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    AUD 19,000

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    2 Years

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    Swift Current,Kindersley,Warman

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

If you like being part of decision-making processes, and are interested in organizational culture and interpersonal dynamics, the two-year Business Diploma with a management specialty will appeal to you. Business management is many things - efficient management of people, effective organization of resources, and strategic planning for growth.

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Great Plains College is not just an institution; it is a gateway to excellence, a place where dreams take flight and possibilities become realities. Nestled in the heart of western Saskatchewan, this dynamic college stands at the forefront of the region's educational landscape, captivating students with its commitment to innovation, responsive programs, and unwavering dedication to their success.

Like a compass guiding its students towards their true north, Great Plains College offers a diverse range of study areas that cater to individual interests and career aspirations. From healthcare to business, trades to technology, and everything in between, the college provides a rich tapestry of programs that empower students to embark on their educational journey with confidence and enthusiasm.

Imagine stepping onto the Great Plains College campus, where the halls echo with a symphony of knowledge, passion, and ambition. Here, students find themselves embraced by a warm and inclusive community, a supportive network of educators and peers who walk alongside them on their path to greatness. It's a place where diversity is celebrated, where ideas collide and ignite, and where lifelong connections are forged.

Great Plains College prides itself on being more than just a vessel of learning; it is a crucible of growth, a fertile ground where dreams take root and blossom. Through immersive experiences, hands-on training, and real-world applications, students are prepared not only for the challenges of their chosen fields but also for the ever-changing demands of the modern world.

Picture a mosaic of clubs and societies, each vibrant piece contributing to the kaleidoscope of student life. Here, friendships are forged, passions are explored, and memories are etched into the very fabric of one's being. From student-led events that ignite laughter and camaraderie to service initiatives that ripple through the community, Great Plains College offers a wealth of opportunities for personal growth and connection.

At Great Plains College, the pursuit of knowledge is not confined to the four walls of a classroom; it is a journey that extends beyond borders and limitations. The college embraces international students with open arms, providing a nurturing environment where diverse cultures intertwine, fostering a global perspective that prepares graduates to thrive in an interconnected world.

Great Plains College is not just a destination; it is a springboard, launching students into a realm of possibilities and propelling them towards the future they envision. It is a place where the potential is nurtured, where dreams are transformed into reality, and where every individual is empowered to reach new heights.

Come step into the realm of Great Plains College, where education becomes an adventure, where boundaries are shattered, and where greatness is within reach. Embrace the journey, embrace the challenges, and let Great Plains College be the catalyst that propels you towards a future filled with purpose and achievement.

Campus Location

Great Plains College is strategically located in Kindersley, Swift Current, and Warman, making it easily accessible to students from across western Saskatchewan. With additional programming available in Biggar, Maple Creek, and Martensville, the college offers a diverse range of post-secondary certificate, diploma, and degree programs, as well as university courses, safety training, Adult Basic Education, and English language training. The decentralised campuses ensure that students can pursue their desired fields of study without the need for extensive travel.

In Kindersley, students can immerse themselves in a vibrant community while pursuing their academic goals. Swift Current, the main urban centre of southwest Saskatchewan, offers a bustling atmosphere with various recreational and entertainment opportunities. Warman provides a welcoming environment for students seeking a quality education. The college's presence in multiple locations ensures that learners have the flexibility to choose the campus that best suits their needs and preferences.

Study Areas

Great Plains College offers a wide array of study areas to cater to the diverse interests and career aspirations of its students. With programs ranging from college and trades to university-level courses, the college provides comprehensive options to match various educational goals. Here are some of the key study areas available at Great Plains College:


Great Plains College offers programs in healthcare, including Practical Nursing, Continuing Care Assistant, Medical Laboratory Assistant, and Pharmacy Technician. Students who complete these programmes will be prepared with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the exciting and lucrative industry of healthcare.

Business and Administration:

The programs provide a solid foundation in business principles, management techniques, and administrative skills, preparing graduates for successful careers in a variety of industries.

