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The Brunel Economics and Business Finance BSc gives students interested in pursuing careers in finance the theoretical and practical skills needed to understand and analyse economic and corporate financing and investment decisions in the business world. You’ll get a solid grounding in the analytical techniques of micro and macroeconomics and develop your ability to critically evaluate economic events and their impact on financial markets.

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Envision a university that intertwines the threads of knowledge, real-world application, and innovative thinking, carefully crafting a tapestry of success. Can there be such an institution that weaves together an inspirational academic journey? Yes, it's Brunel University, a hub for future-oriented learners and trailblazers.

Perched in Uxbridge, west London, Brunel University stands as a beacon of academic advancement and excellence. Like a finely-tuned instrument, the university's single campus resonates with the harmonious buzz of dynamic study areas, sprawling green spaces, and cutting-edge facilities. It's a place where diversity blooms like a rich, multi-hued tapestry, ensuring no one remains untouched by the vibrant shades of inclusivity and equality.

Does the university stop at just providing an education? No, it takes students beyond the frontier of their subject, much like a spaceship propelling astronauts into the unknown cosmos. Each academic program is designed to launch students towards the zenith of their potential, powered by research-led teaching and experiential work-based learning.

Speaking of launching, picture the athletic spirit as a high-flying discussion reaching new heights at the state-of-the-art sports facilities of Brunel University. Imagine a place where elite athletes and beginners alike find their stride on a 400-metre athletics track or flex their muscles in one of the country's largest rugby-dedicated training facilities. It's like a sports enthusiast's playground, where every court, pitch, or gym is a call to action.

Just as the vibrant palette of a painter needs various hues, the university offers over a hundred clubs and societies to paint a vivid student life. It's like a grand symphony where every note matters and every instrument contributes, creating a harmonious rhythm of camaraderie and enrichment.

And finally, think of Brunel University as a lighthouse whose beam guides its alumni across the seas of professional challenges. With an alumni network stretching to over 154,000 members in 175 different countries, it's like a constellation guiding its own stars.

In essence, Brunel University is not merely an institution; it's an academic sanctuary, a sports haven, a cultural melting pot, and a guiding star for its alumni. 

Campus Location

Brunel University is situated in Uxbridge, west London, and offers a single, well-connected campus. Within a short drive of major motorways such as the M25, M4, and M40, the university enjoys excellent connectivity with the rest of the UK. Even though weekday parking on campus can be limited, Brunel University provides virtual parking permits, enhancing accessibility for visitors and staff.

Brunel University also considers the needs of those living beyond a two-mile radius. Considering their travel needs and convenience, they can apply for an annual parking permit. The campus also promotes sustainability with a signposted cycle route that passes through the middle of the campus, making it an eco-friendly choice for students and staff.

Unique to Brunel University, one can navigate directly to the main reception using what3words at ///legend.duty.impact. This innovative feature allows seamless navigation and adds to the convenience of anyone visiting the campus.

Study Areas

Brunel University prides itself on offering a diverse range of study areas. The university caters to varied academic interests, from Aerospace Engineering and Anthropology to Law and Life Sciences. In disciplines such as Computer Science, Creative Writing, and Environmental Sciences, Brunel ensures a comprehensive academic experience.

Besides these, the university offers specialised programmes in emerging and critical fields like Digital Media, Global Challenges, and Health Promotion. With such a wide array of study areas, Brunel University fosters a dynamic and versatile academic environment.

A distinguishing feature of Brunel University's academic offerings is its focus on experiential work-based learning. By integrating research-led teaching with practical industry exposure, the university takes its students to the cutting edge of their respective subjects.

Navigating through the academic pathways at Brunel University is akin to traversing a constellation, each star representing a distinct study area. It's a vibrant celestial sphere of knowledge where subjects span as wide as the universe.

Can you imagine stepping into a world of design and digital media? It's like stepping into a realm where the pixels of creativity meet the technology matrix. For those interested in the rhythmic dialogue between numbers and theories, Brunel University offers Mathematics, where equations converse like verses in an epic poem.

And what about the Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences? It's as if you are walking in a vast, intricate forest, deciphering the fascinating language of life and the planet. The Engineering disciplines, like mighty ships, sail across the vast oceans of possibilities, captained by the innovators of tomorrow.

At Brunel University, the Humanities and Social Sciences studies, from History to Sociology, are like an intricate tapestry of human civilisation, where every thread tells a captivating story. And courses like Law and Business are akin to the complex gears of a clockwork, where every mechanism contributes to the smooth operation of the societal machinery.

