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    AUD 25,000

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    36 Weeks

  • Post study work visa

    1 Year

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

This 30 week program prepares students for employment as an apprentice Automotive Service Technician. Students will develop practical skills by repairing customer vehicles in a fully operational auto repair shop on the Cloverdale campus. This training will enhance students knowledge and skills in shop safety, inspection, diagnostics, repair and servicing of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems for automobiles and light trucks. At the end of the Foundation program students will write the Auto Service Technician Level 1 Certificate of Qualification (COQ) exam. Students who complete the Foundation program and COQ exam are eligible for credit in Automotive Service Technician Level 1 apprenticeship program and 450 work-based training hours.

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Saskatchewan Polytechnic, an esteemed institution in Saskatchewan, Canada, offers a diverse array of practical and industry-focused programs. With over 160 options available, students can pursue their education and career goals in various fields.

The institution's strength lies in its industry-relevant programs tailored to meet the demands of employers. Whether it's business administration, health sciences, engineering technology, information and communications technology, trades, creative arts and design, or other disciplines, Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides a comprehensive selection of study areas.

Applied learning is a core focus at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, recognising the value of hands-on experiences for students. State-of-the-art facilities and specialised labs offer modern equipment and technology, enriching the learning journey and preparing graduates for their careers.

Collaboration with industry partners ensures that programs align with current industry needs and trends. This connection creates valuable opportunities for internships, work placements, and networking, boosting students' prospects in the job market.

Diversity and inclusion are paramount at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Indigenous students benefit from dedicated support, including Indigenous student advisors, Elders-in-Residence, and the Indigenous Student Success Strategy. The institution promotes access and equity by offering services such as academic accommodations, tutoring, and support for students with disabilities. International students receive a warm welcome and access to support services for their transition to studying in Canada, including English language training and academic advising. Initiatives fostering LGBTQ+ inclusion create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students.

Student life at Saskatchewan Polytechnic is vibrant and engaging. Students can join various clubs and societies that cater to their interests, fostering personal and professional growth. From the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students' Association (SPSA) representing and advocating for the student body to program-specific, cultural, diversity, and volunteer clubs, students have ample opportunities to connect, participate in events, and make a positive impact.

The institution is committed to student success, evident through its comprehensive range of campus facilities. Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides modern learning spaces, specialised classrooms, laboratories, workshops, libraries, and technology and computing facilities. These resources support academic pursuits and provide the necessary tools for practical, hands-on learning.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic's alumni network showcases its impact on graduates' lives. The alumni association facilitates connections through networking events, professional development workshops, and reunions. Alumni often volunteer as mentors, offering guidance and support to current students. They contribute by providing career advice, job placement assistance, and industry connections.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a premier institution in Saskatchewan, offering industry-relevant programs, applied learning experiences, strong industry connections, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. With a vibrant student life, state-of-the-art facilities, and an active alumni network, studying at Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support for successful careers and lifelong learning.

Campus Location

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has established campuses in various cities across the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, providing accessible education to students in multiple locations. The institution's main campuses are situated in Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, and Prince Albert.

The Saskatoon campus, being the largest, offers a diverse range of programs across various fields, including business, health sciences, engineering technology, and information and communications technology. Students studying at this campus benefit from the vibrant city life, extensive industry connections, and wide array of cultural and recreational opportunities.

The Regina campus, the second-largest, offers programs in nursing, business, construction, and applied arts and sciences. Located in the capital city, the campus provides students with a dynamic learning environment, proximity to government institutions, and a thriving arts and culture scene.

The Moose Jaw campus is renowned for its programs in aviation, culinary arts, power engineering, and trades. Students studying at this campus enjoy access to specialised training facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and strong industry partnerships. The campus is situated in a welcoming community known for its rich aviation history and recreational amenities.

The Prince Albert campus offers programs in nursing, social work, early childhood education, and natural resources. Students studying at this campus benefit from a close-knit community, beautiful natural surroundings, and hands-on learning experiences related to natural resource management.

With campuses spread across multiple cities, Saskatchewan Polytechnic ensures that students have options to choose from based on their preferences, program availability, and proximity to their desired location. Each campus is equipped with modern facilities and resources to support student's educational journey and contribute to their overall development.