Trades and Technology:

Great Plains College offers an extensive range of trades and technology programs, including Electrician, Welding, Power Engineering, Plumbing, and Heavy Equipment Operator. These hands-on programs provide students with the practical skills and technical knowledge required in the ever-evolving trades and technology sectors.

Information Technology:

In today's digital age, information technology plays a crucial role in various industries. Great Plains College offers programs in Computer Systems Technology, Network Administration, and Cybersecurity. These courses give students the knowledge and abilities they need to thrive in a technologically advanced society while preparing them for in-demand IT employment.

Early Childhood Education:

Great Plains College offers an Early Childhood Education program for individuals passionate about working with young children. This program provides a solid foundation in child development, teaching methodologies, and creating nurturing learning environments. Graduates can pursue rewarding careers in childcare centres, preschools, and community organisations.

University Transfer:

Great Plains College provides university-level courses that enable students to complete their first-year university studies in a supportive and smaller class environment. These courses are fully transferable to partner universities, allowing students to seamlessly continue their education and specialise in their chosen fields.

Adult Basic Education:

Great Plains College recognises the importance of foundational skills for success in higher education. The Adult Basic Education program offers upgrading courses in English, math, and sciences, helping students enhance their skills and qualify for further post-secondary studies.

English Language Training:

Great Plains College offers English Language Training programs for international students seeking to improve their English proficiency.

The variety of study topics available at Great Plains College guarantees that students have the chance to explore their interests and acquire the know-how and abilities necessary to succeed in their chosen careers. Students can discover a programme that matches their interests and opens doors to interesting opportunities in the labour market if they are interested in healthcare, business, trades, technology, or early childhood education.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Great Plains College, diversity and inclusion are celebrated and embraced. By fostering a sense of belonging, the college aims to provide a transformative educational experience that prepares students for success in an interconnected world.

Great Plains College encourages students to engage in clubs and societies, offering opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and explore new interests. The Student Associations organise a variety of events throughout the year, from social gatherings to community service initiatives, providing students with a chance to build lasting friendships and contribute positively to the college community.

In addition to fostering a sense of community, Great Plains College prioritises the well-being of its students. The college offers a comprehensive health and dental plan for eligible full-time students, including myWellness, a mental health and wellness program designed to support students in maintaining a positive and balanced lifestyle throughout their academic journey.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Great Plains College recognises that a true post-secondary experience extends beyond academics. It is a time for personal growth, exploration, and building lasting connections. 

Joining a Student Association and actively participating in club activities is an excellent way to meet new people, explore new interests, and create unforgettable memories. These student-run societies organise a variety of activities all year long that promote camaraderie and enhance the college experience.

From luncheons and holiday parties to fundraisers and community service initiatives, there is something for everyone. These events not only offer a chance to have fun and relax but also provide valuable networking opportunities with fellow students, faculty members, and even potential employers. By getting involved in clubs and societies, students can broaden their horizons, discover new passions, and develop essential skills beyond the classroom.

Great Plains College is committed to supporting the holistic well-being of its students. As part of this commitment, the college offers a comprehensive health and dental plan for students enrolled in eligible full-time programs. One notable feature of the plan is myWellness, a mental health and wellness program designed to help students maintain a positive and productive lifestyle while pursuing their studies. This program provides access to resources and support services that prioritise the mental and emotional well-being of students.

Great Plains College understands that student life is about more than just coursework and exams. It is about finding balance, cultivating interests, and making lifelong connections. Through its diverse range of clubs and societies, as well as its commitment to student well-being, Great Plains College ensures that students have ample opportunities to thrive both academically and personally.

So, take the leap, get involved, and make the most of your college experience by joining one of the many vibrant clubs and societies available at Great Plains College.

Campus Facilities

Swift Current, one of the main campuses of Great Plains College, provides a vibrant and dynamic setting for students. Situated in southwest Saskatchewan, this urban centre offers a host of amenities and recreational opportunities to enhance the student experience.

Students can immerse themselves in the local sports scene by cheering on the WHL's Broncos or the Western Major Baseball League's Swift Current 57's. For those who appreciate arts and entertainment, the Lyric Theatre, Little Theatre, and Living Sky Casino regularly host live events, ensuring there's always something exciting happening in town.

