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    3 Semesters

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    January, august

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

Anthropology, MA students learn the history of critical inquiry in the discipline of anthropology and how to approach and develop a topic of research. Students are trained in fieldwork and ethnographic methods appropriate for their goals and are guided through the research and writing methods central to completion of a thesis or project. In the process, students learn about the ethics of conducting research. Students may focus on cultural anthropology or bioarcheology. The program prepares students for careers in government, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, museums, and numerous other fields, or to pursue a doctorate in the field.

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August, 2024

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  • 3 Semesters duration

Denver Campus

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You must have successfully completed a United States Bachelors degree (or equivalent overseas qualification) or/with full-time or equivalent work experience in a relevant industry setting. Meeting the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee entry. Your application will still need to be assessed and accepted. If you dont meet the entry requirements, there may be other programs you are eligible for that can lead you to your preferred program.


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George Mason University - INTO USA stands as an esteemed institution, revered for its ability to provide international students with a truly unique and enriching educational experience within the United States. It prides itself on cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment that empowers students to embark upon a journey of academic discovery, propelling them towards successful careers.

Nestled on the Fairfax Campus of George Mason University, located in the vibrant and diverse suburb of Fairfax, Virginia, George Mason University - INTO USA revels in its prime location, offering students a gateway to a myriad of cultural, professional, and networking opportunities. This strategic positioning endows students with unparalleled access to the dynamic Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, a landscape brimming with possibilities waiting to be explored.

At George Mason University - INTO USA, the hallmark of excellence lies in its comprehensive range of academic and English language programs, ingeniously crafted through its INTO USA pathway. These programs serve as catalysts for international students, enabling them to enhance their linguistic prowess while simultaneously preparing them for triumphant university studies. It is within this cocoon of comprehensive support and abundant resources that students undergo a seamless transition, paving the way for a truly rewarding and transformative academic odyssey.

Within the hallowed halls of George Mason University - INTO USA, students are invited to traverse a veritable tapestry of study areas spanning an eclectic array of disciplines. The university's extensive repertoire encompasses undergraduate and graduate programs that encompass the realms of business, engineering, computer science, health sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, and so much more. Led by an assembly of esteemed faculty members, who themselves are paragons of excellence in their respective fields, students are granted unparalleled opportunities to glean invaluable insights and experiences that will undoubtedly pave their path to success within their chosen careers.

Intrinsic to the very essence of George Mason University - INTO USA is the celebration of diversity and the cultivation of an all-encompassing spirit of inclusivity. The university unwaveringly commits itself to nurturing a community that embraces individuals from all walks of life, transcending the barriers imposed by culture, background, or heritage. Spearheaded by the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education, the university spearheads a myriad of initiatives, programs, and organisations designed to honour diversity and champion inclusivity. By wholeheartedly valuing the multifaceted contributions and perspectives of individuals hailing from a kaleidoscope of cultures, ethnicities, races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities, the university constructs an invigorating and captivating educational milieu, one in which students can engage with and learn from a vast tapestry of diverse perspectives.

Beyond the realms of academia, George Mason University - INTO USA unearths a cornucopia of vibrant student life, where an exquisite tapestry of clubs and societies beckon students to immerse themselves in a tapestry of personal growth and leadership development. Here, students can traverse the realms of academic, cultural, recreational, and special interest clubs, all of which serve as conduits for the exploration of passions and the forging of lifelong connections. The tireless efforts of these clubs and societies are brought to life through a myriad of events, workshops, and activities that unfold throughout the academic year, enabling students to expand their social networks, engage in meaningful community service, and elevate their university experience to unprecedented heights.

In its ceaseless pursuit of excellence, George Mason University - INTO USA is equipped with an array of state-of-the-art campus facilities, each meticulously designed to cater to students' academic, recreational, and personal needs. Behold the splendour of classrooms that brim with cutting-edge technology, laboratories that reverberate with innovation, and research facilities that serve as crucibles for intellectual discovery. Additionally, the university's libraries stand as repositories of knowledge, offering extensive collections of

 Books, scholarly journals, and digital resources, enabling students to delve deep into the realms of research and study. As the day winds down, a cornucopia of dining options, fitness and recreational facilities, and inviting spaces for relaxation and socialisation serve as the perfect antidote to the rigours of academic life, ensuring that students leave no stone unturned in their quest for a truly holistic university experience.

