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    AUD 31,000

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    1 Year

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    January, may, september

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Unfortunately, students from Australia are not accepted for this course. Please reach out to a counsellor for more information.

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Working in a large, modern, international organisation, a medium sized company or even a small start-up firm requires a range of business capabilities. The most valuable employees are those who combine an understanding of the various parts of a business with the skills of being a quick learner and team player with leadership potential. The MSc Business with Financial Management programme will give students the general business knowledge and understanding as well as the personal skills needed for a wide variety of roles.

This programme is run as part of our Newcastle Business School, part of a select group of business schools worldwide, following accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in business and accounting the first in Europe to gain the double accreditation. Founded in 1916, AACSB International is the longest serving global accrediting body for business schools that offer undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees in business and accounting.

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Northumbria University has firmly established itself as a distinguished research-intensive institution with a rich history and an unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Its global standing as a preferred destination for students seeking a transformative educational journey stems from its world-class programs and influential research endeavours.

The strategic location of Northumbria University in Newcastle, consistently hailed as the UK's finest city for students, further bolsters its appeal. Apart from its primary campus in Newcastle, the university boasts additional campuses in London and Amsterdam, providing students with a diverse array of study environments to choose from, each with its own distinctive flavour.

Rooted in the founding of Rutherford College in 1880, Northumbria University has since evolved into a forward-thinking institution, placing students at the heart of its mission. By prioritising an exceptional student experience and cultivating cutting-edge research, the university has emerged as a trailblazer, continually adapting to meet the ever-evolving needs of society.

The university's prowess in research is widely recognised, securing its position among the top 25 in the UK according to the latest Research Excellence Framework. Notably, Northumbria University's commitment to research not only drives advancements in various disciplines but also fuels economic growth and supports businesses and organisations. Collaborating closely with major employers like Nike, IBM, Nissan, and the BBC, the university ensures the relevance and alignment of its programs with industry demands.

A strong focus on employability permeates Northumbria University, evident in its exceptional graduate outcomes. With an impressive nine out of ten graduates either employed or pursuing further studies within six months of graduation, the university ranks within the top 25 in the UK for the number of graduates entering professional employment. This success can be attributed to the university's extensive network of over 560 employers and 60 professional bodies, which sponsor or accredit its programs, granting students invaluable industry connections and opportunities.

Cultural partnerships serve as catalysts for academic excellence at Northumbria University, fostering an environment where students can hone their skills and collaborate with esteemed academics and internationally acclaimed artists. Collaborations with renowned institutions such as the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and the International Centre for Life enrich the educational experience, nurturing a spirit of innovation and creativity among students.

The global outlook of Northumbria University is evident in its wide-ranging international partnerships and collaborations. By joining forces with prominent universities worldwide, the university provides exceptional learning opportunities for international students and conducts research of international excellence and world-leading stature. Notable alliances include the Northumbria-BINUS Design School in Jakarta and collaborations with Kaplan to offer Northumbria degrees in Singapore. These partnerships contribute to the university's diverse and inclusive community, attracting students from an impressive 137 countries.

Steering Northumbria University's leadership and governance is a distinguished Board of Governors composed of individuals from diverse academic and non-academic backgrounds. Leading the institution is Professor Andy Long, the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, who ensures strategic performance and accountability. Supported by the University Executive and the four academic faculties, Northumbria University's leadership team champions innovation, collaboration, and excellence in teaching and research.

In summary, Northumbria University commands global acclaim as a prestigious institution renowned for its academic excellence and innovative spirit. By offering research-led teaching, forging strong industry connections, and prioritising student success, the university creates a supportive and dynamic environment for students to unlock their full potential. Whether embarking on undergraduate or postgraduate studies, students at Northumbria University are afforded a world-class education and a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Campus Location

Located in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumbria University offers an ideal study environment for international students. Situated in one of the liveliest cities in the UK, the campus is surrounded by a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that provides easy access to the city's rich culture, diverse communities, and numerous opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Newcastle upon Tyne, often referred to as Newcastle, is a city known for its friendly locals, historic architecture, thriving arts scene, and vibrant nightlife. As an international student, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in this bustling city, explore its iconic landmarks such as the Newcastle Castle and Tyne Bridge, and experience the warmth and hospitality of its residents. The city offers a rich blend of history and modernity, creating a unique backdrop for your educational journey.

Study Areas

Northumbria University offers a diverse range of study areas, each providing students with exceptional opportunities for academic growth and professional development. With highly rated courses and accreditation from esteemed professional bodies, the university ensures a high-quality education and a satisfying learning experience.

