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The study of Interior Design focuses on developing each design students creativity by intersecting it with visual, technical, and architectural design principles. Mastery of these principles will enhance an Interior Design students understanding of space, creativity, and art, while encouraging each persons own imagination allowing design students to correctly channel and focus ideas, avoid clichés, and collect new stimuli.The Interior Design bachelors degree curriculum through Marists four-year study abroad degree program has been designed with an innovative foundation in both classic interior design and architectural rendering that will allow undergraduate students to become practitioners in the field. The faculty of the Florence, Italy Interior Design program believes that the study of contemporary culture and social principles are crucial for the modern designer.

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Marist College, a renowned and prestigious institution, stands as a beacon of educational excellence, offering a rich and captivating journey for students yearning for a superlative learning environment. Delving into a tapestry of diverse study areas and bolstered by state-of-the-art facilities, Marist College orchestrates a symphony of comprehensive learning experiences that transcend the boundaries of conventional education, propelling students towards triumphant careers and personal growth.

Prepare to be awestruck by Marist College's formidable academic prowess and unwavering commitment to excellence. With a cornucopia of over 50 undergraduate majors and an impressive array of graduate programs spanning numerous disciplines, the college presents an unparalleled platform for intellectual stimulation. Embark on a riveting odyssey of rigorous coursework, where the intrepid minds of students intermingle with sage faculty members, fostering the development of critical thinking acumen and the honing of problem-solving aptitude. Behold, as the college's reputation for academic eminence and unwavering dedication to quality coalesce to yield a transformative and invaluable education.

Enter a realm where class sizes average a mere 21, where personalised attention becomes the nurturing lifeblood of academic discourse. Within this haven of learning, students bask in an immersive environment that nurtures discussions, provides tailored guidance, and engenders profound connections between scholars. Witness the birth of a conducive atmosphere wherein students, flourishing both intellectually and academically, ascend to the summit of their potential.

The luminaries adorning Marist College's faculty roster, with a staggering 88% possessing the highest degrees in their respective fields, exude brilliance and authenticity. As conduits of wisdom and purveyors of invaluable real-world experiences, these esteemed professors transcend the realm of academia, bestowing upon students a treasure trove of insights and mentorship. With passionate dedication to their craft and unwavering commitment to students' triumphs, these erudite mentors forge profound relationships, transforming themselves into beacons of inspiration and catalysts for personal and academic growth.

Marist College's commitment to cultivating an exceptional educational milieu extends to its relentless pursuit of modernity. Endowed with advanced laboratories, multimedia classrooms pulsating with technological innovation, a cutting-edge library, and an assemblage of technology-equipped study spaces, the college beckons students to partake in an atmosphere of ceaseless innovation, fervent collaboration, and immersive hands-on learning. Immerse yourself in this ecosystem of cutting-edge facilities and unleash your full potential, armed with the latest technology and an abundance of resources tailored to elevate your academic voyage.

Set sail on a voyage of career preparation, as Marist College unfurls its vast array of internship and cooperative education opportunities. These invaluable experiences, steeped in real-world settings, equip students with practical knowledge and the acquisition of indispensable skills. Anchored by the Marist College Career Center, which provides an exhaustive suite of services including career counselling, job search assistance, and dynamic networking events, students are buoyed by comprehensive guidance, ensuring their ability to navigate the labyrinthine pathways of their chosen professions and confidently embark upon the precipice of a successful future.

Embracing the virtues of global education, Marist College extends its reach across the globe, offering immersive study abroad programs spanning over 40 countries. Venturing forth into uncharted territories, students are afforded the opportunity to broaden their horizons, immerse themselves in diverse cultures, and develop a panoramic understanding of global issues. Through these transformative international experiences, students refine their cultural acuity, hone their adaptability, and cultivate an indomitable global perspective, poised to thrive in the kaleidoscopic tapestry of our interconnected world.

Harbouring a deep-rooted commitment to inclusivity and diversity, Marist College serves as a veritable melting pot of vibrant backgrounds and perspectives. It reveres the myriad contributions of individuals from all walks of life, engendering an environment steeped in respect and acceptance. With students hailing from all 50 U.S. states and over 40 countries, Marist College weaves a vibrant and multicultural tapestry, fostering cross-cultural understanding and imbuing the community with the harmony that comes from embracing diverse identities. Nurturing affinity groups and fostering student organisations rooted in various cultures and identities, Marist College creates an enchanting mosaic that promotes connection, dialogue, and unwavering support.

