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Over the next decade, information and communication technology (ICT), including fifth-generation (5G) mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT), will have a significant bearing on how we go about our daily lives. Our MSc ROBUST focuses on preparing you for industry. It’s designed to take you from your bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering, computer science or mechatronics to a role in advanced engineering and technology. Our dedicated, knowledgeable team will cover the key areas needed to make you stand out to employers. We are now entering an information society, where technology-assisted living permeates our environment. Smart cities, towns and villages throughout the world are embracing technologies for a more connected and sustainable way of life and agri-tech has the potential to make farming more efficient through the use of wireless sensors, satellite earth imagery and drones. Additionally, all-electric autonomous vehicles are set to create a new, environmentally friendly travel experience and factories will make greater use of robotics and IoT to become fully automated, under what is known as Industry 4.0. These are exciting times for the technology sector, with significant opportunities for challenging and rewarding careers throughout the world.

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You must have successfully completed the Bachelor degree (or equivalent overseas qualification) or/with full-time or equivalent, work experience in a relevant industry setting. Meeting the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee entry. Your application will still need to be assessed and accepted. If you dont meet the entry requirements, there may be other programs you are eligible for that can lead you to your preferred program.



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The University of Bolton is a prestigious educational institution known for its commitment to providing high-quality education and fostering a supportive learning environment. Situated in the vibrant town of Bolton in Greater Manchester, England, the university offers a diverse range of academic programs across various study areas, catering to the interests and career aspirations of students.

With a strong emphasis on practical learning and real-world experiences, the University of Bolton equips students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to succeed in their chosen fields. The university takes pride in its dedicated faculty members who are experts in their respective disciplines and bring a wealth of industry experience to the classroom.

The university's study areas encompass a wide range of disciplines, ensuring that students have ample options to pursue their passions and interests. From business and management to engineering and technology, health and social sciences to creative arts and media, education and teaching to sciences and applied sciences, law and criminology to hospitality and tourism, the University of Bolton offers comprehensive programs designed to meet the needs of today's competitive job market.

One of the university's key strengths lies in its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The University of Bolton values the unique perspectives and contributions that individuals from different backgrounds bring to the learning environment. By embracing diversity, the university creates a culturally rich and inclusive community where students feel valued, respected, and supported.

In addition to academic excellence, the University of Bolton places great emphasis on the overall student experience. The university offers a vibrant student life with a wide range of clubs, societies, and extracurricular activities. These student-led organisations provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests, develop leadership skills, and build lifelong friendships. Whether students are passionate about sports, arts, social causes, or academic pursuits, they can find a welcoming community to engage with and explore their passions.

Moreover, the university provides modern and well-equipped facilities to support students' learning and research endeavours. State-of-the-art laboratories, workshops, digital studios, and dedicated spaces cater to the specific requirements of different study areas. The campus also offers extensive library resources, study areas, and computer facilities to facilitate research and academic pursuits.

Upon graduation, students become part of the University of Bolton's esteemed alumni network. The university maintains strong connections with its graduates, offering them access to career services, networking opportunities, and continued professional development support. The alumni network serves as a valuable resource for current students, providing inspiration and mentorship as they navigate their own career paths.

In conclusion, the University of Bolton stands as a leading educational institution dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and enriching academic experience. With its commitment to excellence, diversity, and student support, the university prepares students to thrive in their chosen fields and make meaningful contributions to society.

Campus Location

The University of Bolton is situated in the vibrant town of Bolton, located in Greater Manchester, England. The campus is conveniently positioned in the heart of the town, offering easy access to a range of amenities and transport links. With its central location, students can enjoy the best of both worlds - a lively urban environment with a friendly community feel.

Study Areas

At the University of Bolton, students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of study areas across various disciplines. The university offers programs in Business and Management, Engineering and Technology, Health and Social Sciences, Creative Arts and Media, Education and Teaching, Sciences and Applied Sciences, Law and Criminology, and Hospitality and Tourism.

From business management to nursing, fine arts to computer science, and primary education to forensic science, students can choose from a diverse array of educational pathways that align with their interests and career aspirations. Each study area provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and real-world experiences. The university takes pride in delivering high-quality education that is relevant to the needs of industries and society.

Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Bolton values diversity and inclusion, recognising the importance of fostering an environment that celebrates individual differences and promotes equality. The university embraces students from various backgrounds, cultures, and identities, creating a rich and inclusive learning community.