To promote physical and mental well-being, Swift Current boasts a range of indoor and outdoor recreation and fitness facilities. Students can partake in various activities to unwind and reduce stress. Additionally, the annual Frontier Days, Longs Day's Night Music Festival, and Windscape Kite Festival provide unique opportunities for students to celebrate and experience the local culture.

Alumni Network

Great Plains College takes pride in its extensive alumni network, which serves as a valuable resource for current students and recent graduates. The alumni network offers a supportive community of individuals who have successfully transitioned from the college to various professional fields.

Through networking events and mentorship programs, alumni provide guidance and advice to help students navigate their career paths. Connecting with alumni opens doors to valuable internship and job opportunities, enabling students to gain practical experience and establish professional connections.

The success stories of Great Plains College alumni serve as a testament to the college's commitment to providing quality education and preparing students for prosperous futures. As an aspiring student at Great Plains College, you can be confident that you will join a network of accomplished individuals who have made their mark in the professional world.

Why Study at Great Plains College?

Responsive and Innovative Institution: Great Plains College is dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of its service area.

Extensive Program Offerings: Great Plains College provides a wide range of post-secondary certificate, diploma, and degree programs, as well as university courses. Whether you're interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, business, trades, or technology, the college offers comprehensive study areas that cater to diverse interests and career aspirations.

Decentralised Campuses: With campuses located in Kindersley, Swift Current, and Warman, Great Plains College offers students the convenience of studying closer to home. This decentralised approach allows students to access quality education without the need for extensive travel, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Additional Program Locations: In addition to the main campuses, Great Plains College offers programming at locations in Biggar, Maple Creek, and Martensville. This expanded reach provides greater accessibility to educational opportunities, allowing students to pursue their desired programs in their local communities.

Health and Dental Plan: Great Plains College prioritises the well-being of its students by offering a comprehensive health and dental plan for eligible full-time students. This plan includes myWellness, a mental health and wellness program that supports students in maintaining a positive and balanced lifestyle while completing their studies.

Strong Scholarship Programs: Great Plains College proudly boasts one of the strongest scholarship programs in the province. The college recognises the importance of financial support in empowering students to achieve their educational goals. Scholarships provide recognition for academic excellence and assist students in overcoming financial barriers.

Inclusive and Diverse Community: Great Plains College embraces diversity and inclusion, providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all students. The college values the unique perspectives and experiences that each individual brings, fostering a rich learning environment that prepares students for success in an interconnected world.

Alumni Network: Great Plains College boasts an extensive alumni network comprising successful individuals who have graduated from the college. This network serves as a valuable resource for current students, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and potential career connections. The accomplishments of the alumni serve as inspiration and motivation for students embarking on their own educational and professional journeys.

Campuses offering this course
Swift Current Campus - Great Plains College - Great Plains College

129 2nd Avenue NE Swift Current, SK S9H 2C6

View on map About Campus

Swift Current is the main urban centre of southwest Saskatchewan. Cheer on the WHL’s Broncos or the Western Major Baseball League’s Indians. Enjoy frequent live arts and entertainment events at the Lyric Theatre, Little Theatre and Living Sky Casino. Reduce stress at one of the many indoor and outdoor recreation and fitness facilities.

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Kindersley Campus - Great Plains College - Great Plains College

Box 488, 514 Main Street Kindersley, SK S0L 1S0

View on map About Campus

Kindersley is the hub of the oil and gas industry in west-central Saskatchewan and hosts the four-day Goose Festival each September. In your spare time, watch Junior Hockey, races at Flatlanders Speedway, and enjoy the motocross track.

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Warman Campus - Great Plains College - Great Plains College

Box 1001, 201 Central Street (306) 242-5377 Warman, SK S0K 4S0

View on map About Campus

Warman is located less than 15 minutes from the downtown core of Saskatoon. The city is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a young and active population. There is a robust selection of parks, playgrounds and facilities, to foster healthy and affordable living.

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