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    AUD 26,000

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    4 Years

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    January, august

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

This concentration provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions and to succeed in the field of Human Resources Management. Upon successful completion of this concentration, students will develop an understanding of the different functions encompassed within this particular discipline such as managing compensation, benefits, training and development, recruitment, staffing, employee retention, performance evaluation, employment law, as well as developing an appreciation of the importance of obtaining and enhancing diversity in the workplace.

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Nestled in the heart of Tampa, Florida, is the vibrant and diverse hub of higher education, the University of South Florida - INTO USA. The question isn't so much why study at USF, but rather why not?

Think of USF - INTO USA as an all-encompassing ecosystem. Its campus, mirroring the city it resides in, teems with diversity and opportunity. Just as the myriad of unique organisms in a thriving ecosystem contributes to its robust health, the various disciplines of study here also contribute to the university's academic excellence. Imagine standing at the crossroads of innovation and tradition - where students find themselves at USF - INTO USA.

The university has erected pillars of academic rigour and research, undergirded by an inclusive community that welcomes international students with open arms. Each pillar, standing tall and resolute like the palm trees adorning Tampa's beautiful coastline, represents different academic programs. These span from the arts and sciences to engineering and marine biology, each offering students a platform to satiate their academic curiosity.

The Student Center at USF - INTO USA can be likened to the heart of this academic organism. It beats with the rhythm of student life, pumping energy through the veins of the university's clubs, societies, and social gatherings. Can you imagine a more vibrant campus life?

On the other hand, the recreation and fitness facilities are akin to the lungs, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Breathe in the refreshing air of wellness; it's in plentiful supply at USF.

When students graduate from the university, they leave as ambassadors, joining a global alumni network. However, these connections aren't just a treasure trove of professional opportunities. Like the many bridges that span Tampa's waterways, the alumni network connects the present students with the past, facilitating mentorship and guidance.

The answer becomes clear when reflecting on why to choose USF - INTO USA. It is an ecosystem where academic curiosity thrives, cultures converge, diversity is celebrated, and students form connections that extend far beyond the campus boundaries. USF - INTO USA is more than just an institution; it's a unique journey in higher education. So, why not embark on this journey?

Campus Location

Nestled within the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida, the University of South Florida (USF) - INTO USA offers students a rich, dynamic environment. This metropolitan location offers students a unique blend of cultural experiences, recreational activities, and academic opportunities. Proximity to beautiful beaches, a lively arts scene, and various outdoor activities further enhance the student experience at USF.

Renowned for its multicultural fabric, Tampa forms a diverse backdrop for USF - INTO USA students. The campus, an integral part of the broader Tampa Bay area, encompasses Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, providing many lifestyle opportunities. From engaging in the region's lively sports culture to exploring the local arts scene, USF students are never short of enriching experiences.

Accessibility remains a key advantage of studying at USF. With Tampa International Airport within easy reach and efficient public transportation networks, USF - INTO USA students can conveniently navigate the city and beyond. Moreover, the campus's strategic location provides easy access to neighbouring states, giving students an even broader cultural and experiential landscape.

Study Areas

The University of South Florida - INTO USA prides itself on various study programs across diverse disciplines. For instance, the College of Arts and Sciences offers a comprehensive array of fields, from humanities and social sciences to natural sciences and mathematics. This breadth of study options lays the groundwork for robust academic exploration and interdisciplinary studies at USF.

A pillar of USF - INTO USA's academic framework is the Muma College of Business. Recognised for its extensive business programs, the College prepares students for successful careers in various business sectors. Students can tailor their learning to their career goals, from accounting and finance to marketing and entrepreneurship.

Moreover, USF - INTO USA extends its academic excellence to specialised fields, such as Engineering, Nursing, and Marine Science. Whether it's gaining hands-on experience in cutting-edge engineering labs or exploring marine ecosystems through the College of Marine Science, USF - INTO USA equips students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary for their future careers.

