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Management is about making decisions and getting the most from people at every level in all types of organisations. Business Management and Economics at Swansea provides a number of core subjects, plus a number of specialisms or a number of specialist subjects, creating an academically rewarding educational experience that provides an excellent foundation for a broad range of careers.

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With its establishment dating back to 1920, Swansea University has an illustrious history of producing world-class research and delivering an exceptional educational experience. The university has garnered a reputation for its influential research initiatives and inspirational teaching methods, all centred around addressing global challenges and improving lives.

Over the years, Swansea University has grown into a prominent institution while preserving its welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that defines the unique "Swansea experience." Embracing its role as a 21st-century university, Swansea aspires to become a truly global establishment, committed to making a positive impact on society.

The university's journey began when King George V laid its foundation stone in 1920, marking a significant milestone in its development. From that point forward, Swansea University witnessed remarkable growth. In 1947, the campus comprised only two buildings: Singleton Abbey and the library. However, Principal J S Fulton envisioned a self-contained community that seamlessly integrated residential, social, and academic facilities. This visionary concept laid the groundwork for the UK's first university campus.

Throughout the years, Swansea University embarked on various projects to enhance its facilities and academic offerings. Notable milestones included the construction of new halls of residence, the Maths and Science Tower, and College House in the 1960s. The university also gained recognition for its pioneering work on the "finite element method," a groundbreaking technique in design and engineering developed by Professor Olek Zienkiewicz.

The commitment to growth persisted in subsequent decades. In 1971, the student village at Hendrefoelan was established, followed by the creation of the South Wales Miners' Library in 1973 and the opening of the Taliesin Arts Centre on campus in 1984. Swansea further expanded its reach by incorporating the Regional Schools of Nursing in 1992 and inaugurating the College of Medicine in 2001. Notable additions included the completion of Technium Digital in 2005 and the Institute of Life Science in 2007.

In recent years, Swansea University undertook an ambitious campus expansion and development initiative. The highlight was the inauguration of Bay Campus in 2015, serving as a home for the College of Engineering and the School of Management. Additionally, the university established The College, a joint venture with Navitas, and the Computational Foundry, a hub for the College of Science's departments of Computer Science and Mathematics in 2018.

Swansea University takes great pride in providing comprehensive support to ensure students maximise their university experience. The dedicated CampusLife team offers free and confidential advice and support services covering various aspects of student life, including faith, community, international matters, finance, participation, and welfare. Their commitment lies in cultivating a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment where students can thrive academically, personally, and socially.

Combining its rich history, influential research endeavours, and dedication to exceptional student experiences, Swansea University solidifies its position as a leading institution. With a global perspective and a focus on addressing societal challenges, the university continues to inspire and support students, enriching their understanding of themselves, their communities, and their contributions to a global society

Campus Location

Nestled within the enchanting city of Swansea, renowned for its striking coastal vistas and welcoming community spirit, Swansea University holds its place. Two distinctive campuses, namely Singleton Park Campus and Bay Campus, beckon students with their unique environments, inviting them to embark on an academic journey unlike any other.

Amidst the verdant parkland and botanical gardens, Singleton Park Campus rests in the heart of Swansea. Its idyllic setting presents an atmosphere of tranquillity and intellectual exploration. As students immerse themselves in this captivating natural landscape, they discover inspiration and forge meaningful connections with their peers. Overlooking the resplendent Swansea Bay beach, the campus offers a scenic backdrop for moments of serenity and contemplation.

On the other hand, Bay Campus provides a dynamic and contemporary learning experience. Its location on the beachfront affords students awe-inspiring views of the coastline, perfectly complementing the state-of-the-art facilities. Designed to ignite creativity and innovation, Bay Campus stands as a vibrant hub where academic pursuits flourish. The fusion of modern architecture and world-class amenities sets the stage for an engaging and inspiring educational voyage.

Study Area

Swansea University, nestled in Swansea, Wales, opens its doors to a diverse array of study areas and courses spanning various disciplines. Delve into detailed descriptions of key study areas and courses available at this prestigious institution:

Computer Science: Swansea University's Computer Science program equips students with the skills and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving digital realm. From artificial intelligence and software engineering to data science and cybersecurity, the courses encompass a wide spectrum of cutting-edge domains. Practical projects and access to state-of-the-art facilities ensure students gain hands-on experience.

Engineering: The Engineering department at Swansea University offers courses encompassing Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electronic and Electrical Engineering. These programs seamlessly integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing students for careers in energy, transportation, and infrastructure development.

Business and Management: Swansea University's Business School provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Business Administration, International Business Management, and Marketing. The programs foster a strong foundation in business principles while imparting insights into global business practices. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication lie at the core of these courses.

Law: Swansea University's Law School offers a comprehensive legal education through programs such as LLB Law (Bachelor of Laws), providing a solid grounding in legal principles and skills. Students have the opportunity to explore various facets of law, ranging from commercial law and criminal law to human rights law.

Medicine: Swansea University's Medical School presents an integrated curriculum that seamlessly blends theoretical learning with practical clinical experience. By nurturing the necessary skills and compassion, the program moulds students into competent and empathetic doctors. Innovative teaching methods, research opportunities, and community engagement are integral aspects of the program.

Psychology: Swansea University's Psychology department offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses encompassing a wide range of topics, including cognitive psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology. Through laboratory work and independent research projects, students gain practical experience in their field of study.

Environmental Science: The Department of Biosciences at Swansea University offers courses in Environmental Science, tackling subjects such as biodiversity, conservation, and environmental impact assessment. By combining fieldwork, laboratory analysis, and theoretical learning, the programs equip students with the skills necessary to tackle pressing environmental challenges.