Prepare to be swept away by the vivacity of Marist College's student life, a vibrant tapestry of experiences and aspirations. Immerse yourself in a cornucopia of clubs and organisations that cater to an eclectic array of interests and passions. From academically driven and professionally oriented societies to cultural enclaves and identity-based unions, students are emboldened to traverse the path of self-discovery, nurturing their interests, cultivating leadership prowess, and forging bonds destined to withstand the test of time. Behold the opulence of Marist College's modern and meticulously equipped facilities, which breathe life into the student experience, featuring a state-of-the-art library, cutting-edge laboratories, multimedia studios pulsating with creativity, and an all-encompassing recreation centre that caters to the holistic well-being of every student.

In summation, Marist College stands as an unparalleled institution, a shining beacon of educational brilliance that envelopes students in a transformative embrace. A sanctuary of academic excellence, personalised attention, and experiential learning, Marist College beckons those seeking a metamorphic educational experience to traverse its hallowed halls. Prepare to embark upon a transcendental journey, for within the confines of this illustrious institution lies the key to unlocking a future brimming with triumph and endless possibilities.

Campus Location

Marist College is located in Poughkeepsie, New York, offering students a picturesque setting for their academic pursuits. Situated on the east bank of the Hudson River, the college campus spans 210 acres of beautiful and serene surroundings. Poughkeepsie, while being a distinct suburban environment, is conveniently located approximately 75 miles north of New York City, granting students easy access to the bustling metropolis and its abundant opportunities.

The campus itself provides an ideal atmosphere for learning and personal growth. With its expansive grounds and well-maintained facilities, students have ample space for studying, socialising, and participating in various campus activities. The Hudson River, with its scenic views, also adds to the charm of the location, offering a tranquil retreat where students can relax and find inspiration.

Additionally, Poughkeepsie boasts a vibrant community with a range of cultural, recreational, and entertainment options. Students can explore local attractions, attend festivals, visit art galleries, or enjoy outdoor activities in the nearby parks and nature reserves. The proximity to New York City allows for exciting day trips or weekend getaways to experience the city's renowned landmarks, museums, theatres, and diverse culinary scene.

Overall, the location of Marist College in Poughkeepsie provides the best of both worlds—a serene and supportive campus environment and the proximity to metropolitan opportunities—creating an enriching and well-rounded college experience.

Study Areas

Marist College offers an extensive range of study areas, catering to diverse academic interests and career goals. Students have the opportunity to pursue their passion and engage in rigorous academic programs across various disciplines. Here are some of the key study areas available at Marist College:

  1. School of Communication and the Arts: The School of Communication and the Arts offers programs in communication, journalism, digital media, fashion design, and art history. Students gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge in areas such as media production, visual arts, storytelling, and fashion design.
  1. School of Computer Science and Mathematics: The School of Computer Science and Mathematics provides majors in computer science, data science, information technology, and applied mathematics. Students acquire the technical expertise necessary for careers in the technology industry, data analysis, software development, or research.
  1. School of Liberal Arts: The School of Liberal Arts encompasses disciplines such as English, history, political science, psychology, sociology, and philosophy. Students explore the complexities of human society, develop critical thinking skills, and engage in intellectual discourse.
  1. School of Management: The School of Management offers programs in business administration, accounting, finance, marketing, and international business. Students gain a solid foundation in business principles, leadership skills, and practical knowledge for careers in the corporate world or entrepreneurship.
  1. School of Science: The School of Science provides majors in biology, chemistry, environmental science, biochemistry, and medical technology. Students delve into scientific research, gain hands-on laboratory experience, and develop critical thinking skills necessary for careers in scientific fields or further academic pursuits.
  1. School of Social and Behavioral Sciences: The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences encompasses disciplines such as criminal justice, education, social work, and psychology. Students explore the dynamics of human behaviour, societal issues, justice systems, and educational theories, preparing them for careers in these fields or related areas.

These study areas reflect the diverse academic offerings at Marist College, ensuring that students have the opportunity to pursue their academic passions and prepare for successful careers in their chosen fields.

Diversity and Inclusion

Marist College is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive community, valuing the contributions of individuals from all backgrounds. The college actively promotes an environment of respect, acceptance, and cross-cultural understanding. Here are some key initiatives and facts that highlight Marist College's commitment to diversity and inclusion:

  1. Diverse Community: Marist College prides itself on its diverse student body, with students from all 50 U.S. states and over 40 countries. This diverse representation enriches the educational experience, fostering a vibrant and multicultural campus community.
  1. Inclusive Programming: The college organises various programs and events throughout the year to celebrate diversity and embrace different cultures. Cultural festivals, guest speakers, and awareness campaigns provide opportunities for the community to engage, learn, and appreciate the richness of diverse perspectives.
  1. Support Services: Marist College offers a range of support services to ensure inclusivity and address the needs of all students. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides resources, advocacy, and educational programs to foster a welcoming environment for all members of the community.
  1. Affinity Groups: Marist College supports various affinity groups and student organisations that cater to different identities and cultures. These groups offer spaces for connection, dialogue, and support, allowing students to build communities based on shared experiences and interests.
  1. Safe Space Training: The college conducts Safe Space training programs to create a network of informed and supportive individuals who can help foster an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students and allies. These trained individuals serve as allies and resources for the LGBTQ+ community, promoting a safe and accepting campus climate.

