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    AUD 43,000

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    44 Months

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Develop the versatile management skills and in-depth knowledge you need to succeed in heavy, industrial, commercial and residential construction. Through the Construction Management program, you’ll combine technology, science, leadership and management skills to plan projects and overcome industry challenges. In addition, your training will comply with Canadian codes, laws and regulations and help you develop sustainable building practices. This program is best suited for people already working in areas related to the skilled trades, engineering or engineering technologies.

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    Community College

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Red River College Polytechnic, Manitoba's largest institute of applied learning and research, is a dynamic and innovative educational institution that prepares students for leadership roles in their chosen fields. With a commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and industry relevance, RRC Polytech offers a wide range of programs designed to meet the evolving needs of the job market.

Here, knowledge is not confined to textbooks but rather brought to life through hands-on experiences and top-class instruction. Red River College Polytechnic is that place. Just as a sculptor shapes clay into a masterpiece, RRC Polytech moulds students into skilled professionals ready to make their mark in the world.

Diversity is the vibrant thread that weaves through the fabric of RRC Polytech's community. At RRC Polytech, diversity is celebrated, for it is through the collision of different ideas and cultures that innovation flourishes. RRC Polytech embraces diversity not only in terms of ethnicity, age, and gender but also in the diversity of thought—a tapestry of ideas, values, and perspectives that fosters respect and inclusion.

Student life at RRC Polytech is a tapestry of colours, textures, and sounds, an orchestra of experiences that resonate with energy and excitement. The RRC Polytech community believes in the potential of every student and supports their aspirations. Joining the RRC Polytech family means immersing yourself in a world where learning extends beyond the classroom, where students actively engage in clubs, societies, and events that ignite their passions.

Imagine walking through the hallways of RRC Polytech, where knowledge is not confined to lecture halls but spills into modern classrooms equipped with cutting-edge technology. It's an ecosystem that nurtures curiosity and empowers students to explore, question, and challenge the status quo. Laboratories and workshops become playgrounds of innovation, where theory meets practice, and ideas take flight like a soaring bird across a clear blue sky.

RRC Polytech is not just an institution; it's a launchpad for dreams and aspirations. Graduates become part of an extensive network of alumni, a constellation of professionals who have transformed their education into meaningful careers. The alumni community shines like a guiding star, offering support, mentorship, and opportunities for growth.

In a world where change is constant, RRC Polytech remains at the forefront, sculpting the leaders of tomorrow. With a focus on equity, the college works tirelessly to remove barriers that have hindered certain groups from realising their full potential. Like a sculptor refining their masterpiece, RRC Polytech polishes each student, equipping them with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to navigate the ever-evolving multi-skilled workforce.

So, if you seek an education that goes beyond the ordinary, where diversity is celebrated and innovation thrives, join Red River College Polytechnic. Let your journey begin, and together, let's sculpt a future that is both remarkable and transformative.

Campus Locations

Red River College Polytechnic (RRC Polytech) boasts a strong presence across Manitoba, with eight campuses strategically located throughout the province. These campuses are designed to provide accessible and convenient education opportunities to students in various regions. Let's explore these campuses further:

Exchange District Campus: Situated in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, the Exchange District Campus offers a vibrant urban setting with easy access to cultural attractions, restaurants, and businesses.

Notre Dame Campus: Located in Winnipeg, the Notre Dame Campus is RRC Polytech's main campus, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of programs.

Stevenson Airport Campus: This campus, located in Winnipeg, focuses on aviation and aerospace programs, providing students with hands-on training in a specialised environment.

Interlake and Peguis – Fisher River Campus: Serving the Interlake and Peguis-Fisher River regions, this campus brings accessible education closer to rural communities.

Portage la Prairie Campus: Situated in Portage la Prairie, this campus offers a variety of programs and serves as a hub for students in the Central Plains region.

Steinbach Campus: Located in Steinbach, this campus caters to students in the southeast region of Manitoba, offering a diverse range of programs.

Stevenson Southport Campus: This campus, located in Southport, specialises in aviation and provides excellent training facilities for aspiring professionals in the field.

Winkler Campus: The Winkler Campus serves the Pembina Valley region, providing opportunities for students in the area to pursue their educational goals.

Study Areas

Red River College Polytechnic offers an extensive selection of programs across various study areas, ensuring that students can find the perfect fit for their academic and career aspirations. Let's explore some of the study areas available at RRC Polytech:

Intensive English: RRC Polytech offers an Intensive English program for international students, providing language skills necessary for academic success and effective communication.

Business: The Business programs at RRC Polytech equip students with essential knowledge and skills to excel in the dynamic world of business, including areas such as management, marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurship.

Community Services: Programs in Community Services prepare students to make a positive impact on individuals and communities, with areas of focus including social work, counselling, community development, and youth services.

