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Chemistry is the essential science. It impacts everything in our lives, from the perfect cup of tea to powering space-shuttles. Our extended chemistry degree looks at all branches of the discipline, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and analytical chemistry. Youll also develop the transferable skills that will appeal to a broad range of employers. This extended degree starts with a foundation year before you progress to the standard three-year course. It is accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, which means first-year students get free membership and graduates can apply for associate membership. Youll also benefit from our connections with industry, including regular guest speakers.

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You must have successfully completed an United Kingdom Year 12 (or equivalent senior secondary school qualification) Equivalent qualifications may also include a recognised post secondary diploma in the relevant discipline with the required grades. Meeting the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee entry. Your application will still need to be assessed and accepted. If you dont meet the entry requirements, there may be other programs you are eligible for that can lead you to your preferred program.


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In the heart of Greenwich, the University of Greenwich stands as an educational beacon, igniting the flames of knowledge and exploration. Like a compass guiding students on their academic journey, this esteemed institution embraces a rich heritage while fostering an atmosphere of innovation and boundless possibilities. How does this venerable university continue to shape the future? Step into the world of the University of Greenwich and unravel its remarkable tapestry.

Nestled within this vibrant campus, students from all corners of the globe converge, forming a diverse and inclusive community that thrives on the exchange of ideas. Here, the University of Greenwich transcends the conventional boundaries of education, championing a philosophy of "no limits." It is a realm where curiosity knows no bounds, and creativity knows no restrictions. As a member of this remarkable institution, students find themselves embarking on a transformative journey that surpasses the confines of traditional learning.

The University of Greenwich beckons students to explore a wide array of study areas, offering an academic tapestry as diverse as the colours of the world. From the precise brushstrokes of engineering to the eloquent prose of humanities, students find themselves immersed in a realm of intellectual stimulation. The state-of-the-art facilities, a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, become their sanctuaries of discovery. Advanced laboratories, reminiscent of scientific havens, become playgrounds for innovation and experimentation, fostering an environment where groundbreaking ideas take flight.

Within these hallowed halls, students not only cultivate knowledge but also embrace the values of inclusivity and collaboration. They become part of a vibrant tapestry of clubs and societies, where passions and aspirations intertwine. Entrepreneurial spirits find solace in the embrace of the Student Union, igniting a fire within them to forge their own paths. The University of Greenwich is more than just an institution; it is a living, breathing community that nurtures personal growth and fosters lifelong friendships.

Beyond the boundaries of classrooms, the university campus pulsates with life. It is a microcosm of experiences, where students forge bonds and create memories that will last a lifetime. The newly reopened Dreadnought Building, a testament to architectural splendour, serves as a hub for academic pursuits, with its labyrinthine corridors leading students to knowledge and inspiration. It is here that the rhythm of learning finds harmony with the melodies of the concert venue, and where physical well-being intertwines with intellectual growth in the gymnasium.

The University of Greenwich recognises that the journey of education does not end at graduation. It is a lifelong commitment to personal and professional growth. As part of the esteemed alumni network, graduates become part of a global community, spanning continents and cultures. They can seek support and guidance from fellow alumni, forging connections that transcend borders and enrich their career trajectories. The university extends its support even after graduation, offering access to services that aid in job searches, career development, and further academic pursuits.

As the sun sets on the picturesque Greenwich campus, one can't help but be captivated by the vibrant tapestry of this renowned institution. The University of Greenwich, a place where conventional wisdom yields boundless possibilities, beckons those who seek knowledge, growth, and a transformative academic journey. From the intricacies of study areas to the vibrant tapestry of student life, this institution stands as a testament to the power of education to shape lives and transcend boundaries. Embark on this remarkable journey, where the compass of knowledge points to a future without limits.

Campus Location

Situated in the vibrant city of London, the University of Greenwich offers an exceptional location for international students seeking a world-class education. With campuses in Greenwich, Avery Hill, and Medway, you'll have the opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in the rich history, diverse culture, and countless opportunities that this global city has to offer. The campuses provide a unique blend of old and new, where state-of-the-art facilities coexist with historic buildings, creating an inspiring and conducive learning environment.

Study Areas

The University of Greenwich offers a diverse range of study areas that cater to a wide array of academic interests and career aspirations. The comprehensive selection of programs ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your academic journey. Whether you have a passion for business, science, humanities, or the arts, the university provides an engaging and supportive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth and professional development.

Business and Management:

The business and management programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic world of commerce. From undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and International Business to specialised master's programs in Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management, the curriculum here combines theoretical foundations with practical applications. Through case studies, industry collaborations, and internships, you'll gain real-world experience and develop the critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills necessary for success in today's global marketplace.

Science and Engineering:

If you have a passion for science and a curiosity for discovering how things work, the science and engineering programs offer exciting opportunities for exploration and innovation. Whether you're interested in chemistry, biology, computer science, or engineering disciplines such as civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering, the state-of-the-art laboratories and experienced faculty will provide you with the tools and knowledge to thrive. Hands-on experiments, research projects, and industry placements will enhance your practical skills, enabling you to make significant contributions to your chosen field.

Humanities and Social Sciences:

At the University of Greenwich,  the importance of understanding human behaviour, societies, and cultures is recognised. The humanities and social sciences programs encourage critical thinking, cultural awareness, and a deep appreciation for the complexities of the human experience. From degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and History to specialised programs in International Relations, Media Studies, and English Literature, you'll engage in thought-provoking discussions, research projects, and fieldwork that broaden your perspectives and develop your analytical and communication skills.

