Ontario College Diploma in Mechanical Technician - Industrial Millwright

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  • Annual course fee

    AUD 16,000

  • Duration

    2 Years

  • Intake months


  • Delivery locations

    South Porcupine,Haileybury

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

This Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship program will teach you how to carry out maintenance mechanic functions within an industrial setting, applying your knowledge of diagnosis, repair, maintenance, and installation of industrial equipment to support the industrial environment. Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship programs provide a basis for you to: Develop desirable work attitudes and a keen sense of responsibility, particularly with regard to personal safety Acquire sound theoretical training to meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex work environments Reinforce fundamental skills of the trade through exposure to practical applications Develop high standards of craftsmanship, problem solving skills and personal pride in your trade.

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Northern College, situated in Canada, is a renowned institution that provides career-enhancing education in the beautiful and vast wilderness of Northern Ontario. Northern College offers inclusive education for a wide range of scholars through various campuses and adaptable learning alternatives. This encompasses full-time and part-time courses, online or in-person studies, and diverse program durations. The college is dedicated to supporting students in achieving their goals and preparing them for successful and fulfilling careers in an ever-changing world.

The college offers various study areas, catering to different interests and career aspirations. Students can choose from programs in Business and Office Administration, Community Services, Engineering Technology and Trades, Health Sciences and Emergency Services, Veterinary Sciences, and Welding Engineering Technology. The programs are designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to thrive in their chosen fields.

Northern College takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that enhance the learning experience. The campuses feature modern laboratories, technology-equipped classrooms, and specialised centres, providing students with hands-on training and access to industry-standard resources. This practical approach to education ensures that students are well-prepared for the demands of their future careers.

Apart from achieving academic excellence, Northern College prioritises its students' welfare and overall quality of life. The establishment offers various groups, clubs, and extracurricular activities that permit students to engage with one another, improve their leadership skills, and expand their horizons. The Northern College Student Association (NCSA) plays a crucial part in arranging events and representing the needs of students, guaranteeing a lively and interactive campus environment.

Northern College is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion. The college actively promotes equity and works towards eliminating barriers to education, ensuring equal opportunities for all students. Through cultural awareness initiatives, workshops, and celebrations, Northern College encourages a respectful and inclusive campus environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel valued and supported.

The college also boasts a strong alum network that offers valuable support and networking opportunities. Graduates can benefit from mentorship, professional connections, and collaborative ventures with successful alums from Northern College, enhancing their career prospects and personal growth.

Northern College provides comprehensive support for international students throughout the application process and holds designated learning institution status. By prioritising accessibility and inclusiveness, the institution guarantees that international students are embraced and provided with the essential tools to thrive.

Overall, Northern College is a leading institution in Canada, offering quality education, diverse study areas, inclusive campus life, state-of-the-art facilities, and a robust student support system. The dedication of the college towards the triumph of its students, pertinence to the industry, and promotion of an absorbing learning atmosphere render it a perfect selection for individuals pursuing a gratifying educational journey and a route to a prosperous profession.

Campus Location

Northern College has four strategically located campuses in Northeastern Ontario, each offering unique advantages for students:

Haileybury Campus:

The Haileybury Campus is situated in the historic Haileybury School of Mines building. This century-old campus showcases impressive architectural designs and has expanded over time to include the Veterinary Sciences Centre. Students studying veterinary sciences benefit from state-of-the-art labs equipped with the latest technology, including an underwater treadmill. The Haileybury Campus also offers programs such as Veterinary Technology - Wildlife Rehabilitation, the only one of its kind in Ontario.

Moosonee Campus:

Located in Moosonee, Ontario, the Moosonee Campus serves as a hub for learners in the James Bay area. Access Centres in Moose Factory, Attawapiskat, Fort Albany, and Kashechewan allow students to pursue higher education without leaving their communities. Programs offered at the Moosonee Campus include Trades & Technology, Pre-Health, Early Childhood Education, Business Fundamentals, and Office Administration. The campus provides flexible learning options, combining in-person and distance education.

Kirkland Lake Campus:

Situated on the east side of Kirkland Lake, the Kirkland Lake Campus offers a spacious learning environment. In addition to a variety of programs in Business & Office Administration, Social Service Worker, and Nursing, this campus is home to the Materials and Joining Innovation Center (Majic). Majic conducts welding research projects, providing students with hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge developments in the field.

Timmins Campus:

The Timmins Campus is located on the shores of Porcupine Lake, offering a picturesque setting for education. It features an Integrated Emergency Services Complex, providing practical training opportunities for programs like Pre-Service Firefighter, Police Foundations, Paramedic, and Health Sciences. With a mix of classrooms, student-friendly spaces, and labs, the Timmins Campus caters to a wide range of programs in health, technology, trades, emergency services, and early childhood education.

Study Areas

Northern College offers a diverse range of study areas, ensuring that students can pursue their interests and achieve their career goals. Some prominent study areas include:

Business and Office Administration:

Northern College provides comprehensive programs in business and office administration, equipping students with the skills necessary for successful careers in the business sector. Courses cover areas such as management, marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurship.

Community Services:

Programs in community services prepare students for rewarding careers in social work, counselling, and other roles that contribute to the well-being of communities. Students gain knowledge and skills to support individuals and families, advocate for social justice, and foster positive change.

