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The Theatre School’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in dramaturgy/criticism helps students explore their critical thinking and writing skills for a variety of applications within theatre and other art forms. The four-year curriculum provides students with primary tools – script analysis, dramatic theory, and new play development – and practical application of those tools in our production process. Students learn from a distinguished and award-winning faculty of professional dramaturgs, directors, and arts writers both in the classroom and through individual guidance and advising. Students receive formal and informal feedback from faculty through continual evaluation of their work and portfolio presentations.

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September, 2024

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  • 8 Semesters duration

Loop Campus

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Envision a university as a vessel, a beacon for international students seeking academic success and personal growth. DePaul University is that beacon. Nestled in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, this private, nonprofit university, heralded for its innovative and industry-focused programs, serves as an academic lighthouse. It leads students through the tumultuous seas of knowledge, directing them to the shore of success. Can a university be more committed to student excellence?

With a robust academic reputation, DePaul University is a convergence of disciplines. Offering a vast array of undergraduate and graduate degrees across various fields, such as business, computer science, liberal arts, and communication, the university is a tapestry of learning. The rich texture of this tapestry is woven from threads of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing students for success in their chosen fields. Isn't that the essence of quality education?

Through the partnership with Study Group, DePaul University ensures international students traverse the path of American higher education seamlessly. In essence, it's the bridge that connects international students with the American education system.

Imagine walking into a lively, inclusive community as diverse as a rainbow's colours. That's the student life at DePaul University. The vibrancy of campus life and extracurricular activities stimulate students' growth, while the university's commitment to diversity and inclusion fuels a sense of belonging. Can a campus be more engaging and supportive?

The campus of DePaul University blurs the lines between a university and a city, with Chicago serving as an extended "college town." Like a book with its pages open, the city invites exploration and discovery. Picture the Lincoln Park and Loop Campus, pulsating with the city's energy, a testament to the seamless integration of academics and urban life.

Consider the powerful alumni network, a testament to DePaul University's commitment to nurturing lifelong relationships with its graduates. The university's Career Center, the extensive university benefits, and the Handshake platform – are just some of the services ensuring that the graduates' journey of growth continues post-graduation. Isn't this the kind of support that graduates deserve?

In the grand theatre of academia, DePaul University is not just a character but a protagonist. It embodies the commitment to academic excellence, diversity, student engagement, and post-graduation support. The university is not just a place to study but to grow, experience, and succeed. Can there be a better stage for a student's academic journey?

Campus Location

DePaul University stretches its educational endeavours across two primary campuses in Chicago, Illinois, a thriving metropolitan city known for its cultural and economic vigour. The first campus, Lincoln Park, sits nestled within a vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood adjacent to a lakefront park, local bookstores, boutiques, and a plethora of dining establishments. A bustling hub for live music, the area vibrates with energy and encourages students to immerse themselves in a dynamic urban environment.

The Loop Campus, positioned in the heart of the city's most prominent business district, opens the gateway to a panorama of towering skyscrapers, bustling street music, and an array of culinary delights from food trucks. Named after the elevated train tracks encircling the area, the Loop offers students a seat in a classroom and a front-row view of the vibrant life in downtown Chicago.

Both campuses, while distinct, weave the tapestry of DePaul University's unique campus life. By placing the vast cityscape of Chicago at the students' fingertips, DePaul University offers the ultimate urban educational experience that extends beyond traditional classroom walls.

Study Areas

At DePaul University, the curriculum design prioritises innovation and critical thinking skills. The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences exemplifies this approach, promoting lifelong learning and fostering an environment where students can nurture their intellectual curiosity.

DePaul University's Art School emphasises connecting with artistic heritage while promoting its application to the future. The curriculum encourages experimentation and problem-solving, creating a robust foundation in art practice. In the English department, students hone their analytical and creative skills, exploring classic and contemporary works in literature and creative writing. They also benefit from internships, scholarships, and on-campus editing and publishing opportunities.

