• Annual course fee

    AUD 29,000

  • Duration

    2 Years

  • Post study work visa

    3 Years

  • Intake months

    January, may, august

  • Delivery locations


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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

This program prepares you for careers in media (such as television and radio), journalism, teaching, advertising, film, writing, animation, public relations, law, and any other field where communication skills are essential. By the end of this program, you will have acquired a solid knowledge that is supported by real-life communication experiences.

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September, 2024

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  • 2 Years duration

Gatineau Campus

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PTE 54


  • Type of institution

    Private College - Higher Education

  • Year established


  • On campus accommodation

    Not Available

Universal College is the ideal place to start your college career. This institution offers students a wealth of information, abilities, and experiences that they can utilise to succeed in the future. It blends urban convenience and natural beauty while embracing a supportive and inviting environment. It is located in the thriving Outaouais region. The Universal College-Campus Gatineau provides quality at each stage of your education, whether you are starting or continuing it.

The Universal College-Campus Gatineau is aware that learning is a journey of development and exploration. Here, the concept of active learning motivates students to actively engage in their education rather than to only observe it. It's about coming out from behind the desk and taking the lead role in their academic narrative on stage. Students can solve real-world issues with this method, gaining knowledge via hands-on experience.

The staff at Universal College-Campus Gatineau adopts a competency-driven approach, much like an artist patiently and skillfully reveals a gorgeous work of art carved out of stone. In order for their students to realise their full potential, they work hard to recognise and develop their abilities. This approach gives students the tools they need to face whatever life throws at them head-on and with strength; Universal College-Campus Gatineau serves as the spark that ignites in them a passion for success.

Think of a tapestry where modern technology and conventional wisdom are woven together. In order to improve the educational experience, Universal College Campus Gatineau welcomes hybrid learning and makes use of the power of digital resources and techniques. Students can embark on personal learning journeys and actively engage with their peers in the networked classrooms, which operate as gateways to an immersive universe of information. As soon as you enter these areas, you'll be at the cutting edge of educational innovation, investigating fresh formats and cutting-edge tools that will influence how people learn in the future.

The vital open-mindedness that Universal College-Campus Gatineau fosters enriches its inclusive and diverse community. Students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds are given the chance to develop their perspectives here. Participants can develop a global worldview through this awareness of diversity, a quality that is becoming more and more important in today's constantly connected world. In the end, it is only via this shared experience that students will truly experience the power of knowledge.

Students can explore much more than just study spaces on campus. There is a flurry of energy and inventiveness in many student hubs. They provide a setting for education, fostering comradery, and creating priceless memories. Everyone is encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities, join groups or societies, and benefit from a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond the classroom. It's the ideal time to pursue new interests, challenge oneself, and grow both academically and personally.

The Université Collège Campus Gatineau values the connection between history, present, and future. For present students and incoming graduates, the college’s active alumni network serves as a guiding light. The students have access to unmatched knowledge and experience that will shape them both professionally and personally by establishing connections across geographic and temporal boundaries.

The excellent Universal College-Campus Gatineau provides its pupils with more than simply academic knowledge. It is a place to start a transformative journey, one that is full of opportunity discovery and personal growth. You are about to embark on an exciting educational journey that will challenge you and shape your future in unanticipated ways as soon as you enter the campus gates. Come to Universal College, Campus Gatineau, where academic excellence and diversity go hand in hand.

Campus Location

Discover the Ideal Setting for Your College Journey

Travelling to a foreign nation may be exhilarating and exciting. In the picturesque Outaouais region, close to Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is where you'll find Collège Universel Campus Gatineau. This college provides the perfect environment that combines the benefits of city living with the tranquillity of nature. You will be surrounded by students from all countries, whether you are from close by or far away, creating a vibrant and interesting environment to explore.

Study Areas

Explore a Wide Range of Programs to Suit Your Interests

The goal of Collège Universel-Campus Gatineau is to offer a variety of educational possibilities. No matter what your goals are, whether they are in e-commerce, cybersecurity, or digital marketing, the university provides top-notch instruction and individualised support. The instructors and staff at the school are committed to seeing that you succeed by upholding high standards across all aspects of educational procedures. The college works hard to stay ahead of the college industry while providing you with an unrivalled educational experience.

Diversity and Inclusion

Embrace an Inclusive and Multicultural College Experience

Anywhere in the world, moving to a new country can be difficult. Collège Universel Campus Gatineau, strives to create an environment where everyone feels at home and accepted. Collège Universel-Campus Gatineau, places a strong emphasis on understanding one another's differences and developing an appreciation for all of them. Become a part of a multiracial college community to meet new people and cultivate a lifelong perspective on the world.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Enrich Your College Journey Beyond the Classroom

The Collège Universel-Campus Gatineau's mission is to provide students with an education that goes beyond the classroom. The college offers a vibrant student life full of clubs and organisations for you to get involved in in order to give students plenty of opportunities for engagement. The professors will empower you to take charge of your educational path through active pedagogy and the competency method, which builds on your abilities. Additionally, the college’s hybrid learning system combines in-person instruction with online learning, enabling you to advance on your own timetable.

Campus Facilities

Experience a Modern and Supportive Learning Environment

Modern amenities are available at Collège Universal-Campus Gatineau to help you get the most out of your study. The online classrooms are outfitted with the latest technology to support both student interaction and independent study. You can connect with modern formats and tools while learning from knowledgeable faculty members. Additionally, the campus has spaces created for teamwork, creativity, and rest away from the classroom. Additionally, the college’s state-of-the-art labs support science classes so that you may put theory into practice and refine important practical and observational skills.

Alumni Network

Forge Lifelong Connections and Professional Opportunities

The alumni network at Collège Universel - Campus Gatineau ties together previous and current students. The college’s mission is to provide a bridge between alumni, students, and those who will graduate shortly in order to give them chances for both personal and professional growth. Profit from the knowledge of graduates and throw open doors to favourable contacts and potential employment opportunities.

Why Study Here?

Choose Collège Universel - Campus Gatineau for Your Bright Future

  • Effective University Preparation: More than 90% of Collège Universel-Campus Gatineau students go on to complete their degrees at the programme and university of their choice. Collège Universel-Campus Gatineau gives you a strong foundation and the tools you need to be successful in your academic endeavours.
  • Environment that Promotes Learning: Every student at Collège Universal-Campus Gatineau is valued, and their needs are given first consideration. The knowledgeable and accessible teachers are committed to helping you along your educational path and making sure you have access to the tools and advice you need to succeed.
  • Customised Services for Greater Success: The goal of Collège Universal-CCampus Gatineau is to create a fair atmosphere that supports education. In order to guarantee that everyone has equal access to education and success, the institution offers a variety of individualised support services outside of class hours in addition to special needs-specific adaptation measures. Collège Universel-Campus Gatineau works to promote inclusiveness for all in this way.
  • They work hard to foster an educational atmosphere at Collège Universel-Campus Gatineau that prioritises academic success, inclusivity, and personal development. The college offers students plenty of opportunities to succeed academically, socially, and personally thanks to its cutting-edge facilities and varied student body. Your aspirations of a prosperous future can come true with the help of a dedicated faculty, exciting extracurricular activities, and welcoming environment—all while receiving support along the way.

Campus offering this course
Gatineau Campus - Universal College - Universal College (College Universel)

290 Saint-Joseph Boulevard #200 Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 3Y3

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Gatineau Campus, formerly known as Collège pré-universitaire Nouvelles Frontières, is the only private bilingual college in the Outaouais region

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