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  • Annual course fee

    AUD 29,000

  • Duration

    1 Year

  • Post study work visa

    2 Years

  • Intake months

    January, september

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

Hertfordshire is home to the majority of the UKs media production. We have strong links with the major film and TV studios, all located within 45 minutes of our campus. In recent years staff and students have worked on major blockbuster movies including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Harry Potter films. We provide some of the best facilities in the UK for studying and producing your own creative work. Sharing of resources and expertise across the faculty is encouraged, giving you access to all spaces and equipment.

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    Foundation Provider

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The prestigious Hertfordshire International College is located in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, a picturesque town. HIC, which is associated with the University of Hertfordshire, offers an excellent learning environment and a direct route for students who are keen to continue higher study. The prestigious University of Hertfordshire's numerous and varied undergraduate offerings are accessible through the college.

Students who decide to enrol at HIC have a clear and trustworthy path to the University of Hertfordshire. After successfully completing their curricula, individuals can relax knowing that they will be admitted to the bachelor's programme of their choice. As a result, students can concentrate on their academic goals without worrying about the stress that is frequently connected to university applications.

Individualised academic support is of utmost importance at HIC. A supportive learning atmosphere can be created by keeping the number of students in each class to a minimum, which enables skilled tutors to provide each student with individualised attention and instruction. To the fullest extent possible and in order to accomplish their academic objectives, students can benefit from this committed guidance. All that HIC does is a reflection of this dedication to assisting students in realising their greatest potential.

The improvement of linguistic abilities is a top priority at HIC. To guarantee that every student gets the resources required for communication and higher-level studies, a variety of programmes are offered. Through these classes, students can improve their communication skills while also developing their language ability. Students who possess good language skills are better able to face the difficulties specific to their field of study and thrive in a world that is becoming more and more interconnected.

HIC is utterly committed to accepting and appreciating all students from various backgrounds and cultures. This dedication reflects the mission of the University of Hertfordshire, which is to promote equality and inclusion through welcoming policies, social networks, and activities that honour other cultures. This commitment to fostering diversity has evolved to a dynamic learning environment that gives HIC students the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly globalised society.

Students at HIC can take advantage of a wealth of contemporary resources and facilities that support studying. Modern technology is used in classrooms, libraries are supplied with resources, and computer laboratories offer high-speed internet access. The campus also boasts a sports village with gyms and fitness centres, giving students a chance to be active while they are studying. Last but not least, performing spaces like theatres and art galleries give students a platform to showcase their artistic abilities among the active university community.

The campus of HIC is located in Hatfield, which is only 25 rail minutes from London. Due to its close proximity to one of Europe's largest cities, students have access to a wide range of cultural, social, and professional opportunities here. Furthermore, this renowned university is conveniently accessible to individuals travelling locally and internationally thanks to great transportation options, including airports, train stations, and highways.

Campus Location:

The Hertfordshire International College is housed at the University of Hertfordshire, which is situated in Hatfield, a bustling town in Hertfordshire. The area around the college's main campus is perfect for allowing students to concentrate on their studies and achieve academic success.

Due to its convenient location, the school is easily accessible by a variety of reliable transportation options. Students can easily get where they're going from local airports, train stations, and highways; this is especially helpful for those who are travelling from abroad. They have confidence that their trip will go smoothly and without incident because there are many travel connections available.

Study Areas:

Students who enrol at Hertfordshire International College have the fantastic opportunity to discover their passions and advance their knowledge in a range of subject areas. This institution offers a wide range of pathway studies in various fields, from developing particular skills to pursuing career ambitions. Such fields include, for instance:

Business and Management:

Students who enrol in business and management programmes have an advantage in the dynamic corporate environment of today. They gain a thorough understanding of subjects like marketing, finance, human resource administration, and entrepreneurship through this kind of schooling.

Computer Science and Information Technology:

There is a rising need for competent experts in the domains of computer science and information technology in today's technologically evolved world. In order to earn a degree in these fields, one must study a wide range of subjects, including networks, computer languages, software engineering, cyber security, data science, and artificial intelligence.


HIC is a hub for numerous engineering fields, including mechanical, electrical, civil, aerospace, and automotive. All these disciplines are offered within their educational programmes.

