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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

Want to infuse biology into your teaching repertoire? Nova Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Secondary Biology Education focuses on developing teacher-leaders by providing them with a comprehensive set of courses specifically designed for biology instruction and a specialty component that includes a variety of science courses that comprise the content of the Florida Department of Education-approved Secondary Biology Education major. The courses are based on the Florida Standards and the current statewide assessment in biology (grades 6–12). Course content is research-based and infuses best practices in education and strategies for teaching biology. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be prepared to sit for Florida state certification exams, which will allow you to teach biological and environmental courses at the middle school or high school level. Additionally, you will develop the skills to promote equity, cultural awareness and social responsibility in diverse educational settings.

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  • 4 Years duration

Fort Lauderdale Campus

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You must have successfully completed an United States Year 12 (or equivalent senior secondary school qualification). Equivalent qualifications may also include a recognised post secondary diploma in the relevant discipline with the required grades. Meeting the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee entry. Your application will still need to be assessed and accepted. If you dont meet the entry requirements, there may be other programs you are eligible for that can lead you to your preferred program.


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Welcome to Nova Southeastern University (NSU), where academic excellence meets vibrant campus life. NSU believes that education goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. The dedication is to offer a life-changing educational encounter that equips learners to prosper in a constantly evolving globe.

Imagine a place where diversity is celebrated, where unique perspectives come together to form a mosaic of ideas and experiences. NSU is that place, a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and aspirations. The community is a tapestry woven with threads of different colours, each contributing to the richness and vibrancy of the institution.

As you step onto the campus, you'll be greeted by state-of-the-art facilities that inspire innovation and discovery. The Alvin Sherman Library stands tall as a beacon of knowledge, inviting you to explore its vast collection of resources and immerse yourself in the world of learning. The classrooms are more than just physical spaces; they are arenas where ideas collide, where professors ignite the spark of curiosity, and where students embark on intellectual journeys.

But NSU is more than its infrastructure. It is a thriving ecosystem of ideas, a place where dreams are nurtured and ambitions take flight. The faculty, a dedicated group of scholars and mentors, are the architects of transformation. They are the compass guiding students through uncharted territories, pushing them to question, to analyse, and to challenge the status quo. They are the catalysts of growth, igniting the flame of knowledge within each student.

As you navigate the labyrinth of academic pursuits, you'll find yourself surrounded by a community that is not just supportive but also inclusive. NSU celebrates the mosaic of humanity, recognising that every individual brings a unique perspective and value to the table. The commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that everyone feels welcomed and heard, fostering an environment where differences are not only respected but embraced.

Picture yourself as a student at NSU, walking through the corridors of opportunity, exploring over 160 clubs and organisations that cater to a myriad of interests. These supplementary activities are the essence of the campus, providing an area for individual advancement, guidance enhancement, and companionship. Whether you find your passion in academic societies, performing arts groups, or service projects, there is a place for you to thrive and make lifelong connections.

NSU is not just a mere establishment; it acts as a stimulant for transformation, a platform for triumph.

The former students' association stretches across various sectors and regions, comprising alumni who have left a notable impression in their individual domains.

When you enrol as a scholar at NSU, you join this association and obtain the privilege of tapping into a vast repository of information, guidance, and career prospects.

Campus Location

Nova Southeastern University is situated in a prime location in South Florida, offering students an incredible environment for their academic pursuits. The campus is conveniently located near downtown Fort Lauderdale, providing easy access to the vibrant city centre and its numerous opportunities. Furthermore, the university grounds are situated in close proximity to the breathtaking shorelines that Florida is famous for, affording scholars the opportunity to relish the sunshine, sand, and waves when they have free time. For those travelling from afar, the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport is also within proximity, making travel to and from the university a breeze.

Study Areas

Nova Southeastern University provides students with a broad selection of academic disciplines that accommodate a variety of interests. The institution is renowned for its exceptional emphasis on healthcare professions, such as nursing, dentistry, and medicine. With its 10 healthcare colleges and programs, NSU Health boasts a team of nationally recognised faculty who are dedicated to providing advanced and quality care. Students studying in these programs benefit from the expertise and guidance of renowned faculty physicians, who not only have decades of experience in their respective specialities but also actively teach and mentor the next generation of healthcare professionals.

In addition to health professions, Nova Southeastern University offers programs in various other disciplines. The field of biological sciences is a prominent area of study, allowing students to explore the fascinating intricacies of living organisms and the environment. Psychology programs provide a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour and mental processes, while vision science and physiological optics delve into the complexities of human vision and eye health. For individuals with a curiosity about the operations of the mind, the field of neuroscience presents a multidisciplinary method for comprehending the nervous system and its effects on conduct and mental processes.

The university also recognises the importance of business administration and management in today's competitive world. With a focus on developing strong leadership and analytical skills, students can explore various facets of business, including finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, fields like kinesiology and exercise science offer insights into human movement, fitness, and wellness. Marine biology and biological oceanography programs take advantage of Florida's unique coastal ecosystem, allowing students to study and preserve marine life and habitats.

Furthermore, diagnostic medical sonography/sonographer and ultrasound technician programs prepare students for careers in medical imaging, providing essential skills in using advanced technology for diagnosing various medical conditions. With such a diverse range of study areas, Nova Southeastern University ensures that students can find their passion and embark on a rewarding educational journey.