Dive into the thrilling narratives of Journalism or explore the compelling dialogues of Creative Writing. It’s like embarking on a grand odyssey where every word becomes a stepping stone in your journey of intellectual discovery.

Each discipline illuminates a distinct path in this grand celestial sphere of study areas, guiding students to a future as bright as the stars themselves. Therefore, Brunel University is more than an academic institution; it is a universe of knowledge where learners voyage across galaxies of different disciplines.

Diversity and Inclusion

Brunel University firmly upholds the principles of Equality and Diversity. The university values its vibrant, rich, and dynamic community of staff and students worldwide. In this spirit, Brunel University promotes a culture where everyone can live, study, and work without facing prejudice or discrimination.

Committed to equality's moral and legal imperatives, Brunel University strives to ensure that its community members are treated on their merits and abilities. The university is committed to eliminating discrimination and fostering good relations among its diverse members.

The university further promotes inclusivity by removing or minimising disadvantages suffered by its staff and students. Brunel University also encourages participation in activities with disproportionately low representation, thereby embodying the essence of equality and diversity.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

One of the defining features of student life at Brunel University is the wide variety of clubs and societies it offers. Whether you are passionate about drama, sport, art, or politics, you will find a club or society that matches your interest. These societies, led by students and supported by the Union, create a space where students can feel part of a community.

Brunel University hosts over 100 clubs and societies, offering students numerous ways to get involved and enrich their university experience. Apart from fostering personal growth and development, these clubs and societies play a vital role in enhancing the social and cultural vibrancy of campus life.

With world-class sports facilities, industry-leading technical facilities, and great eating spots all on-site, Brunel University ensures a wholesome and enjoyable student experience. The university also promotes an active lifestyle with over 150 sports clubs and societies run by the Union of Brunel Students.

Campus Facilities

Brunel University boasts state-of-the-art sports facilities that rank among the best university facilities in the UK. Open to students, staff, and community members, these facilities include an Indoor Athletics Centre, a modern on-campus Gym, and a diverse Sports Centre. The university's Sports Park is a notable feature, housing a 400-metre athletics track with tennis and netball courts, football, rugby, and hockey pitches, and an FA-registered 3G pitch.

Unique to Brunel University, the New Rugby Performance Gym is one of the country's largest rugby-dedicated training facilities. This facility accentuates the university's commitment to providing excellent sports amenities to its students, staff, and local community.

Besides, the university has an accessible indoor climbing wall and hosts pay-as-you-go activities at the Sports Centre. Catering to a wide range of interests and abilities, Brunel University creates a welcoming and friendly environment supportive of all its users.

Alumni Network

Brunel University's vibrant alumni community extends to over 154,000 members in more than 175 different countries worldwide. As a member of the Brunel alumni family, graduates gain access to a unique and diverse network of individuals. This network serves as a valuable resource for industry insights, job opportunities, and staying in touch with the university community.

Brunel University actively facilitates the creation of international alumni networks. With the presence of fellow graduates across the globe, the university ensures that wherever its alumni are based, they will likely find a fellow graduate nearby. To enhance this connection, Brunel University has initiated the role of Alumni Associates, who serve as the primary point of contact for all alumni in their country or local area.

The Brunel Alumni Network is designed to foster a culture of giving back and helping. It allows graduates to reconnect with old classmates and expand their professional network within the trusted environment of Brunel University. This initiative embodies Brunel University's commitment to maintaining lifelong relationships with its graduates.

Why Study at Brunel University?

  • Brunel University is a close-knit academic community that focuses on applying theory to the real world, preparing students for industry success.
  • As the UK's first university to achieve the Government-backed IIP, the institution invests in Apprentices accreditation (Gold); Brunel University is recognised for consistently delivering high-quality apprenticeships.
  • The university stands among the UK's top 10% Universities for innovation and business partnerships, offering an inspirational education experience.
  • With fifty years of experience matching placement students to businesses, Brunel University provides cost-effective means for students to engage in innovative thinking and business support.
  • The university maintains strong links with over 1,700 businesses, fostering a strategy for success and offering a unique higher and degree apprenticeship across its multidisciplinary university.
  • Brunel University is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, providing a welcoming environment where everyone is treated based on their merits and abilities.
  • With world-class campus facilities and an array of study areas, Brunel University offers students the tools, opportunities, and environment to succeed.


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The campus is within walking distance of the London underground, just a short 20-minute ride into the city. An Airport Welcome Service at Heathrow will help students find Brunel at the start of the academic year.

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