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    AUD 39,000

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    2 Years

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    2 Years

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

DMU has a 30-year history of delivering social work education at undergraduate level. This course, recently approved by the Health and Care Professions Council, uses this experience to offer social work qualification at postgraduate level with successful completion providing eligibility to apply for registration with the HCPC. The course is vocational and up to half of it is spent on placement in social work settings. The course aims to produce capable and competent students ready to enter the profession and make a difference to service users’ lives. The qualification is generic so you will be able to work across a range of adult and childcare settings in both the statutory and voluntary sector. We have strong links with placement providers which produce high quality placements supervised by practice educators. Placements are normally within the Leicester City or Leicestershire geographical area and are full-time work-based learning commitments.

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You must have successfully completed an United Kingdom Bachelor degree (or equivalent overseas qualification) or/with full-time or equivalent, work experience in a relevant industry setting .Meeting the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee entry. Your application will still need to be assessed and accepted. If you dont meet the entry requirements, there may be other programs you are eligible for that can lead you to your preferred program.


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Welcome to a place where knowledge becomes a catalyst for transformation, where minds are ignited, and ambitions take flight. Step into a world of endless possibilities at the University of Bradford, a vibrant academic haven nestled amidst the tapestry of life. Here, academia intertwines with a rich tapestry of experiences, nurturing the seeds of curiosity and shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

Imagine a spectrum of study areas that stretch across the horizon, each one a gateway to new realms of understanding. From the intricate threads of engineering that weave the modern world together to the captivating mysteries of life sciences that unlock the secrets of existence, the faculty encompasses a kaleidoscope of subjects. Embark on a journey through the realms of business management, computer science, pharmacy, psychology, and many more, guided by distinguished mentors who breathe life into knowledge.

Diversity and inclusion bloom within this vibrant ecosystem, akin to a garden of vibrant flowers. As students from all corners of the globe converge on the campus, cultures intertwine like roots, forming a tapestry that celebrates the beauty of difference. Picture a place where boundaries dissolve, and the mosaic of human experiences paints a rich and vibrant landscape. Together, a nurturing environment is cultivated where unique perspectives flourish, fostering a tapestry of ideas that enriches the academic fabric.

Peer into the kaleidoscope of student life, where learning extends far beyond the walls of lecture halls. Like stars illuminating the night sky, clubs and societies twinkle with diverse interests and passions. Whether one's heart dances to the rhythm of sports, arts, entrepreneurship, or community service, a constellation of like-minded souls awaits, ready to embark on adventures alongside. Explore uncharted territories, ignite the imagination, and unearth the hidden gems within.

The campus, a symphony of modernity and functionality, serves as a sanctuary for intellectual exploration. Immerse in libraries where knowledge flows like a river, waiting to be explored. Traverse the halls of innovation and discovery, where cutting-edge laboratories unveil the secrets of the universe. Nourish body and mind at campus eateries, where conversations intertwine like vines, fostering connections that span lifetimes. Step outside and embrace the tranquillity of open spaces, where nature's embrace whispers stories of serenity.

As one embarks on a journey, remember that they are not alone. Join a prestigious lineage of alumni, a constellation of stars whose paths have been illuminated by their time at the University of Bradford. They soar across the skies of success, casting their brilliance upon the world. Draw inspiration from their stories, tap into their wisdom, and let their footsteps guide them along the path of greatness.

Why study here? Allow oneself to be captivated by the allure of hands-on learning experiences that bridge the realms of theory and practice. Immerse in a community that weaves a tapestry of diversity and inclusion, celebrating the unique threads that each individual brings. Choose from a constellation of study areas guided by passionate mentors who ignite the spark of curiosity within. Engage in a tapestry of clubs and societies where passions intermingle, and dreams find their wings. Embrace the embrace of campus facilities designed to nurture intellectual growth and well-being. Connect with the constellation of alumni, and let their radiance illuminate the path.

At the University of Bradford, a transformative journey of self-discovery and intellectual awakening awaits. Unravel the mysteries of the universe, forge lifelong friendships, and paint one's own masterpiece on the canvas of life. Dare to dream, explore uncharted territories, and let brilliance shine upon the world. The University of Bradford beckons, ready to become the backdrop of an extraordinary journey.