Diversity and Inclusion

Nova Southeastern University takes great pride in promoting diversity and cultivating a welcoming atmosphere that embraces all individuals within its community. The university recognises and celebrates the unique experiences and identities of each individual, acknowledging dimensions such as lived experiences, national and ethnic origin, race, age, gender, gender identity and expression, affectional orientation, philosophy, religion, spirituality, faiths, socioeconomic status, relationship and parental status, physical and mental abilities, military/veteran status, and the intersectionality of varying identities.

In line with its commitment to equity, Nova Southeastern University is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement of cultural competence and humility. Faculty and staff actively engage in ongoing learning opportunities to better understand and address the privileged and oppressed spectrums that exist within diverse communities. The university endeavours to establish an environment that is free from discrimination and racism, promoting the protection of human rights and dignity, and guaranteeing that all pupils, irrespective of their origins, experience security, admiration, and worth.

To further promote equity and inclusion, Nova Southeastern University incorporates intentional efforts throughout its curriculum and program activities to train students in embracing diversity and challenging biases. By promoting a secure and all-encompassing atmosphere, the educational institution strives to offer a caring society that fosters the development and triumph of each scholar.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

At Nova Southeastern University, student life goes beyond the classroom, offering a vibrant and engaging experience. Living on campus puts students at the centre of everything happening at NSU, providing easy access to various activities and events. The university boasts a wide array of clubs and organisations, with over 160 options available for students to explore and join. These clubs cater to diverse interests and passions, ranging from academic and professional societies to cultural and recreational groups.

Being involved in associations, sports, volunteer activities, and internships is a superb approach for pupils to optimise their college journey. Joining a club allows students to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and passions. It provides a platform for personal growth, leadership development, and networking opportunities. From academic clubs that enhance subject-specific knowledge to performing arts groups that showcase talents, there is something for everyone at Nova Southeastern University.

Living on campus also offers added convenience and access to professors, clubs, activities, and meals. Students can easily engage with faculty members, seek guidance, and participate in academic discussions. The proximity to various dining options ensures that students can find the perfect place to meet study partners or simply grab a quick bite between classes. Additionally, being near athletic and performing arts events allows students to fully immerse themselves in the university's vibrant campus life.

Campus Facilities

Nova Southeastern University takes pride in its state-of-the-art campus facilities that provide an optimal environment for learning, research, and personal development. At the heart of the campus are the five-story Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center, which stands as the largest library in the state of Florida. The library provides a vast array of materials, scholarly resources, and cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing that learners can obtain the data they require to achieve academic success.

The university's facilities also include modern classrooms equipped with advanced technology, creating an interactive and immersive learning environment. Laboratory and exploration facilities empower learners to participate in experiential learning and contribute to forefront research in their corresponding domains. The campus also features dedicated spaces for art exhibitions, performances, and cultural events, fostering creativity and expression.

In addition to academic facilities, Nova Southeastern University offers comprehensive student support services. These include counselling and wellness centres, career development resources, and academic advising, ensuring that students have the necessary support to navigate their educational journey successfully. The campus also provides comfortable and modern residential facilities, creating a welcoming and inclusive living environment for students.

Alumni Network

Nova Southeastern University has a strong and extensive alumni network, which serves as a valuable resource for current students and graduates alike. The alumni network offers a platform for networking, mentorship, and professional development opportunities. Alumni of Nova Southeastern University have accomplished outstanding triumphs in diverse domains, and their proficiency and know-how offer priceless perspectives and direction for present students.

The university organises alumni events and reunions, allowing graduates to reconnect with fellow alumni and stay connected to their alma mater. These events offer opportunities for networking, career advancement, and fostering lifelong connections. The group of former students stands as evidence of the excellence of learning and the close-knit atmosphere that Nova Southeastern University promotes.

Why Study Here at NSU?

  • Diverse Range of Study Areas: NSU offers a wide array of programs in health professions, biological sciences, business administration, psychology, and more. This ensures that students can pursue their passions and interests in a field that aligns with their career goals.
  • Excellent Faculty: NSU boasts a team of accomplished and dedicated faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They provide mentorship, guidance, and real-world insights, preparing students for success in their chosen professions.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The university's modern campus facilities, including the renowned Alvin Sherman Library, provide students with the resources and technology they need to excel academically.
  • Inclusive and Supportive Community: NSU is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and respected. The university actively promotes diversity and provides resources and support services to ensure the success of all students.
  • Extensive Alumni Network: The strong alumni network provides opportunities for networking, mentorship, and professional development, connecting current students with successful graduates who can offer valuable insights and guidance.
  • Vibrant Campus Life: Living on campus allows students to immerse themselves in the vibrant campus life, with numerous clubs, activities, and events to engage in. From cultural organisations to athletic teams, there are ample opportunities to make lifelong connections and create memorable experiences.


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    801 - 1000
  • QS

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    1201 - 1400


Campus offering this course
Fort Lauderdale Campus - Nova Southeastern University - EAG - Nova Southeastern University - EAG

3301 College Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

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The modern 314-acre Fort Lauderdale/Davie campus is centrally located just 10 minutes from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport and close to I-95, I-75, and Floridas Turnpike. At the heart of it all is the five story Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center and the Don Taft University Center, our state-of-the-art, multipurpose sports and recreation complex. Youll also find the Carl DeSantis building, which houses the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship and the College of Computing and Engineering. Just a few steps away are Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall, home to the Shepard Broad College of Law; and the Maltz Building for the College of Psychology and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

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