Creative Arts and Design:

For those with a flair for creativity and artistic expression, the creative arts and design programs offer a platform to unleash your imagination and explore your passion. Whether you aspire to be a visual artist, graphic designer, filmmaker, or fashion designer, th =e dedicated faculty of experienced practitioners will guide you in honing your craft. Through studio-based learning, workshops, and collaborative projects, you'll develop your artistic skills and gain a deep understanding of the principles and techniques that underpin the world of creativity.

Health and Social Care:

If your calling lies in making a positive impact on people's lives and contributing to the well-being of communities, the health and social care programs provide the foundation for a rewarding career in this field. From nursing and midwifery to public health and social work, the curriculum emphasises practical training, clinical placements, and a person-centred approach to care. You'll learn from experienced professionals, engage in real-world scenarios, and develop the empathy, compassion, and expertise required to address the diverse needs of individuals and communities.

Architecture and Construction:

For those with a passion for designing and building the spaces the university inhabits, the architecture and construction programs offer a comprehensive understanding of architectural principles, construction techniques, and sustainable design practices. Through a combination of studio-based projects, site visits, and collaborations with industry partners, you'll develop the skills to create innovative and sustainable architectural solutions. The programs provide a strong foundation in design thinking, technical knowledge, and project management, preparing you for a successful career in architecture, construction management, or urban planning.

Diversity and Inclusion

At the University of Greenwich, diversity is embraced and celebrated. As an international student, you'll find a welcoming and inclusive community that values individuals from all backgrounds and cultures. The university's commitment to diversity extends beyond the classroom, aiming to create an environment where every student feels respected, supported, and empowered to express their unique perspectives. It is believed that diversity enhances the learning experience, fosters creativity, and prepares students to thrive in a globalised world.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Getting involved in clubs and societies is an integral part of the student experience at the University of Greenwich. Joining one of the many student-led organisations provides an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, explore interests, and develop valuable skills outside of the classroom. For aspiring entrepreneurs, the societies associated with the Student Union offer a great platform to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. These vibrant communities provide a supportive network where ideas can be exchanged, collaborative projects can be undertaken, and practical insights into the world of business can be gained.

Campus Facilities

The University of Greenwich campuses boast outstanding facilities that enhance learning and social experiences. Over £150 million has been invested in creating state-of-the-art teaching spaces, advanced laboratories, and modern student facilities. The recently reopened Dreadnought Building in Greenwich serves as a central hub for academic, teaching, and computing spaces. It also features a gymnasium and concert venue, contributing to memorable student experiences. Additionally, students have access to three campus libraries staffed with dedicated academic services librarians who provide expert guidance and support.

Alumni Network

Joining the University of Greenwich's alumni network opens up a world of opportunities for international students. With over 250,000 alumni across the globe, you become part of a diverse and influential community that can support you throughout your career journey. The alumni network offers numerous benefits, including the Ask Alumni+ platform, where you can expand your professional networks, seek guidance from alumni in your industry, and provide support to others following in your footsteps. As an alum, you can also enjoy discounted rates at the Avery Hill campus gym and access university conference spaces and accommodation with a special alumni discount.

Why Study at the University of Greenwich?

  • Prime Location: Situated in London, one of the world's most dynamic and culturally diverse cities, the campuses offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a global hub of innovation, business, and arts.
  • Comprehensive Support Services: The university prioritises the well-being and success of international students. From personal tutors who guide you throughout your studies to the Student Academic Services team, ready to assist with accommodation, financial matters, counselling, and disability needs, the university provides comprehensive support services to ensure you have a smooth and enriching university experience. The University of Greenwich understands that transitioning to a new country and educational system can be challenging. Therefore, it is committed to offering the support students need to thrive academically and personally.
  • Inspiring Academic Excellence: The University of Greenwich is renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to innovation. The dedicated faculty members are experts in their fields, ensuring that you receive a high-quality education that prepares you for success in your chosen career path. The university emphasises a practical and applied approach to learning, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the global job market.
  • Cultural Diversity and Global Perspective: As an international student, you'll have the opportunity to engage with peers from all corners of the world, fostering a multicultural and inclusive learning environment. The diverse perspectives and experiences shared by your classmates will broaden your horizons, challenge your assumptions, and prepare you to navigate a globalised society with confidence and cultural sensitivity.
  • Career Development Opportunities: The University of Greenwich is dedicated to enhancing your employability and preparing you for a successful career. The Employability and Careers Service here offers a wide range of resources, including CV assistance, job application support, mock interviews, career fairs, and networking events. Additionally, for up to two years after completing your studies, you can access the full range of services provided by the Employability and Careers Service, ensuring ongoing support as you transition into the professional world.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The campuses provide an exceptional learning environment equipped with modern facilities and resources. From advanced laboratories for science and engineering students to three campus libraries with dedicated academic services librarians, you'll have access to the tools and spaces necessary for effective learning and research. The Dreadnought Building at Greenwich, with its comprehensive facilities and social spaces, serves as a hub for academic and social activities, creating a vibrant and engaging campus experience.
  • Alumni Success and Networking: Joining the University of Greenwich means becoming part of a global alumni network that spans various industries and sectors. The alumni community is a valuable resource for networking, mentorship, and career opportunities. Whether you're seeking guidance from successful graduates or aiming to give back by mentoring current students, the alumni network provides a platform to establish connections that can benefit you throughout your professional journey.


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    501 - 600
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    801 - 1000
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    801 - 900


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Medway Campus - University of Greenwich - University of Greenwich

Central Avenue, Gillingham, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TB

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Medway Campus has a rich naval history. Its red-brick buildings were previously a Royal Navy base. Nelsons flagship HMS Victory was built at Chathams Historic Dockyard. The campus also has amazing cafés and bars, including those in Pembroke and Pilkington Buildings. An attractive piazza-style area with outdoor seating is ideal for events. There are also plenty of green spaces, with a tennis court and on-site gym.

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