develop syllabuses, prepare study materials, and assess student progress. This ensures that students receive a rigorous academic experience aligned with the university's esteemed standards.

International Year One (IY1):

The International Year One (IY1) program provides a pathway for students to progress to the second year of business-related degrees at prominent London-based universities. Over the course of three terms, students develop a strong foundation in key business areas such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing. This program not only enhances students' subject-specific knowledge but also cultivates essential skills required for success in the dynamic business world.

Diversity and Inclusion

ONCAMPUS upholds a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion as fundamental principles in its educational approach. They firmly believe that every student, irrespective of their background or abilities, deserves equal opportunities to excel academically and personally. With the objective of fostering an inclusive environment, ONCAMPUS strives to provide a high-quality educational experience that caters to the diverse needs of its student community.

Aligned with this commitment, ONCAMPUS places great importance on providing comprehensive support to disabled students, ensuring their seamless integration into campus life. Recognising the uniqueness of each student, they endeavour to treat them as individuals and address their specific needs with utmost care. Their aim is to establish an empowering environment where disabled students have access to the necessary resources and support systems to thrive in their academic journey.

At ONCAMPUS, they firmly believe that diversity and inclusion enrich the educational experience for all students. By embracing the unique perspectives and talents within their diverse student body, they cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community. Their unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion fosters an environment where everyone is valued, respected, and supported. Through their commitment, ONCAMPUS aims to empower every student to reach their full potential on their educational journey.

Student Life: Clubs and Societies

A thriving and fulfilling student life holds great significance for international students studying at ONCAMPUS London. It serves as a pivotal element in their overall educational experience and well-being while pursuing their studies in a foreign land. Various factors highlight the importance of vibrant student life at the institution:

Integration and Cultural Exchange: ONCAMPUS London offers ample opportunities for international students to integrate with local students, fostering a vibrant cultural exchange. This facilitates the development of friendships, deepens their understanding of local customs, and broadens their global perspectives.

Support and Networking: A supportive student community at ONCAMPUS London provides valuable assistance to international students, including academic support, guidance through administrative procedures, and personal support. Engaging with fellow students and participating in student organisations enables them to establish meaningful connections that may prove beneficial in their future careers.

Social and Recreational Activities: Engaging in social and recreational activities is vital for international students at ONCAMPUS London to maintain a well-rounded lifestyle. Participation in sports, clubs, societies, events, and student-led initiatives offers a break from academic rigour and allows students to pursue their interests and hobbies.

Well-being and Mental Health: Relocating to a foreign country for education can present challenges, and ONCAMPUS London recognises the importance of supporting the well-being and mental health of its international students. The institution provides resources and services such as counselling, workshops, and self-care events to ensure their overall wellness and stress management.

Enriching Experience: ONCAMPUS London believes that a diverse and engaging student life enriches the overall educational experience for international students. The institution offers extracurricular activities, community service opportunities, guest lectures, and cultural events to expose students to different perspectives, foster personal growth, develop intercultural competence, and broaden their global outlook.

Campus Facilities

ONCAMPUS UK Institute recognises the significance of providing exceptional campus facilities tailored to the needs of international students. These facilities are thoughtfully designed to create a conducive and enriching environment for students' academic journey. Key campus facilities at ONCAMPUS UK Institute include:

Academic Support Services: Understanding the importance of academic support, ONCAMPUS UK Institute provides a range of services to aid international students in navigating the academic expectations of their new educational environment. These services include tutoring, writing centres, and academic advising, which assist students in developing essential skills and excelling in their studies. The institute's dedicated academic support staff are committed to empowering students with the necessary tools and resources for academic success.

Career Services: ONCAMPUS UK Institute prioritises preparing international students for future career success. The institute offers dedicated career services that guide students on internships, job opportunities, and visa regulations related to employment. Students can benefit from resume and interview preparation assistance, networking events, and workshops on cultural norms in the job market. These services ensure that international students are well-equipped to pursue their career goals and thrive in the professional world.

Alumni Network

The vibrant alumni community of ONCAMPUS UK Institute, known as ONCAMPUS Alumni, stands as a testament to the institute's commitment to fostering lasting connections among industry professionals, students, and graduates. With a range of enriching events, newsletters, and exclusive opportunities, the alumni network is purposefully designed to enhance professional skills and facilitate networking within industry circles.

Through the extensive ONCAMPUS Alumni network, graduates have the privilege of staying connected with their peers, participating in professional development activities, and benefiting from ongoing career support. This robust alumni community serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, enabling graduates to broaden their professional horizons and establish meaningful connections within their respective industries.

ONCAMPUS UK Institute deeply values the contributions and accomplishments of its alumni. Through the ONCAMPUS Alumni network, the institute fosters a sense of pride and lifelong engagement among its graduates. The institute remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the success and growth of its alumni, recognising their pivotal role in shaping the future of the institution and making a positive impact in their chosen fields.

Why Study At ONCAMPUS London?

  • Academic Excellence: ONCAMPUS prides itself on delivering high-quality education through its comprehensive foundation programmes. With experienced and dedicated faculty members, you can expect to receive the best possible academic support and guidance throughout your studies.
  • Pathway to Top Universities: ONCAMPUS offers a clear pathway to some of the most prestigious universities in the UK. By successfully completing the foundation programme, you can progress to undergraduate or postgraduate studies at partner universities, ensuring a seamless transition and maximising your educational opportunities.
  • Tailored Support for International Students: ONCAMPUS understands the unique challenges faced by international students and is committed to providing comprehensive support services. From visa assistance to cultural integration programs, the institute ensures that you have all the resources and guidance needed to thrive in a new educational environment.
  • Central Location in London: The campus's prime location in central London provides you with access to a wealth of cultural, social, and career opportunities. From world-class museums and iconic landmarks to internships and networking

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