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  • Annual course fee

    AUD 24,000

  • Duration

    2 Years

  • Intake months

    January, april, september

  • Delivery locations

    New York

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Unfortunately, students from Australia are not accepted for this course. Please reach out to a counsellor for more information.

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The program builds upon a strong base of business knowledge with specific courses in marketing that prepare students for managerial positions within the marketing and public relations industry.Monroes MBA program is geared toward working adults, with a unique three-semester academic calendar that allows students to study year-round and graduate in as few as 4 semesters. To accommodate work and family, the program can be completed in a variety of convenient ways online, on-ground, or through a blended schedule.Monroes online MBA program is designed so that students can earn an MBA while continuing to work full-time. On-ground classes can be taken at any of our three locations in the Bronx, New Rochelle, or Flushing, Queens. A blended schedule allows students to take classes on-ground and online, offering both the convenience of an online MBA program and the traditional feel of a face-to-face learning environment.

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    Private College - Higher Education

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Founded in 1933, the nationally-renowned institution of higher learning known as 'Monroe College' sets an esteemed standard when it comes to educational opportunities. Offering a transformational learning experience, this college has opened many doors to a wide array of prospects and achievements that will last well into the future.

Enter the welcoming grounds of Monroe College, where a variety of students come together in pursuit of their aspirations. It's an experience that could be likened to a mosaic, with each individual making up part of the grand picture. At this college, you can expect to find an inclusive and supportive environment that embraces differences and values unity.

Monroe College holds that education can be a powerful force in sparking far-reaching change, not just for the individual but for the whole community. They strive to support initiatives that protect students and aid them on their path of personal development. For this university, learning is much more than completing qualifications; it's an opportunity to make an impact.

The Bronx Campus provides an invigorating and commuter-convenient environment that is home to a wealth of undergraduate programmes and the renowned King Graduate School. Here, students have ample opportunities to engage in intellectual pursuits and professional development. It's a setting perfect for immersing oneself in a world of knowledge and exploration.

Nestled in a vibrant suburban downtown, New Rochelle Campus is similar to a garden that provides a haven for residential students. This institute of higher learning has earned its reputation as an excellent culinary school where dreams are realised, and creativity flourishes. It's here that students explore their passions and refine their talents at the Culinary Institute of New York.

The St. Lucia Campus is a beacon of opportunity, located just a short distance away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city of Castries. It serves as an educational refuge for students both from St. Lucia itself and across the Caribbean region. At this campus, dreams can take off like rockets; it equips its pupils with the capability to impact their local communities profoundly.

The courses offered at this university provide a variety of routes leading to numerous objectives. This university has designed a plan that is precisely tailored to every aspiration, whether students are passionate about accounting, business, criminal justice, culinary arts, education, health care, hospitality management, or nursing. The curriculum teaches practical knowledge and hones the skills required to excel in both regional and global arenas by drawing on industry insights and expertise.

At Monroe College, they appreciate the value of connection and the strength of community. They provide a variety of clubs and societies so that you can discover your tribe and learn about common interests. These groups encourage leadership, personal development, and a sense of community. They are like seeds that sprout into something remarkable.

The campus amenities function as open-ended laboratories where theory and practice are combined. They offer the ideal setting for experiential learning because they are furnished with cutting-edge materials and technology. Students can engage in real-world activities here and learn the relevant practical skills for their future employment.

Its alumni network spans the world like a tapestry of success tales. The Monroe Alumni Association, which has over 45,000 alumni worldwide, is a strong tool for assisting graduates in their ambitions, both personally and professionally. It's an enduring bond that demonstrates the value of a Monroe College education.

Campus Location

With its numerous campuses, Monroe College is pleased to provide students with a range of educational options:

Bronx Campus:

The Bronx Campus, which houses the esteemed King Graduate School and offers a variety of undergraduate programmes, offers a lively and commuter-friendly environment.

