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    AUD 80,000

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    2 Semesters

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    January, may, august

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    New York

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

Explore your interests in business, finance, marketing, or management before you declare a major. The business exploration option gives you an opportunity to explore your interests in business while you complete foundation courses. You can sample courses in a variety of majors while you identify the program that best meets your interests and career aspirations. For students interested in pursuing a career in business, but are uncertain as to which major best fits their personal and professional objectives, the business exploration option provides students with up to a year and a half to declare a major. During this time, students complete liberal arts and sciences courses as well as business core courses, which provide an understanding of all facets of business and serve as a foundation for advanced study in a specific area of interest.

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You must have successfully completed a United States Year 12 (or equivalent senior secondary school qualification) Equivalent qualifications may also include a recognized post-secondary diploma in the relevant discipline with the required grades. Meeting the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee entry. Your application will still need to be assessed and accepted. If you dont meet the entry requirements, there may be other programs you are eligible for that can lead you to your preferred program.

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Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a university that promises a transformative experience for domestic and international students. Here, students feel encouraged to reach their fullest potential at personal and professional levels. Nestled in the heart of Henrietta, NY, RIT's main campus sprawls across 1,300 acres of suburban land in a vibrant city that buzzes with opportunity and innovation. But what truly sets Rochester Institute of Technology apart? What makes it an institution that international students choose to call home?

Step through the doors of Rochester Institute of Technology, and you will instantly experience a sense of belonging here. At RIT, knowledge knows no bounds, collaboration and creativity flourish, and students are immersed in a diverse community of curious minds. The university embraces uniqueness, celebrating a kaleidoscope of cultures and perspectives that converge within its walls.

RIT is a place where students feel liberated enough to ask questions without hesitation, challenge assumptions, and explore the depths of their intellect. It is also an institution where meaningful friendships are forged, passions are ignited, and ideas are nurtured. At RIT, higher education is not confined to textbooks and lectures but rather extends far beyond the classroom. Think of studying at RIT as a symphony of experiences. What makes it fun are the late-night discussions with classmates, the victories shared on the field, and the magic that unfolds during group projects.

Step onto Rochester Institute of Technology's campus, and students will discover a world of possibilities. RIT offers an incredible array of academic programs across various disciplines for domestic students and foreign nationals. Rochester Institute of Technology has programs in various fields of study, including art and design, business, computing, and information sciences. There are many other areas of study at RIT, though.

Rochester Institute of Technology has a lot more to offer than just the obvious. For instance, the curriculum of the university allows students to explore different fields of study while immersing themselves in real-world projects. It’s comparable to a living, breathing organism, fueled by the passion and drive of its students, faculty, and alumni. It's a place where ideas are incubated, innovations are born, and boundaries are pushed. Rochester Institute of Technology is committed to hands-on learning and research.

Imagine a campus where curiosity knows no limits and where students can explore state-of-the-art facilities, research centres, and laboratories that serve as their playground for discovery. Rochester Institute of Technology provides an environment where imagination can run wild and students can challenge conventional wisdom and defy the impossible.

Rochester Institute of Technology's impact extends far beyond its campus borders. It's like a ripple in a pond, radiating outward and touching lives around the globe. Rochester Institute of Technology's global campuses in Dubai, Croatia, and Kosovo extend its reach, providing world-class educational programs to students from diverse backgrounds. The Rochester Institute of Technology community is a tapestry woven with threads from over 100 countries, each thread adding its own unique colour and texture to the vibrant fabric of the institution.

Rochester Institute of Technology offers a strong launchpad for students' dreams and acts as a catalyst for their personal and professional growth. It's a place where students get the best out of themselves as they are armed with the knowledge, skills, and experiences that will shape their future. Students at RIT will also be part of a community that celebrates their uniqueness and empowers them to create, collaborate, innovate, and thrive.

At Rochester Institute of Technology, it is possible to make your potential soar to new heights. Your success story at RIT will resonate not only within the walls of the campus but also across the border.

Campus Locations

At Rochester Institute of Technology, international students are welcomed into a vibrant and connected community that spans across multiple campuses worldwide. RIT's main campus is in Henrietta, New York, and it spans 1,300 acres in suburban Rochester. For your information, Rochester is the third-largest city in New York. With the main campus, Rochester Institute of Technology offers a picturesque suburban setting spread over 1,300 acres, providing a serene and conducive environment for learning. In addition, RIT extends its educational reach to Dubai, Croatia, and Kosovo, offering world-class programs tailored to students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Established in 2008, RIT Dubai provides top-quality university programs in the United Arab Emirates. The campus caters to students and professionals from the Middle East, North America, Africa, and South-East Asia. The campus is strategically located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, a leading hub for advanced electronic innovation and design.