Computer and Information Systems Technology: RRC Polytech offers programs in computer science, networking, cybersecurity, and software development, equipping students with in-demand IT skills.

Creative Arts: Students interested in the arts can explore programs in graphic design, digital media design, photography, and creative communications, fostering their creativity and technical abilities.

Culinary: RRC Polytech's Culinary programs provide hands-on training and theoretical knowledge to aspiring chefs, preparing them for careers in the culinary industry.

Engineering and Construction Technology: With programs in civil engineering, construction management, architectural technology, and more, RRC Polytech equips students with the skills needed for the rapidly evolving construction industry.

Health Sciences: RRC Polytech offers a range of health sciences programs, including nursing, diagnostic imaging, dental assisting, pharmacy technician, and healthcare aide, providing students with the necessary skills to contribute to the healthcare sector.

Indigenous Education: RRC Polytech is committed to promoting Indigenous education and offers programs that provide cultural awareness, understanding, and opportunities for Indigenous students.

Skilled Trades: With programs in areas such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and welding, RRC Polytech prepares students for rewarding careers in the skilled trades industry.

Transportation Technology: RRC Polytech offers programs in automotive technology, aviation maintenance, heavy-duty equipment, and rail transportation, providing students with the knowledge and skills for success in the transportation sector.

Diversity and Inclusion

Red River College Polytechnic fosters a respectful, diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for all students, staff, and external partners. The college firmly believes that diversity strengthens the learning experience and drives innovation. The college's definition of diversity also includes a diversity of thought, embracing a wide range of ideas, perspectives, and values that foster respect and inclusion.

RRC Polytech is committed to creating an atmosphere where all individuals are welcomed, respected, and supported to participate fully. The college strives to ensure that the right conditions are in place for each student to achieve their full potential. By promoting equity, RRC Polytech aims to uphold fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all, working towards identifying and eliminating barriers that have hindered the full participation of certain groups. Improving equity involves increasing justice and fairness within the procedures and processes of institutions, as well as potentially addressing the distribution of resources.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Red River College Polytechnic understands that student life is not only about academics but also about fostering personal growth, building connections, and creating lasting memories. The college's Students' Association organises events and activities, as well as provides spaces for students to socialise and engage with one another. Let's explore some of the elements that make student life at RRC Polytech vibrant and enriching:

Students' Association: The Students' Association acts as an advocate for student concerns, ensuring that student voices are heard and their needs are met. The association also develops spaces such as the Cave Lounge, Workshop, Coffee Shop in STTC, and The Spectrum, where students can relax, study, and connect with their peers.

Events and Activities: Throughout the school year, RRC Polytech organises a wide range of events and activities that any student can participate in, and most of them are completely free. These events foster a sense of community among students and provide opportunities for them to explore their interests, showcase their talents, and create meaningful connections with one another.

Clubs and Societies: RRC Polytech offers a diverse range of student clubs and societies catering to a wide range of interests. Joining these groups allows you to engage with like-minded people, develop new skills, and contribute to the causes you care about.

Campus Facilities

Red River College Polytechnic provides state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that students have the best possible learning environment. The college understands the importance of hands-on training and practical experience in preparing students for the workforce. Here are some of the facilities available at RRC Polytech:

Modern Classrooms: RRC Polytech's classrooms are equipped with modern technology and resources to facilitate effective learning. The college prioritises interactive and engaging teaching methods to enhance student understanding and participation.

Laboratories and Workshops: Depending on the program, students have access to specialised laboratories and workshops that simulate real-world environments. These facilities enable hands-on training and practical application of theoretical knowledge.

Libraries and Learning Commons: RRC Polytech's libraries provide extensive resources, including books, e-books, journals, and online databases, to support student's research and academic needs. The learning commons offer collaborative spaces for studying, group work, and access to computer resources.

Industry-Standard Equipment: To ensure graduates are job-ready, RRC Polytech invests in industry-standard equipment and technology. Students have the opportunity to work with tools and equipment they will encounter in their respective fields, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Fitness and Recreation Facilities: RRC Polytech understands the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The college provides the kinds of facilities where students can stay active and participate in sports and recreational activities.

Student Support Services: RRC Polytech offers a comprehensive range of support services to assist students throughout their academic journey. These services include academic advising, counselling, career services, accessibility services, and support for international students. The college strives to confirm that students have the resources and support they need to succeed.

Alumni Network

Red River College Polytechnic's alumni community is a valuable network of professionals who have graduated from the college and are making significant contributions to their respective industries. The alumni network serves as a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and continued growth. Here are some benefits and opportunities available to RRC Polytech alumni:

Exclusive Alumni Benefits: As an alumni member of RRC Polytech, you gain access to a range of support and services designed to maximise the value of your education. These benefits may include reduced-price gym memberships, exclusive discounts at businesses owned or operated by RRC Polytech grads, and access to campus services.

