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    AUD 10,000

  • Duration

    2 Years

  • Post study work visa

    3 Years

  • Intake months

    January, april, july, october

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

This program is designed for students pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. The coursework gives students an understanding of the activities required to manage business operations in the industry and a 12-month Co-op provides valuable work experience within the field. This program is certified by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AH&LA) and internationally recognized to meet professional industry standards.

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  • 2 Years duration

Vancouver Campus

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  • 2 Years duration

Vancouver Campus

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Canadian College, a vibrant gateway to new horizons and limitless possibilities, transcends the boundaries of traditional educational institutions. Positioned strategically in the heart of Vancouver and Surrey, it emerges as an enticing beacon of opportunity, drawing international students seeking transformative learning experiences.

Immerse yourself in the bustling tapestry of downtown Vancouver, where Alberni Street pulsates with life, housing high-fashion retailers, renowned hotels, and top-notch restaurants. Amidst this lively atmosphere, Canadian College stands proudly, shaping students not merely as learners, but as active participants in a global community. Within its walls, cultures meld, creating a vibrant mosaic where diverse minds converge and ideas intertwine.

Picture yourself stepping into the modern classrooms of Canadian College, where connectivity flows ceaselessly, propelled by a river of high-speed internet. Power stations stand tall, pillars of seamless engagement, while high-definition screens project a kaleidoscope of endless possibilities. It is here that students, encouraged to be architects of their own education, thrive amidst an exchange of ideas that flourish and creativity that takes flight.

Canadian College, an ecosystem teeming with life and energy, surpasses the confines of a mere institution. Venture onto the rooftop patio, an oasis where students bask in the warm embrace of the sun, engaging in activities that nurture their well-being. From sizzling summer barbecues filled with laughter and camaraderie to exhilarating ping pong matches that epitomise friendly competition, the rooftop patio becomes a canvas upon which students create indelible memories, destined to withstand the test of time.

Inclusivity and diversity flow through the very veins of Canadian College, permeating every facet of its existence. Cultural events and guest speakers weave a vibrant tapestry of intercultural exchange, enabling students to broaden their understanding of the world and embrace new perspectives. Canadian College celebrates the unique essence of each individual, fostering an environment where differences are not only embraced but exalted—a true reflection of the global society in which we reside.

As students embark upon their academic journey, they forge deep bonds within the Canadian College family—an ever-growing network of alumni who have traversed the globe, armed with the wisdom and experiences gleaned within these hallowed halls. The alumni network serves as a bridge, connecting graduates to a community of like-minded individuals who have trailblazed their paths, shattered barriers, and left an indelible mark on the world. It stands as a testament to the institution's unwavering commitment to the lifelong success of its students, offering ongoing support, mentorship, and opportunities for collaborative endeavours.

Canadian College transcends the realms of mere education; it represents a transformative experience, a catalyst that nurtures the soul, expands horizons, and propels students along the path to their dreams. It beckons students to embrace the enigmatic, to plunge headfirst into a realm of infinite possibilities, and to unlock the true depths of their potential. Canadian College, more than an institution, embodies a beacon of hope, guiding students towards a future where the insurmountable becomes attainable, and where dreams seamlessly transition into tangible realities.

Campus Location

The campus location plays a significant role in providing students with a holistic college experience. Canadian College offers three distinct campuses, each strategically located to offer unique advantages.

The Vancouver Campus is situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver, surrounded by high-fashion retailers, top restaurants, and famous hotels. This prime location places students in the midst of a bustling city known for its cultural diversity and vibrant atmosphere. The campus itself is located on Alberni Street, which is renowned for its lively ambience. It houses classrooms, restaurant, offices, and even a sunny rooftop patio. Additionally, Canadian College provides an off-campus student residence within walking distance, making it convenient for students to access both their classes and their accommodations.

The Surrey Central Campus, located in Surrey's University District, offers students a dynamic educational setting. With its close proximity to the Surrey Central Skytrain Station, students can easily commute to and from the campus. The campus is situated near City Hall, the Surrey Public Library, and the City Central Shopping Centre. This modern campus features state-of-the-art classrooms, administrative offices, and a common area where students can study, relax, and engage with their peers.