Campus Location

The University of Bradford is nestled in the vibrant city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Situated in the heart of the city, the campus offers the perfect blend of a lively urban environment and a peaceful learning atmosphere.

Bradford is a city with a varied cultural background renowned for its opulent past, flourishing artistic community, and amiable inhabitants. With its convenient location, the campus provides easy access to various amenities, including shops, restaurants, cultural attractions, and recreational spaces. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local community and experience vibrant city life while enjoying the benefits of a close-knit university campus.

Furthermore, the city's strategic location offers excellent transportation links, making it easily accessible from major cities in the UK. The well-connected public transportation system ensures that students can explore the surrounding areas and travel to other parts of the country with ease.

The University of Bradford's campus location provides the perfect balance between a dynamic city environment and a nurturing educational setting, offering students a unique and enriching experience throughout their academic journey.

Study Areas

The University of Bradford offers a wide range of study areas across its faculties, providing international students with a diverse range of academic programs to pursue. Here are some of the subjects and their descriptions offered within each faculty:

Faculty of Engineering and Informatics

  • Civil Engineering: Explore the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure, from bridges to skyscrapers, and gain the skills to address real-world engineering challenges.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Learn about the principles of mechanical systems, from engines to robotics, and develop expertise in designing innovative and efficient machinery.
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering: Explore the realm of electrical engineering, electronics, and telecommunications, and gain expertise to create cutting-edge innovations.
  • Computer Science: Discover the intricacies of computer systems, algorithms, and software development, and gain proficiency in solving complex problems through programming.

Faculty of Health Studies

  • Nursing: Prepare for a rewarding career in nursing, focusing on patient care, health promotion, and evidence-based practice in diverse healthcare settings.
  • Midwifery: Acquire the expertise and understanding to assist women and their families during gestation, delivery, and the postpartum phase while safeguarding their health.
  • Pharmacy: Explore the science of medications, their uses, and their effects on the human body, and develop the skills to provide pharmaceutical care.
  • Physiotherapy: Learn about human anatomy, movement, and rehabilitation techniques to help individuals recover from injuries, surgeries, or chronic conditions.
  • Occupational Therapy: Study the art and science of enabling individuals to engage in meaningful activities, promoting independence and enhancing the quality of life.
  • Public Health: The field of Community Health involves analysing the determinants that impact the well-being of communities and formulating tactics to enhance health, thwart illnesses, and upgrade healthcare infrastructures.

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Psychology: Comprehend the human psyche, conduct, and cognitive operations by means of exploring diverse psychological doctrines, investigative techniques, and pragmatic implementations.
  • Sociology: Explore social structures, institutions, and interactions, and analyse how they shape societies, cultures, and individual experiences.
  • Politics: Analyse governmental structures, administration, and global interactions and acquire an understanding of the intricacies of worldwide politics and foreign affairs.
  • International Relations: Investigate the dynamics between nations, organisations, and global actors, and develop a deep understanding of international issues and conflicts.
  • Peace Studies: Delve into the theories and practices of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and social justice, working towards creating a more peaceful world.

Faculty of Life Sciences

  • Biomedical Studies: Investigate the complexities of the human body's well-being and illness, starting from cellular mechanisms up to molecular genetics, and make contributions to the progression of medical exploration.
  • Forensic Sciences: Study the application of scientific techniques to solve crimes, analyse evidence, and contribute to the justice system.
  • Pharmacy: Gain a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical sciences, drug formulation, and patient care, preparing for a career in pharmacy practice.
  • Biotechnology: Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of biotechnology, which merges biology, chemistry, and genetics to create groundbreaking solutions for diverse sectors.

Faculty of Management, Law, and Social Sciences

  • Business Administration: Cultivate crucial business expertise, managerial aptitude, and forward-thinking mindset to excel in the ever-evolving realm of commerce and administration.
  • Accounting and Finance: Learn the principles of financial management, auditing, and accounting, gaining the skills required for a successful career in finance.
  • Law: Explore legal frameworks, principles, and systems, and develop critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for legal practice and beyond.
  • Economics: Analyse economic systems, policies, and theories and gain insights into how economic factors influence societies and global markets.
  • Marketing: Understand consumer behaviour, market trends, and promotional strategies, and develop skills to create effective marketing campaigns.