Career Services: RRC Polytech's Career Services provides alumni with comprehensive employment services and support. This includes access to the online job board called Career Bridge, where alumni can search for job opportunities and connect with potential employers. Career Services aims to facilitate a smooth transition from the classroom to the workplace, offering valuable resources for job seekers and employers.

Networking Opportunities: The alumni network at RRC Polytech offers numerous networking opportunities, such as alumni events, industry-specific gatherings, and online platforms. These opportunities allow you to connect with fellow alumni, industry professionals, and potential collaborators, expanding your professional network and opening doors for career advancement.

Why Study at RRC Polytech

Career-Focused Education: Red River College Polytechnic takes pride in preparing students for the job market. The committed staff and faculty ensure that you receive a high-quality education that aligns with industry demands. Hands-on learning opportunities, practical training, and industry partnerships will allow you to graduate with the knowledge, experience, and confidence you need to excel in a multi-skilled workforce.

Immigrant and International Student Support: If you're an immigrant or international student, RRC Polytech offers comprehensive support throughout your educational journey. From assisting you in choosing the right program to help you find employment and navigate the Canadian visa process, the college is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration into Canadian society.

Affordable Education: Pursuing your education at RRC Polytech is an affordable and efficient path to gain the job skills and experience needed to thrive in Canada. The college offers a range of financial services to support your academic journey.

Respectful and Inclusive Environment: Red River College Polytechnic is dedicated to providing a diverse, inclusive, and equitable atmosphere. The college values diversity in all its forms, fostering respect and promoting inclusion. You'll be part of a community where your ideas, perspectives, and values are respected, creating a supportive environment for personal and academic growth.

Continued Learning and Professional Development: RRC Polytech understands the importance of lifelong learning and offers alumni opportunities for continued education and professional development. Whether through workshops, seminars, or short courses, alumni can enhance their skills, stay updated with industry trends, and broaden their knowledge.

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Stevenson Campus - Red River College - Red River College

2280 Saskatchewan Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3J 3Y9

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Manitoba is home to the third largest aerospace sector in Canada – and Red River College Polytechnic’s Stevenson Campus is an active partner, training our workforce to participate in all aspects of the aviation and aerospace sector. Our grads are found throughout industry – overhauling aircraft engines, maintaining aircraft, building components, or in management positions such as Directors of Maintenance and Quality Assurance.

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Roblin Centre - Red River College - Red River College

160 Princess Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1K9

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The Roblin Centre (160 Princess St.) – home to our business, creative arts, and IT programs, as well as our downtown bookstore, library and fitness centre.

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Winkler Campus - Red River College - Red River College

100-561 Main Street, Winkler, Manitoba, R6W 1E8

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Winkler Campus provides access to education in the Pembina Valley by offering several full-time programs as well as a variety of part-time courses. We also offer the Mature Student diploma program and academic upgrading courses through the Winkler Community Learning Centre.

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Steinbach Campus - Red River College - Red River College

Unit # 2 - 385 Loewen Blvd., Steinbach, Manitoba, R5G 0B3

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Steinbach Campus is located in the Eastman Education Centre on Loewen Boulevard in Steinbach. This state-of-the-art facility gives Red River College Polytechnic the ability to expand the post-secondary education and training opportunities that we are able to provide to our city and surrounding rural communities.

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Portage Campus - Red River College - Red River College

32-5th Street SE, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, R1N 1J2

View on map About Campus

Portage Campus is located in the Central Plains region of Manitoba and offers a broad range of full-time diploma and certificate programs, as well as a variety of part-time courses and workshops, providing opportunities for personal and professional development for students at various stages in their lives and careers. Located in a historic building in the city of Portage la Prairie, the campus offers ample classroom space, accessibility, a gymnasium and a student lounge and computer study area.

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Notre Dame Campus - Red River College - Red River College

2055 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3H 0J9

View on map About Campus

The Notre Dame Campus is RRC’s largest campus and is home to the majority of the College’s skilled trades, transportation technology, health sciences and engineering programs. In addition, the Notre Dame Campus features a wide variety of services and amenities, applied research labs and Rebels athletics programs.

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Exchange District Campus - Red River College - Red River College

E154 - 319 Elgin Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3A 0K4

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Paterson Global Foods Institute Campus - Red River College - Red River College

504 Main St. Winnipeg, MB R3B 0T1

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RRC Polytech’s Paterson Global Foods Institute is the home to the College’s culinary programs, as well as a 100-room student residence.

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Language Training Centre Campus - Red River College - Red River College

319 Elgin Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3A 0K4

View on map About Campus

The Language Training Centre has innovative and accessible programs including Intensive English, English for Specific Purposes, and Academic Language Preparation. Our students have many goals for settlement, education/training, and employment. We support students and their success through the delivery of educational and cultural activities – in classrooms and computer labs, online, in the community, or in the workplace. Let us help you reach your education, career and life goals!

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