Canadian College's King George Campus is positioned in Surrey's rapidly developing Health and Technology district. Its location across the street from Surrey Memorial Hospital makes it a convenient choice for students pursuing healthcare-related studies. The campus is only a few minutes away from the King George Hub and Skytrain Station, providing easy accessibility. The 9th floor of the City Centre 3 building houses this beautiful new campus, which includes bright classrooms, administrative offices, and a spacious common space for students to enjoy.

These strategically chosen campus locations reflect Canadian College's commitment to providing students with an immersive learning experience while being conveniently situated in thriving communities.

Study Areas

Canadian College offers a diverse range of study areas designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen fields. Let's explore some of the prominent study areas available at the college:


The field of business management is in high demand globally, and Canadian College offers a wide variety of short and long-term certificates and diplomas in this area. These programs provide students with a solid foundation in traditional business topics while cultivating a global mindset. Whether students aspire to become entrepreneurs, managers, or leaders in the business world, Canadian College equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a competitive environment.


The hospitality industry is known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature. Canadian College recognises the importance of preparing students to excel in this global industry. The range of Hospitality programs offered includes both short and long-term certificate and diploma options. These programs are designed to provide students with the competitive advantage to be universally prepared to work in a global economy. From hotel management to event planning, the programs cover various aspects of the hospitality sector, ensuring graduates are equipped with the skills and expertise to succeed.

International Trade:

In today's interconnected world, international trade plays a vital role in global economies. Canadian College's International Trade Diploma equips individuals with the practical skills they need to succeed in the competitive global marketplace. Through a partnership with the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), Canadian College offers a program that is centred on international trade best practices. The curriculum imparts knowledge and practical skills that students can apply immediately, providing them with a competitive advantage and elevating their position in world markets. Furthermore, the program offers a 12-month Co-op opportunity and six FITT courses, enabling students to apply for the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) certification upon program completion.

Project Management & Co-op:

The field of project management requires individuals with a strong understanding of processes and techniques. Canadian College's Project Management & Co-op program is specifically designed for students pursuing a career in this field. The coursework provides students with an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of project management. Additionally, the program offers a 12-month Co-op opportunity, allowing students to gain valuable work experience in the industry. Successful completion of the program leads to a Canadian College Project Management Diploma, and students are prepared to challenge exams to receive industry-recognised certifications such as PMI's PMP certification or the CAPM certification.

Information Technology:

In the digital age, information technology is a rapidly evolving field with vast career opportunities. Canadian College offers two diplomas in the field of information technology to cater to the growing demand for skilled professionals. These programs provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various computer systems, software development, network administration, and cybersecurity. Additionally, students have the opportunity to obtain recognised certifications commonly required by industry professionals, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Social Media Marketing:

In today's interconnected world, social media has become an integral part of organisations' marketing strategies. Canadian College offers a course that provides an overview of social media and its impact on businesses and the marketplace. Students gain a broader understanding of the concept and explore the development, trends, and tools that assist organisations in better connecting with their audiences. Through hands-on experience with various social media platforms and services, students learn to integrate social media tools and develop effective social engagement strategies.

These study areas reflect Canadian College's commitment to providing a diverse range of educational opportunities that align with the demands of the ever-evolving global job market. The programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and certifications necessary to succeed in their chosen fields.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Canadian College, diversity and inclusion are highly valued. The college recognises the importance of creating an inclusive environment that embraces students from all backgrounds and cultures. By fostering a diverse community, Canadian College cultivates a rich and vibrant learning environment where students can engage with people from different cultures, share their perspectives, and gain a broader understanding of the world.

The college celebrates diversity through various initiatives, including cultural events, guest speakers, and student-led activities that promote intercultural exchange. Students are encouraged to embrace diversity, challenge their own perspectives, and develop a global mindset. This commitment to diversity and inclusion creates an inclusive space where students can thrive and prepare for success in an interconnected world.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

College life is not just about academics; it is also about the experiences, connections, and memories formed outside the classroom. Canadian College recognises the importance of providing a vibrant student life where students can engage in extracurricular activities and develop lifelong friendships. Let's explore some of the student life offerings at Canadian College:

Student Activities:

Canadian College's activity centre, located on the 3rd floor of the campus, serves as a hub for daily activities and weekend adventures. The centre organises a wide range of activities, excursions, and events, providing students with opportunities to explore their surroundings, create lasting memories, and forge new friendships. From hiking trips to cultural outings, there is always something exciting happening at Canadian College.