Other departments, such as Economics and International Studies, provide students with theoretical, quantitative, and analytical skills. From understanding business and policy issues to exploring global issues' historical and contemporary dimensions, these programs equip students with the knowledge and skills needed in the ever-evolving global landscape.

Diversity and Inclusion

At the heart of DePaul University's core values lies its commitment to diversity and inclusion. This commitment reflects the university's founding principles, embracing the unique cultures, talents, skills, and perspectives each member brings to the university community. These elements enrich the academic environment and help fulfil the university's Catholic, Vincentian, and urban university missions.

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (OIDE) serves as the primary entity that ensures representation, inclusion, equity, and justice for all members of the DePaul community. Their vision aligns with the university's aim to create a diverse and engaging campus environment that serves as a model of inclusive excellence in higher education.

DePaul University is committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment that respects human dignity and fosters social and racial justice, promoting transformational change. By doing so, DePaul University prepares its students to live and work in a globally diverse community.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

DePaul University's vibrant student life offers over 350 student organisations catering to various interests and industries. DePaul Actuarial Science Club, for instance, supports students interested in a career in actuarial science by organising workshops, presentations, and study groups.

On the other hand, the DePaul Females in Finance Initiative empowers women pursuing careers in finance, aiming to close the confidence gap between men and women. Similarly, the DePaul Real Estate Club fosters networking across professional disciplines and brings together students, and active professionals, in the real estate industry, providing informative events and networking opportunities.

The DePaul Student Finance Association (SFA) is another strong pillar in the student community, connecting students of all majors with an active interest in finance. Through various events throughout the year, SFA works diligently to connect students with the finance industry, fostering professional development and personal growth.

Campus Facilities

DePaul University's campus facilities are deeply committed to fostering a thriving on-campus community. DePaul University offers ample parking services at the Lincoln Park campus, accommodating students, faculty, staff, and visitors. These services ensure convenience and easy access to the university's extensive educational and extracurricular activities.

Considered the "home away from home", DePaul University's Student Centers offer a wide array of resources. These include a selection of meal plans to suit various dining needs, meeting spaces equipped with audiovisual tools, student support offices, and catering options. Various campus dining locations serve multiple dishes to accommodate diverse culinary preferences.

Further facilitating the academic pursuits of the community, Document Services provides walk-up copy machines for students, faculty, and staff members on both campuses. These efforts align with DePaul University's mission to provide quality educational experiences while considering the practical needs of the university community.

Alumni Network

DePaul University boasts a strong alumni network, with over 200,000 members worldwide. The Office of Alumni Relations at DePaul University encourages all members of the DePaul family—including alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends—to engage with their online alumni community. This robust network is an invaluable resource, offering networking and social events, university benefits, discounts, and more opportunities.

As part of DePaul University's alumni network, graduates can access various services designed to cater to their specific career needs. The DePaul University Career Center serves undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni, offering a suite of services, including career advice, job & internship fairs, and access to the job-search platform Handshake.

Furthermore, all graduates of DePaul University are eligible for an alumni ID card which grants access to special university privileges, including Wi-Fi access, borrowing materials from DePaul University Libraries, and receiving alumni-only discounts on parking, performances, and fitness centre memberships. These comprehensive services underscore DePaul University's commitment to the continued success of its students, even post-graduation.

Why Study at DePaul University - Study Group?

  • DePaul University boasts a solid academic reputation with industry-focused programs.
  • It offers a high-quality education that blends theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
  • The university ensures international students have the necessary support to transition into the American higher education system.
  • It provides a lively and inclusive community with numerous opportunities for students to get involved.
  • The "college town" of DePaul University is the vibrant city of Chicago, offering diverse experiences.
  • The university promotes diversity and inclusion, enhancing the university's work and academic environment.
  • Alumni of DePaul University gain access to a strong network and several services to enhance their professional growth.


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    501 - 550

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Loop Campus - Depaul University - StudyGroup - DePaul University - Study Group

1 E. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60604

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The Loop is in the heart of the city, home of Chicago’s largest business district and five DePaul colleges and schools. The minute you set foot on the Loop Campus, you’ll experience the energy of downtown Chicago.

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