Marist College's commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond mere representation, striving to create an inclusive community where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

At Marist College, student life is vibrant and engaging, offering a wide range of clubs and societies that cater to various interests and passions. These organisations provide students with opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and community involvement. Here are some key details about student clubs and societies at Marist College:

  1. Student Government Association (SGA): The Student Government Association serves as the voice of the student body, promoting student involvement in campus governance. It oversees various clubs and organisations, allocating funds and resources to support their activities. The SGA provides students with leadership opportunities and the chance to shape the college community.
  1. Academic and Professional Clubs: Marist College hosts a variety of clubs related to academic disciplines and professional interests. Students can join clubs such as the Accounting Society, Marketing Club, Psychology Club, and Computer Science Society. These clubs provide platforms for students to network with peers and professionals in their field, explore career paths, and enhance their knowledge and skills.
  1. Cultural and Identity Clubs: Marist College encourages diversity and inclusivity through cultural and identity-based organisations. Students can participate in clubs such as the Black Student Union, Latin American Student Organization, Asian Alliance, and LGBTQ+ Alliance. These clubs celebrate diverse cultures, raise awareness, and provide spaces for students to connect and engage in discussions on important social issues.
  1. Performance and Creative Arts: For students passionate about the arts, Marist College offers clubs focused on theatre, dance, music, and visual arts. The Marist College Band, Marist Dance Ensemble, and Marist Theatre Club provide platforms for artistic expression, collaboration, and performances. Students can showcase their talents, explore different art forms, and connect with fellow artists.
  1. Special Interest Clubs: Marist College offers a range of special interest clubs catering to specific hobbies and passions. Students can join clubs dedicated to outdoor activities, community service, entrepreneurship, gaming, photography, and more. These clubs provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a positive impact on the campus and local community.

Student clubs and societies at Marist College play a vital role in creating a vibrant and inclusive campus community. They foster personal and professional development, encourage social engagement, and contribute to a well-rounded college experience.

Campus Facilities

Marist College boasts cutting-edge and well-equipped facilities that truly elevate the academic and social experience of its students. The campus offers a myriad of amenities and resources that are meticulously designed to support student learning, wellness, and extracurricular activities. Here's a glimpse into some of the remarkable campus facilities at Marist College:

  1. Library and Learning Resources: Prepare to be captivated by the James A. Cannavino Library, an avant-garde facility that houses an extensive collection of print and digital resources. It's a haven for knowledge seekers, featuring study spaces, computer labs, multimedia rooms, and expert research assistance.
  1. Academic and Research Centers: Marist College houses specialised academic and research centres that provide students with invaluable resources and opportunities. These centres focus on diverse fields such as entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, fashion, communication, and environmental studies. Students gain access to cutting-edge equipment, participate in groundbreaking research projects, and engage with esteemed faculty and industry experts.
  1. Student Centre: The vibrant heart of campus life, the Student Center, is an inviting space that offers a plethora of amenities for socialising and relaxation. It's a hub of activity, home to delightful dining options, a well-stocked bookstore, an entertaining game room, a captivating theatre, and inviting lounges where students can gather, study, or engage in extracurricular pursuits.
  1. Fitness and Recreation Facilities: Marist College deeply values physical well-being and provides exceptional fitness and recreation facilities. The acclaimed McCann Recreation Center features a state-of-the-art fitness centre, group exercise studios, indoor and outdoor sports courts, a refreshing swimming pool, and an exhilarating rock climbing wall. Students can revel in invigorating fitness classes, participate in lively intramural sports, or simply indulge in recreational activities.
  1. Residence Halls: Marist College ensures that students enjoy a comfortable and contemporary on-campus living experience. The residence halls serve as warm and inclusive communities that foster personal growth and meaningful connections. Each residence hall is equipped with enticing amenities such as inviting study lounges, cosy common areas, convenient laundry facilities, and reliable Wi-Fi access.
  1. Performing Arts Spaces: Marist College takes pride in providing dedicated spaces for performing arts, including the illustrious Nelly Goletti Theatre and the dynamic Steel Plant Studios. These extraordinary venues offer students the perfect platforms to showcase their talents, immerse themselves in riveting theatre productions, mesmerising dance performances, and captivating musical events.