One of the crowning glories of George Mason University - INTO USA lies in its robust and active alumni network, a testament to the university's ability to nurture excellence that transcends generations. The university takes tremendous pride in the accomplishments of its illustrious alumni, individuals who have etched their mark across a vast array of industries and professions. Through the establishment of a flourishing alumni network, the university ensures that the invaluable resources and networking opportunities provided extend to both current students and recent graduates alike. Mentoring programs, career guidance, job postings, and a plethora of alumni events converge to create a symbiotic ecosystem, one that propels students towards personal and professional growth while facilitating connections that hold the power to redefine their careers.

In the realm of international education, George Mason University - INTO USA stands as a veritable pioneer, poised to offer international students a truly transformative educational experience. With its unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, comprehensive academic programs that span a diverse range of disciplines, a vibrant student life that promises unparalleled personal growth, world-class campus facilities that cater to every need, and a robust alumni network that serves as an eternal beacon of inspiration, the university stands unwavering in its mission to empower students to soar to unprecedented heights, their academic and professional aspirations forever within reach.

Campus Location

George Mason University - INTO USA is located on the Fairfax Campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Situated in a vibrant and diverse suburb of Washington, D.C., the campus offers a prime location for students to experience the best of both worlds: a serene and spacious environment conducive to learning, combined with easy access to the cultural and professional opportunities available in the nation's capital.

The Fairfax Campus spans over 650 acres of land, providing ample space for students to study, live, and engage in campus activities. The campus boasts beautiful green spaces, tree-lined pathways, and modern architectural structures, creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Additionally, the campus's proximity to major transportation hubs, including airports, train stations, and highways, ensures convenient connectivity for students. This allows them to explore the surrounding areas, including the diverse neighbourhoods, historic sites, museums, and entertainment venues in Washington, D.C.

Study Areas

At George Mason University - INTO USA, students have the opportunity to pursue their academic interests across a wide range of study areas. The university offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs designed to prepare students for successful careers and make meaningful contributions to their respective fields.

In the area of Business and Economics, students can choose from programs such as business administration, accounting, finance, marketing, and economics. These programs provide a comprehensive understanding of business principles, equipping students with critical thinking skills and the knowledge needed to excel in various corporate settings.

For those interested in Engineering and Computer Science, George Mason University offers programs in computer science, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. These programs emphasise innovative technologies, hands-on projects, and collaboration with faculty members on cutting-edge research initiatives.

The Health Sciences programs at the university encompass disciplines such as nursing, health administration, public health, and health informatics. Students in these programs gain a deep understanding of healthcare systems, patient care, health policy, and data analysis, preparing them for impactful careers in the healthcare industry.

George Mason University also provides a wide range of programs in the Social Sciences and Humanities, including psychology, sociology, political science, history, literature, and philosophy. These programs foster critical thinking, research skills, and effective communication, empowering students to contribute to education, research, social services, government, and non-profit organisations.

Lastly, the university offers programs in Arts and Creative Expressions, such as fine arts, visual arts, music, theatre, and film and video studies. These programs nurture students' artistic talents, encourage the exploration of diverse mediums, and provide opportunities to showcase their work through exhibitions, performances, and collaborations with local arts communities.

Diversity and Inclusion

George Mason University - INTO USA is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community, welcoming students from all backgrounds and cultures. The university values and celebrates diversity as an essential component of a comprehensive education.

The university's commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in various initiatives, programs, and organisations on campus. The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education plays a crucial role in promoting diversity-related initiatives, supporting underrepresented communities, and fostering dialogue and understanding among students, faculty, and staff.

George Mason University embraces individuals from different cultures, ethnicities, races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities. This commitment to inclusivity creates a vibrant and enriching educational environment that encourages dialogue, respect, and collaboration.

The university strives to provide equal opportunities for all students, ensuring that they feel supported, respected, and empowered to succeed academically and personally. Through its diverse and inclusive community, George Mason University aims to prepare students to thrive in a globalised world, appreciating different perspectives and engaging in meaningful intercultural experiences.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Student life at George Mason University - INTO USA is vibrant and engaging, with a wide range of clubs and societies available for students to explore their interests, make connections, and develop valuable skills. The university recognises the importance of extracurricular involvement in fostering personal growth, leadership development, and a sense of belonging.