Engineering Technology and Trades:

Northern College offers programs in engineering technology and skilled trades, providing hands-on training in areas such as welding, instrumentation, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. These programs equip students with the practical skills required for careers in industries that drive technological advancements.

Health Sciences and Emergency Services:

Northern College offers a range of programs in health sciences and emergency services. These programs prepare students for vital roles in healthcare, emergency medical services, and public safety. Students can pursue programs in nursing, paramedicine, pre-service firefighting, and more, benefiting from practical learning experiences and simulation-based training.

Veterinary Sciences:

For those passionate about animal care and veterinary sciences, Northern College offers programs in veterinary technology and wildlife rehabilitation. The Veterinary Sciences Centre at the Haileybury Campus provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for students to gain hands-on experience and knowledge in this specialised field.

Diversity and Inclusion

Northern College is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcomed and valued. The college actively promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion through various initiatives:

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion:

Northern College recognises the importance of equity and actively works to eliminate barriers and provide equal opportunities for all students. The college ensures that its policies, practices, and programs reflect a commitment to inclusivity and fairness.

Cultural Awareness:

The college strives to create a culturally aware campus community. Through workshops, events, and celebrations, Northern College promotes cultural understanding, respect, and appreciation for diversity. Students have the opportunity to engage with different cultures, broaden their perspectives, and develop intercultural competence.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies:

Northern College offers a vibrant and engaging student life through its clubs and societies. Students can participate in various extracurricular activities that align with their interests, providing opportunities for personal growth and social interaction. Some highlights include:

Northern College Student Association (NCSA):

Led by students, the NCSA represents the student body and organises events and activities to enhance the student experience. The association offers leadership development opportunities, advocacy for student needs, and a platform for students to voice their concerns.

Clubs and Societies:

Northern College hosts a wide range of clubs and societies catering to diverse interests. Whether it's joining a sports club, participating in cultural activities, or engaging in community service projects, students have ample opportunities to connect with like-minded peers, develop new skills, and contribute to the campus community.

Campus Facilities

Northern College prides itself on providing state-of-the-art facilities that enhance the learning experience and support student well-being. Some notable campus facilities include:

Modern Labs and Technology:

The college's campuses feature modern laboratories and technology-equipped classrooms, enabling students to engage in hands-on learning experiences. These facilities provide access to industry-standard equipment and resources, ensuring that students receive practical training and develop relevant skills.

Health and Wellness Services:

Northern College recognises the importance of student well-being and provides comprehensive health and wellness services. Students can access mental health advising, counselling services, and fitness facilities to support their physical and mental well-being. The college promotes a holistic approach to student wellness, ensuring a conducive environment for learning and personal growth.

Alumni Network

Northern College boasts an extensive alumni network that offers valuable support and connections for current students and graduates. The alumni network provides opportunities for mentorship, professional networking, and collaboration. Through events, online platforms, and alumni associations, students can tap into the knowledge and experiences of successful Northern College graduates, benefiting from their insights and guidance as they navigate their own career paths.

Why Study at Northern College - Canada?

  • Flexible Learning Options: Northern College offers a range of learning options, including on-site, distance, and hybrid education. This flexibility allows students to balance their studies with personal and professional commitments, making education more accessible.
  • Industry-Relevant Programs: The college's programs are designed to meet the needs of the job market, ensuring that students gain the skills and knowledge required by employers. Northern College maintains strong connections with industry partners, providing students with practical training and valuable internship opportunities.
  • Supportive Learning Environment: Northern College is committed to student success. With small class sizes and dedicated faculty, students receive personalised attention and support throughout their academic journey. The college also provides resources such as academic advising, tutoring services, and career guidance to help students achieve their goals.
  • Engaging Campus Life: Northern College offers a vibrant campus life with various extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies. Students have ample opportunities to engage with their peers, develop leadership skills, and create lasting connections.
  • Diverse and Inclusive Community: Northern College values diversity and fosters an inclusive community where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcomed and supported. The college promotes cultural awareness and equity, ensuring that students feel respected and valued.
  • Strong Alumni Network: The extensive alumni network provides valuable connections, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities. Students and graduates can benefit from the experiences and insights of successful Northern College alumni, enhancing their own career prospects.


Campuses offering this course
Timmins Campus - Northern College - Northern College

4715 Highway 101 East, South Porcupine, Ontario, P0N 1H0

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Timmins is spacious enough that you won’t have to deal with metropolitan problems like traffic jams or line-ups at your favorite hang-out spots. If you crave an environment where you can enjoy the benefits of both small-town living and big-city excitement, you’ll find Timmins a perfect fit.

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Haileybury Campus - Northern College - Northern College

640 Latchford Street, Haileybury, Ontario, P0J 1K0

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Students come from across Ontario to study in the modern Veterinary Sciences Centre at the Haileybury Campus. Get leading-edge training in state-of-the-art labs equipped with the latest technology like our underwater treadmill. Check out programs like the three-year Veterinary Technology – Wildlife Rehabilitation program; the only one of its kind in Ontario! If you dream of living on the shores of a picturesque lake surrounded by miles of countryside in the heart of northern Ontario, you may just belong in Haileybury. The community – part of a collection of communities known as Temiskaming Shores, is located on the edge of beautiful Lake Temiskaming which stretches out over 100 kilometres!

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