Popular Activities:

Every week, Canadian College offers a variety of free activities, trips to major tourism destinations, and social events at local bars and restaurants. These activities allow students to immerse themselves in Canadian culture, discover new places, and connect with their peers. Additionally, the college hosts clubs like the weekly conversation club, where students can engage in language practice and meet others who share similar interests.

The student life at Canadian College goes beyond the classroom, offering students a well-rounded college experience. It encourages personal growth, cultural exploration, and the development of valuable social skills.

Campus facilities

Canadian College provides state-of-the-art campus facilities designed to enhance the learning experience and support students' academic journey. The following facilities contribute to a conducive learning environment:


The modern classrooms at Canadian College are equipped with high-speed internet, power stations for students' devices, and high-definition screens. These classrooms are specifically designed to facilitate student-centred learning, providing a comfortable and engaging space for students to actively participate in their studies.


The eh! restaurant at Canadian College offers students a place to eat, drink, and socialise after class. With great food and a friendly atmosphere, it serves as a gathering spot for students to relax and connect with their peers. The restaurant also hosts a free conversation club every week, providing an opportunity for language practice and cultural exchange.


The college has spacious and welcoming offices located on the fourth floor. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are readily available to assist students with any questions or concerns they may have during their stay at Canadian College.

Rooftop Patio:

The rooftop patio is a standout feature of Canadian College's campuses. It provides students with an outdoor space to enjoy their lunch, soak in the sunshine, and participate in various activities. From summer BBQs to ping pong matches, yoga classes, and dance lessons, the patio offers a vibrant and enjoyable experience for students.

Student Residence:

Canadian College understands the importance of providing convenient and comfortable accommodation options for students. The student residence is situated in downtown Vancouver, within walking distance of the college. Its proximity to Stanley Park, affordable restaurants, and bars makes it an ideal choice for international students looking for a home away from home.

These campus facilities are designed to support students' overall well-being, fostering an environment where they can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

Alumni Network

Canadian College values the relationship it maintains with its alumni. The college maintains an active and supportive alumni network, offering numerous benefits to graduates. The alumni network provides a platform for graduates to stay connected, exchange ideas, and collaborate professionally. It offers opportunities for mentorship, networking events, and career development resources. By staying connected to the college and fellow alumni, graduates can continue to grow both personally and professionally.

The alumni network serves as a testament to Canadian College's commitment to its students' long-term success. It provides a supportive community and valuable resources that empower graduates to make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

Why Study at Canadian College?

  • Strategic Campus Locations: Canadian College has campuses in Vancouver and Surrey, strategically situated in prime locations that offer proximity to high-fashion retailers, top restaurants, famous hotels, and key transportation hubs.
  • Diverse Study Areas: Canadian College offers a wide range of study areas, including business, hospitality, international trade, project management, information technology, and social media marketing. Students have the opportunity to pursue short-term and long-term certificates and diplomas in these fields.
  • Global Mindset: The business and international trade programs at Canadian College provide students with a solid foundation in traditional business topics while cultivating a global mindset necessary for success in today's interconnected world.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills: Canadian College programs are designed to equip students with practical skills and certifications required by industry professionals. Programs such as international trade and project management offer opportunities for co-op placements and professional certification exams.
  • Modern Facilities: Canadian College boasts modern classrooms equipped with high-speed internet, power stations, and high-definition screens. The campus also features a rooftop patio, a restaurant, and offices staffed by helpful professionals to support students during their academic journey.
  • Vibrant Student Life: Canadian College offers a variety of student activities, free events, and clubs to enhance the student experience. From conversation clubs to trips and social events, students have opportunities to engage, make friends, and immerse themselves in Canadian culture.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: Canadian College values diversity and creates an inclusive environment where students from all backgrounds and cultures can thrive. Through cultural events, guest speakers, and student-led activities, the college fosters intercultural exchange and encourages a broader understanding of the world.
  • Supportive Alumni Network: Canadian College maintains an active alumni network that offers support, networking opportunities, and career development resources to graduates. The network provides a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and professional growth beyond graduation.

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Located in the centre of downtown Vancouver, Canadian College is on Alberni street alongside high-fashion retailers, top restaurants and famous hotels. Our campus includes classrooms, eh! restaurant, offices and a sunny rooftop patio. We also have an off-campus student residence within walking distance.

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