The Department of Applied Sciences boasts an extensive portfolio of subjects, including biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry, forensic science, and food and nutritional sciences. Students here delve into fascinating fields, conducting research, and gaining practical skills that contribute to advancements in various scientific disciplines.

Operating at the intersection of culture, technology, engineering, and design, the Department of Architecture and Built Environment (ABE) embraces local, regional, and global contexts. It nurtures students' creativity and critical thinking abilities, preparing them to shape the built environment through innovative architectural designs and sustainable solutions.

The Arts department at Northumbria University offers a dynamic and stimulating environment for students to explore various artistic disciplines. From fine art to film, theatre, television, and arts management, students learn from world-renowned experts and develop their artistic vision while honing their practical skills.

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences encompasses cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, digital forensics, cyber security, social computing, and big data. Students gain expertise in emerging technologies and prepare to tackle the challenges of the digital era.

Geography and Environmental Sciences specialise in studying cold environments, social and cultural geographies, environmental geochemistry, and ecology. Through international projects, students gain firsthand experience in diverse geographical settings, contributing to a better understanding of the planet.

The Department of Humanities offers a wide range of subjects, including history, English literature, language and linguistics, creative writing, and American studies. Students engage with rich cultural traditions, literary works, and historical events, honing their critical analysis and communication skills.

Northumbria University's Nursing, Midwifery & Health programs are highly regarded, accredited by professional bodies such as the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) and the Royal College of Nursing. With high rankings in UK league tables, these programs provide students with the knowledge and practical skills required to excel in healthcare professions.

Psychology courses at Northumbria cover various specialisations, including health, occupational, organisational, and sport and exercise psychology. Accredited by the British Psychological Society, these programs equip students with a deep understanding of human behaviour and the skills to make a positive impact on individuals and communities.

The university's Social Sciences department offers courses in criminology, sociology, and international relations and development. Through award-winning research and partnerships, students gain real-world experience and the tools to effect positive social change on a global scale.

Northumbria University's expertise in social work, education, lifelong learning, public health, and community well-being is evident in the Social Work, Education and Community Wellbeing department. Through high-quality professional education and research, students are equipped to make a difference in these crucial fields.

Finally, the Sport, Exercise, and Rehabilitation programs at Northumbria University are highly respected for their teaching and research excellence. With state-of-the-art facilities and innovative curricula, students acquire the skills and knowledge to excel in the sports industry and contribute to advancements in exercise science and rehabilitation.

Across these study areas, Northumbria University provides a nurturing environment, expert faculty, and practical opportunities, empowering students to thrive academically and professionally in their chosen fields.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Northumbria University, diversity and inclusion are at the core of its values. As an international student, you will be welcomed into a multicultural community that celebrates differences and fosters a sense of belonging. The university actively promotes equality, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive academically and socially.

The diverse student body at Northumbria University represents over 136 nationalities, creating a truly global learning environment. Interacting with students from different cultural backgrounds not only broadens your horizons but also enhances your intercultural competence and prepares you to thrive in a globalised world.

The university's commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its support services, which cater to the needs of all students. Whether you require assistance with academic matters, personal well-being, or disability support, Northumbria University has dedicated teams and resources in place to ensure that you have the necessary support to succeed.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

The vibrant student life at Northumbria University is enriched by its wide range of clubs and societies. Led by the dedicated Student Union team, these student-led organisations provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, pursue hobbies, and develop valuable skills outside the classroom.

With over 100 societies to choose from, you can explore your interests and passions, make lifelong friends, and create unforgettable memories. Whether you're interested in sports, arts, culture, social activism, or entrepreneurship, there's a society that caters to your interests. Joining a society allows you to immerse yourself in a supportive community, share experiences, and participate in events and activities that align with your interests.

The university's sports clubs offer an array of opportunities to engage in physical activities, compete in various sports, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. From football and basketball to martial arts and dance, there's a sporting activity for everyone. Participating in sports not only promotes physical well-being but also fosters teamwork, discipline, and a competitive spirit.

Campus Facilities

Northumbria University is dedicated to providing exceptional facilities that enhance the student experience and support your academic journey. The campus is equipped with modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and a wide range of resources to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed.

The University Library is one of the best academic libraries in the UK, housing an extensive collection of print books, e-books, and e-journals. With access to a vast array of resources, you can conduct in-depth research, expand your knowledge, and excel in your studies. Additionally, the library offers quiet study spaces, digital hubs, and collaborative areas where you can work on group projects or connect with fellow students.