Diversity and Inclusion

At the University of South Florida - INTO USA, diversity and inclusion constitute the campus culture's cornerstone. Emphasising cultural competence, USF - INTO USA instils an understanding of intercultural empathy and awareness in its students, faculty, and staff. This commitment to diversity readies students for an increasingly globalised world.

USF - INTO USA encourages its diverse community to connect through various student organisations, clubs, and affinity groups. These multicultural platforms allow students to share their cultural backgrounds, experiences, and interests. USF - INTO USA promotes a thriving and inclusive campus environment by fostering this sense of belonging.

USF - INTO USA offers diversity training and education in its pursuit of inclusivity. By raising awareness, challenging stereotypes, and promoting respect for all, the University aims to create an environment where every student feels valued. These initiatives are part of USF - INTO USA's broader strategy to ensure a welcoming and inclusive campus for all.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

The University of South Florida - INTO USA fosters a dynamic student life rich with personal and professional growth opportunities. The campus houses a variety of student organisations spanning academic, cultural, recreational, and social domains. These groups provide a platform for students to develop leadership skills, broaden their perspectives, and enhance their campus experience.

Complementing academic pursuits, USF - INTO USA's professional clubs present students with avenues for networking, skill enhancement, and exposure to industry trends. From guest lectures and workshops to competitions, these clubs provide valuable resources for students to excel in their chosen fields.

Cultural and ethnic clubs at USF - INTO USA celebrate the university's diverse community. They orchestrate various events, festivals, and performances that showcase different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. These clubs enable students to engage with their cultures and those of their peers, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of global diversity.

Campus Facilities

The University of South Florida - INTO USA ensures its student's access to modern and comprehensive facilities. The campus is home to state-of-the-art academic buildings, modern classrooms, laboratories, and research facilities. These spaces are designed to facilitate the pursuit of knowledge across various disciplines at USF.

A key part of student life at USF - INTO USA is the Student Center, a bustling hub for student activities and services. This dynamic space houses meeting rooms, a food court, and various recreational areas, offering students a place to relax, socialise, and engage with their peers.

Physical fitness and active lifestyles are encouraged at USF - INTO USA through extensive recreation and fitness facilities. From fully equipped gyms and swimming pools to outdoor recreational spaces, the campus provides numerous opportunities for students to maintain their health and wellness.

Alumni Network

An integral part of the University of South Florida - INTO USA experience is the extensive alumni network. With graduates spread across the globe and working in diverse industries, the alumni network offers a vast array of connections and expertise to current students.

USF - INTO USA further cultivates the connection between students and alumni through networking events, reunions, and career fairs. These events allow students to establish professional relationships, explore various career paths, and potentially secure job or internship opportunities.

Alumni are a significant part of the USF - INTO USA community. Many often take up the role of mentors to guide current students through their academic and professional journey. These mentorship programs allow alumni to share their invaluable real-world experiences, provide career advice, and help students chart their professional paths. This interaction between alumni and students significantly enhances the learning experience at USF and prepares students for a successful future.

Why Study at the University of South Florida?

  • USF - INTO USA offers a diverse and inclusive environment, welcoming international students from various backgrounds.
  • The University boasts a renowned reputation for academic excellence across various disciplines.
  • USF - INTO USA provides state-of-the-art facilities, enhancing the overall learning experience.
  • A vibrant campus life awaits students with a wide range of extracurricular activities.
  • Comprehensive career services, including job placement assistance, prepare students for a successful future.
  • The prime location in Tampa, Florida, provides a dynamic and enriching environment for students.


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    THE rank

    201 - 250
  • QS

    QS rank

    601 - 650


Campus offering this course
Tampa Campus - University of South Florida - INTO USA - University of South Florida - INTO USA

4202 E. Fowler Avenue Tampa, FL 33620, USA

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Over 44,000 students come from across the United States and more than 140 countries around the globe to achieve their dreams at our Tampa campus. With more than 600 clubs and student organizations, plus 19 varsity sports, an active student government and a thriving arts scene, USF truly has something for everyone.

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