The university's official website provides a comprehensive list of registered student organisations, including academic, cultural, recreational, and special interest clubs. Students have the opportunity to join clubs related to their fields of study or explore new interests outside of their academic pursuits.

From academic clubs like the International Relations Club and the Business and Economics Society to cultural organisations such as the Asian Student Association and the Latinx Student Alliance, students can find communities that celebrate their identities and promote cultural exchange.

For those interested in recreational activities, clubs like the Outdoor Adventure Club and the Dance Club provide opportunities to explore the great outdoors or express creativity through dance. Special interest clubs, such as the Photography Club and the Gaming Club, cater to specific hobbies and passions, allowing students to connect with like-minded individuals.

These clubs and societies often organise a variety of events, workshops, and activities throughout the year. Students can engage in community service initiatives, attend guest speaker presentations, participate in competitions, or simply socialise with fellow club members. These experiences contribute to a well-rounded university experience and help students develop leadership, teamwork, and organisational skills that will benefit them beyond their time at the university.

Campus Facilities

George Mason University - INTO USA boasts an array of cutting-edge campus facilities meticulously tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of its students, nurturing their academic pursuits, recreational endeavours, and personal growth. This esteemed institution staunchly upholds its commitment to cultivating an optimal environment for learning, facilitating students' access to an array of resources that intricately enrich their educational odyssey.

Enveloping the campus are sleek, contemporary classrooms and lecture halls replete with state-of-the-art technological marvels, imbuing the educational landscape with an interactive dynamism. These hallowed halls of knowledge, accompanied by laboratories and research havens, equip students with the indispensable tools and cutting-edge equipment essential for immersive experimentation and captivating, hands-on educational escapades.

Behold the vast expanse of George Mason University's resplendent libraries, teeming with a veritable cornucopia of erudition. Here, an extensive collection of meticulously curated books, scholarly journals, and digital treasures reside, serving as a bastion of intellectual exploration and a sanctuary for the scholarly mind. These knowledge reservoirs offer sacred sanctums, both in solitude and collaboration, enabling students to immerse themselves in the pursuit of scholarly excellence.

The culinary landscape on this illustrious campus knows no bounds, catering to the discerning palates and diverse dietary inclinations of its vibrant student body. An array of gastronomic delights, ranging from bustling cafeterias to refined restaurants and cosy coffee emporiums, tantalise taste buds with an eclectic fusion of cuisines and an expansive repertoire of delectable options. The quest for convenient and gratifying dining experiences is met with unwavering zeal.

Championing the holistic well-being and physical vitality of its cherished students, George Mason University boasts fitness centres adorned with cutting-edge apparatus, verdant sports fields, and sprawling recreational havens. These veritable oases of athleticism and rejuvenation provide abundant avenues for energetic endeavours, empowering students to partake in solitary workouts, join spirited intramural sports teams, or immerse themselves in captivating group exercise classes.

Beyond its scholarly and athletic prowess, this haven of education dedicates ample spaces for unwinding and forging connections. Vibrant common areas, inviting lounges, and enchanting outdoor seating nooks conspire to foster serendipitous encounters, sparking camaraderie and nurturing a thriving sense of community among the diverse tapestry of students.

George Mason University - INTO USA, with its architectural marvels and a tapestry of educational opulence, stands resolute in its unwavering mission to provide an enchanting haven for knowledge seekers, an abode where perplexity dances in harmony with burstiness, paving the way for transformative educational journeys and forging indelible memories.

Alumni Network

George Mason University - INTO USA takes immense pride in its resolute commitment to nurturing an indomitable network of illustrious alumni whose influence reverberates across a myriad of industries and professions. With unwavering conviction, the university wholeheartedly acknowledges the indispensability of forging unwavering bonds with these distinguished alumni, fervently providing an arsenal of resources and opportunities that transmute their profound expertise and invaluable experiences into invaluable catalysts for the growth and prosperity of current students and recent graduates.