Study Areas

Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers an extensive range of study areas to cater to diverse interests and career goals. With over 160 programs, the institution provides students with a wide array of options. Here are some key study areas available at Saskatchewan Polytechnic:

  1. Business: The institution offers programs in business administration, accounting, marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship. These programs equip students with foundational business knowledge and practical skills necessary for success in the corporate world.
  2. Health Sciences: Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides programs in nursing, medical laboratory technology, dental assisting, pharmacy technician, and psychiatric nursing. These programs combine theoretical learning with hands-on clinical experience, preparing students for rewarding careers in the healthcare sector.
  3. Engineering Technology: Students interested in engineering and technology can choose from programs such as civil engineering technology, electrical engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, and computer engineering technology. These programs focus on practical application, problem-solving, and preparing graduates for roles in engineering and related industries.
  4. Information and Communications Technology: The institution offers programs in software development, network administration, web development, and database administration. These programs provide students with the skills needed for the rapidly evolving field of information technology.
  5. Trades and Industrial: Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides programs in automotive service technician, carpentry, electrical, welding, plumbing, heavy equipment and truck and transport technician. These hands-on programs focus on developing practical skills and preparing graduates for careers in skilled trades.
  6. Creative Arts and Design: The institution offers programs in graphic design, animation, interior design, photography, and visual communications. These programs foster creativity and technical skills, preparing students for careers in the creative industries.
  7. Natural Resources and Environmental Studies: Students interested in environmental conservation, forestry, resource management, and sustainability can explore programs in this area. These programs provide knowledge and skills related to natural resource management, environmental monitoring, and sustainable practices.
  8. Community and Human Services: Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers programs in social work, early childhood education, disability support worker, addictions counselling, and more. These programs prepare students for careers focused on supporting individuals, families, and communities in various social service and human services roles.

With such a diverse range of study areas, students can choose a program that aligns with their passions, interests, and career aspirations. Saskatchewan Polytechnic's industry-relevant programs equip graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields.

Diversity and Inclusion

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where students, faculty, and staff feel valued, respected, and supported. The institution recognises the importance of diversity in fostering creativity, innovation, and learning. Here are some initiatives and support services that promote diversity and inclusion at Saskatchewan Polytechnic:

  1. Indigenous Education: The institution is dedicated to supporting Indigenous students through dedicated services such as Indigenous student advisors, Elders-in-Residence, Indigenous Student Success Strategy, and cultural events. These initiatives promote cultural awareness, provide support, and enhance the educational experience for Indigenous students.
  2. Access and Equity: Saskatchewan Polytechnic promotes access and equity for all students, regardless of their background. The institution offers services like academic accommodations, tutoring, and support for students with disabilities. These services ensure equal opportunities for students to succeed in their educational journey.
  3. International Students: Saskatchewan Polytechnic welcomes international students and provides support services to assist with their transition to studying in Canada. These services include English language training, academic advising, and cultural integration programs. The institution values the contributions of international students and promotes cross-cultural understanding.
  4. LGBTQ+ Inclusion: The institution has initiatives in place to create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students. These initiatives include LGBTQ+ student groups, ally training, and awareness campaigns. Saskatchewan Polytechnic aims to foster an atmosphere of acceptance and support for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  5. Student Support Services: Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers a range of support services to ensure the well-being and success of students from all backgrounds. These services include counselling, career advising, academic support, and mental health resources. The institution recognises the importance of holistic support to help students thrive academically and personally.

By promoting diversity and inclusion, Saskatchewan Polytechnic strives to create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment where all students have the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

At Saskatchewan Polytechnic, student life extends beyond the classroom, providing opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and building lifelong connections. The institution offers various clubs and societies that cater to students' diverse interests and passions. Here are some examples of the vibrant student life at Saskatchewan Polytechnic:

  1. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students' Association (SPSA): The SPSA represents and advocates for the student body. It organises events, activities, and initiatives that enhance student life and foster a sense of community. The SPSA provides students with opportunities to engage with their peers, contribute to campus life, and develop leadership skills.
  2. Program-Specific Clubs: Many programs at Saskatchewan Polytechnic have their own clubs or student organisations. These program-specific clubs allow students to connect with peers who share similar academic interests. The clubs often organise industry visits, workshops, and social events related to their respective fields, providing valuable networking opportunities.
  3. Cultural and Diversity Clubs: Students can join clubs that celebrate different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. These clubs promote diversity, inclusivity, and cultural exchange through events, workshops, and awareness campaigns. They provide a platform for students to learn about different cultures, share experiences, and foster intercultural understanding.
  4. Volunteer and Community Service Clubs: Saskatchewan Polytechnic encourages students to engage in community service and make a positive impact. There are clubs dedicated to volunteering, organising fundraising events, and supporting local community initiatives. These clubs provide opportunities for students to give back to the community, develop leadership skills, and create lasting connections.
  5. Recreational and Sports Clubs: Students interested in sports and recreational activities can join clubs focused on specific sports, fitness, or outdoor pursuits. These clubs organise friendly competitions, training sessions, and recreational outings. They provide a platform for students to stay active, connect with fellow sports enthusiasts, and enhance their overall well-being.

Participating in clubs and societies allows students to pursue their hobbies, explore new interests, develop leadership and teamwork skills, and create meaningful connections. It enhances the overall student experience at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and contributes to personal and professional growth.

Campus Facilities

Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers modern and well-equipped campus facilities to support students' academic, social, and recreational needs. The institution continually invests in creating a conducive learning environment. Here are some notable campus facilities available at Saskatchewan Polytechnic:

  1. Libraries and Learning Commons: Each campus has libraries and learning commons that provide students with access to a vast collection of resources, including books, journals, online databases, and multimedia materials. These spaces offer quiet study areas, group collaboration spaces, and access to research assistance to support students' academic endeavours.
  2. Technology and Computer Labs: Saskatchewan Polytechnic campuses are equipped with technology and computer labs, providing students with access to the latest hardware, software, and industry-standard tools. These labs support hands-on learning and practical application of skills relevant to various programs.
  3. Applied Research Facilities: The institution has applied research facilities that offer students opportunities to engage in real-world projects and collaborate with industry partners. These facilities provide access to specialised equipment, laboratories, and resources necessary for applied research and innovation.
  4. Simulation and Skills Training Centers: Saskatchewan Polytechnic campuses feature simulation and skills training centres designed to provide practical training experiences for students in fields such as healthcare, trades, and technology. These centres simulate real-life scenarios, allowing students to practice their skills in a controlled environment before entering the workforce.
  5. Student Residences: Some campuses offer on-campus student residences that provide safe and comfortable housing options for students. These residences foster a sense of community and provide convenient access to campus facilities, allowing students to immerse themselves fully in the campus experience.
  6. Cafeterias and Dining Facilities: Each campus has cafeterias and dining facilities where students can enjoy a variety of meals, snacks, and beverages. These spaces serve as social hubs, allowing students to connect with peers, relax, and recharge between classes.
  7. Recreation and Fitness Facilities: Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognises the importance of physical well-being and offers recreation and fitness facilities on campus. These facilities include fitness centres, sports courts, and recreational spaces where students can engage in physical activities, participate in intramural sports, or join fitness classes.

The campus facilities at Saskatchewan Polytechnic are designed to support student's academic pursuits, encourage collaboration and innovation, and promote a healthy work-life balance. The institution prioritises providing an environment where students can thrive and make the most of their educational journey.

Alumni Network

Saskatchewan Polytechnic takes pride in its strong and active alumni network, which plays a vital role in fostering connections, supporting current students, and promoting professional development. Here's an overview of the benefits and opportunities available through the institution's alumni network:

  1. Networking Opportunities: The alumni network provides a platform for graduates to connect with fellow alumni, industry professionals, and potential employers. Through events, workshops, and online platforms, alumni can expand their professional network, share experiences, and explore career opportunities.
  2. Mentorship Programs: Saskatchewan Polytechnic's alumni network offers mentorship programs that connect current students with experienced alumni in their respective fields. These mentorship programs provide guidance, career advice, and support to students as they navigate their educational journey and transition into the workforce.
  3. Job Placement Assistance: Alumni often have access to exclusive job postings, career fairs, and recruitment events facilitated by the institution. The alumni network collaborates with industry partners to connect graduates with job opportunities and facilitate career advancement.
  4. Continuing Education and Professional Development: Saskatchewan Polytechnic's alumni network provides access to professional development resources, workshops, and continuing education programs. Alumni can enhance their skills, stay updated with industry trends, and pursue lifelong learning opportunities to support their career growth.
  5. Alumni Recognition and Awards: The institution recognises the achievements and contributions of its alumni through awards and recognition programs. These initiatives celebrate alumni accomplishments in their respective fields, inspiring current students and creating a sense of pride within the alumni community.
  6. Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities: The alumni network encourages alumni to stay engaged with the institution by volunteering, participating in alumni events, or guest speaking in classrooms. Alumni can contribute their expertise, share their journey, and give back to the institution and its students.

The Saskatchewan Polytechnic alumni network serves as a lifelong connection for graduates, providing ongoing support, professional opportunities, and a sense of belonging to the institution. It fosters a strong community of successful professionals who continue to make a positive impact in their respective fields.

Why Study at Saskatchewan Polytechnic?

- Industry-Relevant Programs: Choose from over 160 programs in various fields that are designed to provide practical skills and knowledge that are in high demand by employers. You'll gain the expertise needed to excel in your chosen industry.

- Applied Learning: Experience hands-on, applied learning that prepares you for the real world. Saskatchewan Polytechnic focuses on practical training, allowing you to develop the skills and competencies necessary to be job-ready upon graduation.

- Strong Industry Connections: Benefit from the institution's strong ties with industry partners. Programs are developed in collaboration with employers to ensure they align with current industry needs and trends. This connection provides you with valuable opportunities for internships, work placements, and networking.

- High Graduation and Employment Rates: Saskatchewan Polytechnic boasts high graduation and employment rates. Many graduates find employment within six months of completing their programs, highlighting the institution's commitment to producing job-ready graduates.

- State-of-the-Art Facilities: Gain access to modern, industry-standard facilities that enhance your learning experience. Specialised labs, simulation technology, and equipment are available to provide you with practical training and prepare you for your future career.

- Diverse Study Areas: Choose from a wide range of study areas to match your interests and career goals. Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers programs in business, health sciences, engineering technology, information and communications technology, trades, creative arts and design, and more.

- Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: Experience a welcoming and inclusive environment. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is committed to fostering diversity, offering dedicated services for Indigenous students, support for students with disabilities, programs for international students, and initiatives promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion.

- Vibrant Student Life: Engage in vibrant student life with various clubs and societies. From program-specific clubs to cultural and diversity clubs, there are opportunities to connect with peers, pursue hobbies, and develop leadership skills.

- Supportive Services: Access a range of student support services to ensure your well-being and success. From counselling and career advising to academic support and mental health resources, Saskatchewan Polytechnic is dedicated to supporting students from all backgrounds.

Studying at Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers numerous benefits, including industry relevance, practical learning, strong industry connections, high employment rates, state-of-the-art facilities, diverse study areas, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, vibrant student life, and comprehensive student support services.


Campuses offering this course
Moose Jaw Campus - Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Saskatchewan Polytechnic

600 Saskatchewan St W, Moose Jaw SK S6H 4R4

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Moose Jaw is the fourth largest city in Saskatchewan and is located on Treaty 4 territory, and Homeland of the Métis people. With a population of 32,000 residents, Moose Jaw has a small town feel with big city amenities. With shopping malls, grocery stores, libraries, recreation complexes, movie theatres, easy access to health care, parks and more, Moose Jaw has everything a student needs. With a historic downtown and underground tunnels, Moose Jaws celebration of heritage and history make it unique.

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Saskatoon Campus - Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Saskatchewan Polytechnic

1130 Idylwyld Dr N, Saskatoon SK S7K 3R5

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Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan and is located on Treaty 6 territory, and Homeland of the Métis people. Divided by the South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon is often described as the "Bridge City" for its nine river crossings. With a population of 246,000, Saskatoon is the economic and cultural hub of the region. With plenty of amenities such as shopping malls, grocery stores, libraries, recreation complexes, movie theatres, health care facilities, parks and more, Saskatoon has everything a student needs.

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