RIT Croatia has campuses in Dubrovnik and Zagreb. The Dubrovnik campus is near the main entrance to Old Town, a historic section of the city. Zagreb is a vibrant city with a mix of classic and modern architecture, cobblestone streets, and old city neighbourhoods reminiscent of Central Europe. RIT Croatia's Zagreb campus is situated in Bundek Center, a new facility with housing, restaurants, a fitness centre, and coffee shops.

On the other hand, RIT Kosovo offers a diverse educational environment with courses in liberal arts, information sciences, media, entrepreneurship, and management. Located near Germia National Park, just outside downtown Pristina, RIT Kosovo attracts students from over 20 different countries.

Study Areas

RIT boasts an incredible array of academic programs designed to unlock the full potential of its international student community. From art, design, and architecture to business, management, and leadership, RIT offers a comprehensive range of study areas for applicants. Students can immerse themselves in the fields of communications and digital media, computing and information sciences, engineering and engineering technology, environmental studies and sustainability, game design and development, health professions and medical sciences, humanities, social sciences, education, photography, film, and animation, as well as science and maths. The flexibility of an undeclared and individualised study program is also available at RIT, allowing students to tailor their education to their specific interests and career aspirations.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Rochester Institute of Technology, diversity is not just a buzzword but rather a fundamental value ingrained in the university's DNA. RIT has nearly 2,000 international students from over 100 countries and offers a rich cultural environment that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. Moreover, RIT proudly hosts over 2,300 underrepresented students of colour, further enhancing the diverse fabric of its community. As an inclusive institution, RIT is committed to diversity, and this is exemplified by the support it offers to more than 900 deaf and hard-of-hearing students through the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. RIT's dedication to fostering an environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued ensures a truly transformative educational experience.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Your journey at RIT extends far beyond the classroom. With over 300 student clubs and organisations at RIT, it is safe to say that the university offers ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar passions and interests. RIT has something for everyone, whether you're an artist, gamer, musician, activist, scientist, athlete, or theatre enthusiast. It offers a thriving community where you can forge lifelong friendships and explore your extracurricular interests. From organising events on campus to venturing off-campus for exciting adventures, student life at RIT is filled with countless memorable moments and collaborative endeavours.

Campus Facilities

Rochester Institute of Technology has state-of-the-art facilities and resources that facilitate innovation, creativity, and personal growth among students. The campus boasts modern classrooms, advanced laboratories, and specialised studios equipped to support various disciplines. Whether you're conducting research, working on hands-on projects, or participating in creative activities, RIT's facilities are designed to provide an immersive and enriching learning environment. Additionally, RIT offers comprehensive resources such as libraries, fitness centres, dining options, and student support services, ensuring that every aspect of your campus experience is catered to and supported.

Alumni Network

The RIT alumni network is a powerful force that has an impact on students far beyond graduation. With over 145,000 proud alumni, RIT provides a supportive community that continues to thrive and contribute to the professional world. The RIT Alumni Association, along with the university’s dedicated staff and volunteers, offers numerous opportunities for networking, mentorship, and collaboration. Through these connections, current students and future graduates can gain access to invaluable industry insights, career guidance, and potential employment opportunities. The RIT alumni network is a testament to the university's commitment to nurturing success and fostering lifelong connections.

Why Study at RIT?

  • Rigorous, professionally-focused academic programs: RIT's multidisciplinary and future-proof majors equip students with the analytical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability skills needed in today's evolving career landscape.
  • Combined accelerated bachelor's-master's degree programs: RIT offers the opportunity to save time and money by pursuing graduate studies as an undergraduate, opening doors to enhanced career prospects.
  • Research opportunities: RIT empowers undergraduate students to engage in hands-on research experiences across diverse fields of study.
  • Honours program: Through challenging learning experiences, the Honours Program at RIT cultivates leadership, scholarship, and citizenship, nurturing students' personal and intellectual growth.
  • Programs for creators: RIT encourages students to explore their creative passions beyond their major through specialised programs and hands-on experiences.
  • Financial support: RIT is committed to creating a tailored financial aid offer to help make education affordable for all students.
  • Empowering international students: RIT's diverse and inclusive community embraces international students, fostering a sense of belonging and providing support for their academic and personal success.

Rochester Institute of Technology is known for its excellence in higher education, innovation, and inclusivity. By choosing to study at RIT, international students embark on a transformative educational journey, with a supportive community, world-class facilities, and a wealth of opportunities to excel, connect, and make a lasting impact.


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    1001 - 1200

Campus offering this course
Main Campus - Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester Institute of Technology

One Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, New York, 14623

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RIT’s main campus is located in Henrietta, NY, and occupies 1,300 acres in suburban Rochester, the third-largest city in New York state. Rochester is large enough to provide the dining and night life opportunities you might expect in a bigger city, yet small and friendly enough to be inviting and accessible. Of the nearly 19,000 enrolled students, nearly 3,500 students are from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds along with more than 2,700 international students.

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