Health and Social Care:

The aim of the health and social care programmes is to boost contentment and enhance one’s standard of living. Through these courses, students receive training for occupations such as nursing, paramedic science, public health, psychology, social work, and healthcare administration.

Humanities and Social Sciences:

Gaining insight into the complexities of human behaviour, critical social topics, and global cultures can be achieved through study in the humanities and social sciences. Here, students can delve into a range of subjects, including history, sociology, psychology, English literature, politics, and international relations.

Creative Arts and Media:

The creative arts and media programs offer an exceptional opportunity to students who are driven by the desire to express themselves through art. This platform facilitates exploration into various areas such as fine arts, digital media, graphic design, film and television production, animation, journalism, and photography.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Hertfordshire International College is proud to be a place that celebrates diversity and inclusion. It has created an environment where everyone feels respected, regardless of their background or culture. To promote these two concepts, the college implements the following initiatives:

Student Support:

At HIC, the experience of all students is prioritised - from local to international. A wide range of support services are available to provide guidance and assistance so that each student can thrive during their time at the college. This includes specialist academic advice, counselling, as well as integration programmes for those who may be new to the area and culture.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies:

Hertfordshire International College is well known for its energetic campus culture. With many student-led organisations to join, students can find plenty of ways to have fun while exploring their interests and building relationships with their peers. Here's an overview of what HIC has to offer in terms of student life:

Hertfordshire Students' Union (HSU):

At HSU, there's something for everyone interested in student life. A variety of clubs and societies cover a broad spectrum of interests such as sports, culture, academics, performing arts and community service. You're sure to find an organisation that suits your leisure activities!

Social Events:

At HIC, there are many ways for students to get involved outside of the classroom. Through activities like parties, workshops, guest lectures and day trips organised by various student organisations, students can network and make connections while having a great time. These events offer invaluable opportunities to enrich their university experience.

Campus Facilities:

Numerous advantages come with attending Hertfordshire International College, University of Hertfordshire, especially in terms of the cutting-edge resources available. The institution has fitted its campus with a variety of facilities to guarantee that students have access to the best resources for their intellectual and personal development. These consist of:

At HIC, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to recreational activities and cultural engagements. The campus offers a wide range of sporting facilities including a well-equipped sport village, gymnasiums, fitness centres and outdoor fields. There are also venues for performances, art galleries and theatres where students can express themselves culturally and take part in the many events happening around them. For those seeking living accommodation, the university offers on-campus residences which provide a supportive atmosphere as well as off-campus options within close proximity to campus amenities for more independent living.

Alumni Network:

The University of Hertfordshire recognises the importance of its alumni and provides them with various ways to stay connected and positively contribute to the current student body. By participating in the alumni network, graduates can access a range of benefits that support their career development and enable them to keep long-lasting ties with their alma mater. Here's an overview of what being part of UH’s alumni network entails: 

Hertfordshire Alumni Association:

This dedicated organisation serves as a platform for former students to engage with each other, join reunions, have social gatherings, and form strong bonds with their alma mater. 

Networking Opportunities:

The university also provides many networking possibilities where current students can meet successful graduates from diverse backgrounds. 

Alumni Events:

Furthermore, UH organises specific events specifically tailored towards alumni, such as professional development workshops.

Why study at Hertfordshire International College University of Hertfordshire?

Direct Pathway to University of Hertfordshire:

At Hertfordshire International College (HIC), students can begin their academic journey with the assurance of a guaranteed pathway to a bachelor's degree program at the University of Hertfordshire. Upon successful completion of a program at HIC, they can have full confidence that they will have a seamless transition to their desired degree course at the prestigious university. This assurance gives them the opportunity to start their studies in peace and security.

Comprehensive Academic Support:

.HIC provides a wealth of intellectual support to aid students achieve their academic success. Understudies receive the guidance and support they need to excel academically thanks to small class sizes, individualised attention, and dedicated teachers. HIC makes sure that students receive the necessary support to achieve their academic goals, whether it's dissecting ideas, enhancing study habits, or finding more academic resources.

Enhanced English Language Development:

HIC recognises that success in college-level studies is partially dependent on a student’s English language proficiency. For this reason, the college has developed comprehensive English language development programs to ensure students are adequately equipped with the skills necessary for their academic journey. With these specialised language courses, learners can gain greater confidence in their ability to effectively communicate and truly flourish in their chosen field of study.


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