Journey into the hallowed confines of the university's official website, where the virtuosic accomplishments and resplendent contributions of these luminous alumni shine resplendently, enkindling the hearts and minds of present-day scholars. Here, the alumni network manifests as a veritable pantheon of wisdom, bestowing upon eager minds an assortment of treasured resources, ranging from transformative mentoring programs and sagacious career counsel to exclusive job postings designed solely for the benefit of those adorned with the prestigious mantle of the university's graduates.

Eloquently etched into the fabric of George Mason University's ethos is the unwavering dedication of numerous alumni, who, through their unwavering philanthropic endeavours, generous scholarships, and selfless volunteering, engender a formidable tapestry of support, interlacing the university's vibrant community with unbreakable bonds of camaraderie. Through their unwavering contributions, they fortify the bridge of opportunities, ensuring that forthcoming generations of aspiring scholars can traverse the same corridors of prosperity.

Spearheaded by a symphony of networking events and euphoric alumni reunions, the university orchestrates sublime occasions for the spirited mingling of current students and recent graduates, harmoniously converging with alumni entrenched within their respective domains. Within these kaleidoscopic gatherings lies the potential for transformative professional connections, sacrosanct mentorship collaborations, and lifelong alliances, all of which serve as indispensable stepping stones toward the hallowed pinnacle of future career triumphs.

Sailing forth into the vast expanse of professional horizons, graduates of George Mason University - INTO USA possess a sacred talisman bestowed upon them by the myriad threads of the alumni network. This veritable tapestry of intertwined connections and resolute relationships, meticulously woven throughout their academic sojourn, unlocks portals to coveted internships, career opportunities aplenty, and rare glimpses into the inner workings of diverse industries. Within this harmonious interplay resides the bedrock upon which their professional odysseys shall firmly rest.

Unyieldingly cognizant of the profound resonance forged by an engaged and compassionate alumni network, the university remains steadfast in nurturing the perpetual interplay between present-day scholars, recent graduates, and the venerable pillars of accomplished alumni. With unwavering resolve, the university celebrates the indelible tapestry of connectedness, perpetually bolstering the symbiotic bonds that pave the way for infinite opportunities and enduring triumphs.

Why Study at George Mason University - INTO USA?

Supportive and Inclusive Environment: George Mason University - INTO USA offers a supportive and inclusive environment for international students to pursue their academic goals in the United States. Students receive comprehensive support throughout their academic journey, ensuring a smooth transition and a successful university experience.

Comprehensive Programs: INTO USA provides a comprehensive range of academic and English language programs to help international students improve their language skills and prepare for successful university studies. These programs are designed to enhance students' academic abilities, cultural understanding, and global perspectives.

World-Class Facilities and Resources: Students at INTO USA have access to the university's world-class facilities, resources, and faculty, allowing them to receive a high-quality education and gain valuable knowledge and skills. The campus provides state-of-the-art classrooms, research facilities, libraries, and technology resources to support student's academic pursuits.

Vibrant Campus Location: George Mason University - INTO USA is located on the Fairfax Campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, which is a vibrant and diverse suburb of Washington, D.C. Students have the opportunity to live and study in a dynamic environment, with access to cultural, professional, and networking opportunities in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Academic Excellence: The university offers a wide range of study areas across various disciplines, providing students with numerous options to pursue their academic interests and career aspirations. Students have the opportunity to work closely with renowned faculty members who are experts in their respective fields, allowing them to gain valuable insights and experiences in their chosen areas of study.

Diversity and Inclusion: George Mason University - INTO USA is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community, welcoming students from all backgrounds and cultures. The university celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity through various initiatives, programs, and organisations, creating a vibrant and enriching educational environment. Students have the opportunity to learn from and engage with individuals from different cultures, ethnicities, races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities, expanding their global perspectives and understanding.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of George Mason University - INTO USA benefit from the university's strong reputation and extensive network of alumni. The university's alumni network spans across various industries and professions, providing valuable connections, mentorship opportunities, and career advice. The university's career services support students in their job search and career development, equipping them with the skills and resources necessary for success in the competitive job market.


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Denver Campus - George Mason University - INTO USA - George Mason University - INTO USA

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Located in Arlington, Virginia, Mason Square (formerly Arlington Campus) is a hub of education, research, and business development featuring Fuse, a technology-forward building that will house Mason’s Institute for Digital Innovation, helping drive research and development partnerships.

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