To cater to your dining needs, the campus provides a variety of catering and retail outlets that offer a range of hot and cold food options. Whether you're looking for a quick bite between classes or a place to socialise over a meal, these outlets provide convenient and delicious options to satisfy your cravings.

Northumbria University is committed to creating a safe and inclusive campus environment. In line with government guidelines, the university continually updates its safety measures to ensure the well-being of its students. Outdoor seating areas have been expanded to facilitate safe socialising, and comprehensive support services are available to address any concerns related to safety or well-being.

Alumni Network

Becoming part of Northumbria University's Alumni Association opens up a world of opportunities even after you graduate. With over 227,000 graduates spread across 176 countries, the alumni network provides a global platform for networking, career development, and mentorship.

As a member of the alumni network, you can benefit from careers advice and mentoring programs that help you navigate the professional landscape and make informed decisions about your career path. The network also offers opportunities to inspire the next generation of students, whether through sharing your experiences, providing guest lectures, or engaging in community initiatives.

Staying connected with Northumbria University through the alumni network allows you to tap into a vast pool of resources, connect with industry professionals, and explore potential collaborations. The network serves as a testament to the university's commitment to producing business-ready graduates who are making a real impact on the world.

Why Study at the Northumbria University - QA Higher Education?

  • Inclusive and Diverse Community: Northumbria University prides itself on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds. Whether you're the first in your family to attend university, new to the UK, or a mature student, Northumbria celebrates diversity and embraces students from around the world.
  • Unlocking Potential: At Northumbria, it's not about where you come from but where you want to go. The university is dedicated to unlocking the potential of its students, empowering them to achieve their goals and aspirations. With a focus on personal and academic growth, Northumbria provides a supportive community that nurtures individual talents and ambitions.
  • Acclaimed University of the Year: Northumbria University was honoured with the prestigious title of UK University of the Year. This recognition highlights the institution's commitment to excellence in education, research, and student support. Choosing Northumbria means joining a university that is recognised for its outstanding contributions to academia.
  • Research Excellence: With over 80% of its research rated as internationally excellent or world-leading, Northumbria University is a hub of innovative thinking and groundbreaking discoveries. As one of the UK's fastest-rising institutions in research power, students have the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research and contribute to addressing tomorrow's challenges.
  • Real-World Experience: Northumbria's distinctive approach to learning integrates research-enriched teaching with real-world experience. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, the university equips graduates with the skills and experiences sought after by employers. Students have access to a range of opportunities, such as industry placements, internships, and projects, to enhance their employability and succeed in their chosen fields.
  • Regional Impact: Northumbria University plays a pivotal role in powering the North East region of the UK. Through education, training, research, and consultancy, the university contributes to the growth and development of the local community. By choosing Northumbria, students become part of a university that actively engages with the region and makes a positive difference.
  • Inspiring Student and Staff Experiences: Hear firsthand from Northumbria students and staff about their experiences and successes. Discover stories of students overcoming challenges, pursuing their passions, and achieving their goals. Gain insight into the supportive and collaborative environment that Northumbria offers, fostering personal and academic growth.
  • Career Opportunities: Northumbria University's focus on enhancing employability ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the job market. Through close partnerships with industry-leading companies and professional bodies, students gain access to networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and valuable industry insights. By studying at Northumbria, students position themselves for success and open doors to exciting career prospects.
  • Commitment to the Region: Northumbria University is deeply committed to its region and actively contributes to its development. Through various initiatives, partnerships, and community engagement programs, the university demonstrates its dedication to making a positive impact in the North East. Students at Northumbria have the opportunity to be part of this commitment and contribute to the region’s growth.


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    QS rank

    701 - 750

Campus offering this course
London Campus - Northumbria University - QA Higher Education - Northumbria University - QA Higher Education

10- 114 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7HT

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Northumbria University’s London Campus is located within a student hub in the heart of the City of London. The campus itself is a small, friendly place to study and relax. Students are able to catch up on coursework in a quiet environment using the workstations that are provided. The student area also has breakout spaces for students between lectures. Getting to the campus is made easy with the close proximity of Liverpool Street train station, offering both train services to East London and beyond, and the tube with the choice of routes in to East London or the West End. A short walk from the Campus, students can find Spitalfields and Petticoat Markets, often a hive of activity with food from across the world to try or hand crafted items.

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