English Literature: Swansea University's Department of English Language and Literature offers courses in English Literature, spanning a diverse range of literary genres and periods. Students develop critical analysis and communication skills while cultivating an understanding of cultural contexts. Independent research and creative thinking are encouraged throughout the programs.

Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing the values of diversity and inclusion, Swansea University stands as a bastion of acceptance, ensuring every student feels valued and enjoys equal access to educational opportunities. Collaboratively, the Swansea Academy of Inclusivity endeavours to create a harmonious environment across the university.

The commitment to inclusivity is evidenced by several noteworthy initiatives. The Access program paves the way for individuals from all backgrounds, providing the necessary resources and support to pursue higher education. Swansea University firmly believes that academic prosperity should not be hindered by socioeconomic or cultural constraints.

Once enrolled, the Retention program extends ongoing support throughout students' academic journeys. Acknowledging that personal and academic challenges may arise, the university offers a comprehensive support network encompassing resources and services such as academic tutoring and counselling. This ensures students can overcome obstacles and realise their full potential.

The Progression program focuses on facilitating seamless transitions between different levels of study. Swansea University offers guidance and mentorship to assist students in navigating the complexities of their academic progression, whether advancing to postgraduate studies or preparing for future careers.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Enlivening the student experience, Swansea University thrives on a vibrant student life, boasting over 50 sports clubs and a multitude of societies catering to diverse interests and passions. From the ardent athlete to the aspiring artist, students find themselves immersed in a world of possibilities and connections at Swansea.

With a bustling membership exceeding 5,000, Sport Swansea emerges as a vibrant community providing opportunities to engage in various sports and physical activities. Ranging from traditional sports like rugby and hockey to martial arts and dodgeball, Sport Swansea welcomes participants at all skill levels, nurturing sporting aspirations for one and all.

Beyond sports, Swansea University's societies offer a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities. Whether one's interests lie in drama, music, photography, or community service, there exists a society to satiate every passion. These societies foster a sense of belonging while providing students with avenues to develop their skills, forge lasting friendships, and make a positive impact on the wider community.

Campus Facilities

Swansea University prides itself on a range of exceptional facilities designed to elevate the learning experience and support student life.

The university's libraries serve as treasure troves of knowledge, catering to the diverse needs of various disciplines. Singleton Campus Library, the primary hub for the Colleges of Arts and Humanities, Science, Medicine, Law, and Human and Health Sciences, welcomes students into its embrace. Bay Campus Library, on the other hand, caters to the College of Engineering, School of Management, Computer Science and Mathematics, and The College.

Specialised libraries within the university include the South Wales Miners' Library, situated at the Hendrefoelan Campus, catering to the DACE program and housing special and historical collections. Additionally, Banwen Library, a branch of the South Wales Miners' Library, serves the village of Banwen. The St David's Park Library supports health and human science courses at the College of Human and Health Sciences' campus building in Carmarthen. The Richard Burton Archives, holding a wealth of material relating to Wales' industrial, cultural, and social heritage, provide valuable resources for research and learning.

Swansea University remains dedicated to equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary for their future careers. The Employability Academy offers comprehensive careers advice and employment opportunities, ensuring students are well-prepared for the world of work upon graduation. By engaging with industries, providing placement opportunities, and facilitating work experiences, the academy nurtures a strong foundation for students' professional journeys.

Alumni Network

Swansea University extends a warm welcome to graduates through its esteemed Alumni Network, recognising the invaluable contributions they make. A strong and enduring relationship between the university and its alumni remains a priority.

Remaining connected with the alumni network grants graduates access to a wealth of resources and opportunities. Networking events facilitate connections with fellow alumni, industry professionals, and potential employers. Career resources provide ongoing support, assisting graduates in navigating the job market successfully. Exclusive events and updates keep alumni informed about the latest news and achievements of Swansea University.

The alumni community plays a crucial role in promoting the university's reputation and success. Through supporting university initiatives and remaining actively involved, graduates have the opportunity to make a significant impact on current and future students. Their contributions serve as an inspiration and a testament to the transformative power of a Swansea University education.

Why Study at Swansea University?

  • A Global Perspective: Swansea University embraces diversity, attracting students from all corners of the world and fostering a multicultural and inclusive learning environment. Engaging with peers from diverse backgrounds allows students to broaden their horizons and enrich their educational experience with a global perspective.
  • Stunning Campus Locations: The allure of Swansea University lies in its two distinct campuses, Singleton Park Campus and Bay Campus. Whether surrounded by the serene parkland at Singleton Park Campus or immersed in modern facilities with coastal views at Bay Campus, both locations provide students with an inspiring backdrop for their academic pursuits.
  • Diverse Study Areas: Swansea University encompasses a wide range of study areas across four divisions: Arts and Humanities, Education, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. This diversity enables students to explore their passions and pursue academic interests aligned with their career aspirations.
  • Supportive and Inclusive Community: Swansea University places great emphasis on fostering a supportive and inclusive community for all students. Through initiatives like the Access, Retention, and Progression programs, the university ensures students receive the necessary support throughout their academic journey, regardless of their background or circumstances.
  • Engaging Student Life: With over 50 sports clubs and numerous societies, Swansea University offers ample opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities and forge lifelong connections. The diverse range of clubs and societies caters to a wide array of interests, allowing students to pursue their passions and explore new horizons.
  • World-Class Facilities: Swansea University's libraries, archives, and state-of-the-art facilities create an optimal learning environment. Extensive resources support academic pursuits, and the Employability Academy equips students with essential skills and experiences to thrive in their chosen careers.


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Our recently constructed academic building is located on Swansea Universitys Bay Campus, allowing you to fully integrate with the University itself through academic and social activity. Within our building you will find 18 dedicated teaching rooms designed especially for our smaller group teaching style as well as computer labs and a study spaces designed especially for our smaller group teaching style.

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