New Rochelle Campus:

The New Rochelle Campus in the Bronx offers a living environment amid a bustling suburban downtown. The renowned Culinary Institute of New York, where students can learn about the culinary arts, is located there.

St. Lucia Campus:

Students from St. Lucia and other Caribbean nations attend classes at the St. Lucia Campus. It offers a fantastic opportunity for students in the Caribbean region and is located only a short distance from the vibrant capital city of Castries.

Study Areas

To assist students in achieving their career objectives, Monroe College provides a wide variety of study areas or programmes:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Legal Justice
  • Cooking Arts
  • Education
  • Medical Care
  • Accommodations Management
  • Technology Information
  • Nursing

The curriculum is industry-driven, ensuring that their degrees are adapted to domestic and global market demands and giving students the success-oriented skills they require.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Monroe College, diversity and inclusivity are cherished ideals. The school acknowledges that while there are differences among its kids, those similarities exceed those differences by a wide margin. International students are welcomed into the Monroe College community, and their experiences, cultures, and values are recognised. By fostering an open environment that encourages growth and understanding, Monroe College believes that students can all learn from one another.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Numerous organisations and organisations are available at Monroe College, where students can meet other like-minded individuals, pursue their interests, and give back to the neighbourhood. Several prominent clubs and organisations are:

Allied Health Club: Engaging in health education and promotion programmes to improve the well-being of both students and the community

Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA): Accessing professional development opportunities and building a strong network of professionals from diverse backgrounds

Culinary Arts Club: Showcasing culinary talents and contributing to community events while gaining valuable experience in the hospitality industry

ABC Education Club: Making a Difference in the Local Community and Abroad by Promoting Educational Access for Children Through Innovative Projects

Otaku Gaming Anime (MOGA): Honing creative skills in application design, 3D animation, coding, and Adobe software

Monroe Scribes: Unleashing writing talents and exploring various forms of creative expression, from novels to poetry and songs

Caribbean Student Association: Raising awareness about the rich cultural diversity of the Caribbean community at Monroe College while expanding knowledge

Career Ambassadors Club: Focusing on enhancing career readiness through professional development opportunities, networking, and workshops

Campus Facilities

Modern facilities at Monroe College give students access to hands-on training and practical learning opportunities. The campuses are furnished with cutting-edge tools that let students use what they have learned in the classroom. Monroe College works to build an atmosphere that supports academic performance and equips students for their future employment, from cutting-edge technology to specific training areas.

Alumni Network

Opening doors to ongoing achievement on the personal and professional fronts is membership in the Monroe College Alumni Association. With more than 45,000 alumni globally, the association offers graduates a helpful network. Members are updated on news, activities, and employment possibilities related to their respective colleges. Alumni can advance their careers and form important contacts within their sectors through networking and collaboration.

Why Study at Monroe College?

Making the decision to attend Monroe College for your further education has several benefits. Here are some explanations as to why students ought to think about attending Monroe College:

Accessibility and affordability: Monroe College is well-known for being both accessible and affordable, and it has a strong commitment to assisting students in completing their educational goals.

Industry-Driven Curriculum: Monroe College's curricula are created to be in line with the demands of both national and international industries, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for success in the workplace.

Experienced Faculty: Monroe College takes pride in having knowledgeable, dedicated instructors that bring their expertise to the classroom and mentor students.

Supportive Community: Monroe College promotes a friendly, open atmosphere where students can form ties with the instructors, staff, and other students.

Real-World Learning: Monroe College provides hands-on experiences that close the knowledge gap between the classroom and professional practices through internships and relationships with regional businesses.

Effective Results: Monroe College is committed to delivering strong outcomes for its students, with continuous improvement at the heart of its mission.


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Bronx Campus - Monroe College - Monroe College

2501 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY 10468

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Monroe College’s Bronx campus offers the ultimate urban experience. A fixture since 1967 of the lively Fordham section of the Bronx, this commuter campus is only a 30-minute subway ride from midtown Manhattans world-class culture, entertainment, and business opportunities.

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