Through its commitment to diversity, the university strives to ensure that all students feel respected, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential. The inclusive environment encourages open dialogue, multicultural understanding, and collaboration among students and staff. This commitment to diversity and inclusion enhances the educational experience, preparing students to thrive in a globalised world.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

The University of Bolton offers a vibrant and engaging student life with a wide range of clubs and societies. These student-led organisations provide opportunities for students to pursue their passions, connect with like-minded individuals, and enrich their university experience beyond academics.

Whether students are interested in sports, arts, culture, social causes, or academic pursuits, there are numerous clubs and societies to cater to diverse interests. From sports clubs like football and basketball to creative societies like drama and photography, students can find a group that aligns with their hobbies or explore new areas of interest.

Participating in clubs and societies not only allows students to pursue their extracurricular interests but also facilitates personal development, leadership skills, and the formation of lifelong friendships. It's a chance to engage in activities outside the classroom and create memorable experiences that complement their academic journey.

Campus Facilities

The University of Bolton boasts modern and well-equipped facilities to support students' learning, research, and overall university experience. The campus provides state-of-the-art resources and infrastructure designed to meet the needs of various study areas.

Students have access to well-equipped laboratories, workshops, and specialised software in disciplines such as engineering, sciences, and technology. Dedicated studios, digital labs, and exhibition spaces cater to creative arts and media students. The campus also offers libraries, study areas, and computer facilities to facilitate research and academic pursuits.

Additionally, the university provides support services, including student accommodation, student union spaces, cafeterias, and recreational areas, ensuring a comfortable and conducive environment for students to study, socialise, and relax.

Alumni Network

The University of Bolton maintains a strong and extensive alumni network that connects graduates with each other and with the university community. The alumni network serves as a valuable resource for professional development, networking opportunities, and mentorship.

As alumni, former students can benefit from career services, job placement assistance, and access to exclusive events and workshops. The network fosters a sense of community and enables alumni to stay connected to the university, share their experiences, and contribute to the growth and success of future generations of students.

The University of Bolton takes pride in its accomplished alumni, who have made significant contributions in various fields globally. Alumni success stories serve as inspiration and motivation for current students, showcasing the potential and opportunities that await them beyond graduation.

Why Study at the University of Bolton?

- Wide range of study areas: The University of Bolton offers a diverse range of study areas spanning business and management, engineering and technology, health and social sciences, creative arts and media, education and teaching, sciences and applied sciences, law and criminology, and hospitality and tourism. Students can choose from a variety of programs aligned with their interests and career aspirations.

- Practical focus: The university emphasises practical learning, providing students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings. Through internships, industry placements, and hands-on projects, students gain valuable practical experience that enhances their employability and prepares them for their chosen fields.

- State-of-the-art facilities: The campus is equipped with modern facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, workshops, digital labs, editing suites, and exhibition spaces. Students have access to cutting-edge technology and resources that support their academic pursuits and allow them to develop practical skills relevant to their disciplines.

- Inclusive and supportive environment: The University of Bolton prides itself on creating an inclusive and supportive environment for students. The university values diversity and celebrates the contributions of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. Students are provided with comprehensive support services, including academic guidance, counselling, and career development resources.

- Strong alumni network: The university's extensive alumni network offers networking opportunities and mentorship for current students. Alumni who have excelled in various fields provide valuable insights and guidance, helping students shape their career paths and make connections in their desired industries.

- Vibrant student life: The University of Bolton offers a vibrant student life with a range of clubs, societies, and extracurricular activities. Students can engage in sports, performing arts, gaming, volunteering, and more, fostering personal growth, leadership skills, and lifelong friendships.

- Location advantage: The university is located in Bolton, a vibrant town in Greater Manchester. The town offers a friendly and welcoming environment with convenient access to amenities, services, and cultural attractions.

- Practical teaching experience: For students pursuing education and teaching programs, the university provides practical teaching experience through school placements. This hands-on experience enhances their skills and prepares them for successful careers in the education sector.


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Bolton Campus - University of Bolton - University of Bolton

University of Bolton, Deane Road, Bolton. BL3 5AB

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The University of Bolton campus really is at the heart of things. The town centre is easy to reach on foot, and we are only a few minutes’ walks from the main rail and coach stations. We are also less than a 20-minute train journey from Manchester, the biggest city in the north of England and home to international arts and sporting events.

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