Diversity and Inclusion

At the University of Bradford, diversity and inclusion are celebrated and embraced, creating a vibrant and inclusive community. As an international student, you will find a multicultural haven where students from around the globe come together to exchange ideas, share experiences, and celebrate diverse cultures. The university offers tailored support services designed to cater to your unique needs, including assistance with visas and cultural integration programs. Additionally, the university fosters inclusive learning environments that encourage open dialogue, respect for diverse perspectives, and opportunities to learn from peers with varied backgrounds.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Your university journey extends beyond the classroom. At the University of Bradford, you'll find an array of clubs and societies that cater to diverse interests, allowing you to engage and connect with like-minded individuals. These student-run organisations span sports, arts, cultural activities, and academic pursuits. Regardless of whether you possess a deep-seated fascination for football, capturing images, engaging in conversations, or launching your entrepreneurial venture, you will encounter a community of individuals who share akin interests. Participating in social events, workshops, guest lectures, and cultural festivals organised by the Students' Union provides valuable opportunities to broaden your horizons, forge lifelong friendships, and make cherished memories. Engaging in extracurricular activities also offers a chance to develop essential life skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and time management, ensuring a well-rounded university experience.

Campus Facilities

The University of Bradford boasts modern and well-equipped facilities that enhance your academic pursuits and contribute to a comfortable campus life. The extensive libraries provide access to a wealth of resources, research materials, and online databases to support your studies and empower your intellectual exploration. The university's cutting-edge laboratories offer hands-on experience and practical learning in various scientific disciplines. To sustain a wholesome way of life, one can utilise the fitness and leisure amenities, comprising completely furnished fitness centres, aquatics centres, athletic arenas, and open-air grounds. Moreover, the campus furnishes devoted communal areas where you can unwind, bond with colleagues, and participate in communal events.

Alumni Network

Upon joining the University of Bradford, you become part of a thriving alumni network that spans the globe. As an international student, this network can be a valuable asset in your future career endeavours. The university's alumni have excelled in various fields, ranging from business and entrepreneurship to academia, healthcare, and social impact. By connecting with alumni through networking events, mentorship programs, and online platforms, you can gain insights, guidance, and potential opportunities to kickstart your professional journey.

Why Study at the University of Bradford?

  • Comprehensive Study Areas: With a wide range of study areas and faculties, the University of Bradford offers diverse academic programs that cater to your interests and aspirations. Whether you have a passion for engineering, healthcare, social sciences, life sciences, or management, the university provides comprehensive programs to foster your intellectual growth.
  • Vibrant Diversity and Inclusion: Embrace the abundance of a multiethnic milieu where scholars from all corners of the globe unite to gain knowledge and evolve. The university's dedication to multifariousness and integration guarantees a welcoming community that honours diverse customs, viewpoints, and backgrounds, furnishing a supportive ambience for your individual and educational progress.
  • Engaging Student Life: Beyond academics, the university offers a vibrant student life with a wide range of clubs, societies, and extracurricular activities. Engage with like-minded peers, explore your passions, and develop invaluable skills while creating lasting memories and friendships.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Benefit from modern and well-equipped facilities that enhance your learning experience. Access extensive libraries, cutting-edge laboratories, and recreational spaces that support your academic pursuits, practical learning, and overall well-being.
  • Valuable Alumni Network: Join a global network of successful alumni who have excelled in various fields. Through the university's alumni network, you can connect with professionals, gain valuable insights, and explore potential career opportunities, setting yourself up for success beyond graduation.


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    THE rank

    501 - 600
  • QS

    QS rank

    701 - 750

Campus offering this course
City Campus - University of Bradford - University of Bradford

Unit 36 - 38 Science Park, Bradford BD7 1HR

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Our University of Bradford city campus is a bustling community of students, learning, excellence and much more. We host a wide range of public events, and also offer great facilities that can support a variety of purposes.

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