The campus facilities at Marist College are thoughtfully designed to cater to students' academic, social, and recreational needs. They create an environment that nurtures learning, growth, and overall well-being, making the college experience truly remarkable.

Alumni Network

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible alumni network of Marist College, which spans across various industries and professions. This powerhouse of support serves as an invaluable resource for current students and recent graduates, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and career guidance. Let's dive into the exciting features of the Marist College alumni network:

  1. Career Services and Networking: The Marist College alumni network takes an active role in engaging with current students through top-notch career services and exciting networking events. Alumni professionals enthusiastically participate in panel discussions, career fairs, and mentoring programs, generously sharing their insights and advice to help students navigate their career journeys.
  1. Regional Alumni Chapters: Brace yourself for the widespread influence of Marist College alumni, as regional alumni chapters exist both within the United States and internationally. These vibrant chapters organise fabulous events, networking receptions, and delightful social gatherings that bring alumni together to connect, exchange experiences, and expand their professional networks.
  1. Alumni Association: The Marist College Alumni Association stands tall as the official representative body for all alumni. This association serves as a vital link, facilitating communication, collaboration, and engagement between alumni and the college community. It wholeheartedly supports initiatives that enhance the welfare and success of alumni, nurturing a lifelong connection to Marist College.
  1. Alumni Mentoring Program: Witness the magic of the alumni mentoring program at Marist College, where current students are paired with experienced alumni mentors in their desired fields. This phenomenal program offers invaluable guidance, industry insights, and abundant networking opportunities for students to explore potential career paths and make informed decisions about their futures.
  1. Alumni Success Stories: Get ready to be inspired by the incredible achievements of Marist College alumni who have left their mark in diverse fields. These extraordinary success stories ignite a fire within current students, showcasing the limitless career paths and possibilities that a Marist education can unlock.

The Marist College alumni network thrives as a robust support system, empowering students and graduates alike to flourish professionally, forge meaningful connections, and embrace a lifelong bond with the Marist community and beyond. Get ready to join a network that will propel you towards success and beyond!

Why Study at Marist College?

- Academic Excellence:

Marist College is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, offering a wide range of undergraduate majors and graduate programs across various disciplines. With a focus on rigorous coursework, innovative teaching methods, and experienced faculty, students receive a top-notch education that prepares them for successful careers.

- Small Class Sizes:

At Marist College, students benefit from small class sizes, ensuring personalised attention and meaningful interactions with faculty members. With an average class size of 21, students have ample opportunities to engage in discussions, receive individualised guidance, and form close relationships with professors.

- Faculty Expertise:

Marist College boasts a highly qualified faculty, with 88% holding the highest degree in their field. Professors bring their expertise and real-world experiences into the classroom, providing students with valuable insights and mentorship. Students have the opportunity to learn from dedicated educators who are passionate about their subjects and committed to their students' success.

- State-of-the-Art Facilities:

The college invests in modern facilities and resources to support student learning. From advanced laboratories and multimedia classrooms to a cutting-edge library and technology-equipped study spaces, Marist College provides students with the tools and environment necessary for academic growth and exploration.

- Career Preparation:

Marist College prioritises career preparation, offering extensive internship and cooperative education opportunities. The Marist College Career Center provides comprehensive services, including career counselling, job search assistance, and networking events. Students receive guidance and support to explore their career interests, gain practical experience, and develop the skills needed to succeed in the professional world.

- Global Perspective:

Marist College places emphasis on global education, with study abroad programs in over 40 countries. Students have the opportunity to broaden their worldview, immerse themselves in different cultures, and develop a global perspective. The college's commitment to global education prepares students to navigate an interconnected world and thrive in diverse environments.

- Diverse and Inclusive Community:

Marist College fosters a diverse and inclusive community, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds. Students have the opportunity to engage with peers from all 50 U.S. states and over 40 countries, promoting cross-cultural understanding and enriching the educational experience. The college actively promotes diversity and inclusion through various programs, initiatives, and support services.

- Vibrant Student Life:

Marist College offers a vibrant and engaging student life, with a wide range of clubs, organisations, and extracurricular activities. From academic and professional clubs to cultural and identity-based organisations, students can pursue their interests, develop leadership skills, and form lifelong friendships. The college provides a supportive and inclusive environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally.


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A campus rooted in history but designed for the future. Marist is more than a place, it is an interconnected network and together it creates a living ecosystem for lifelong learning and growth. Our historic riverfront campus is teeming with opportunity - whether youre collecting samples straight from the Hudson River, 3-D printing in the Steel Plant, or hiking along the scenic Fern Tor trail, our campus is uniquely designed to foster discovery, innovation, and synergy.

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