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Employers in all fields want to hire people who can work independently, exercise creativity, think analytically, and communicate clearly. Studying English at AUM, you’ll satisfy your passion for literature, encounter centuries of individual and global perspectives, and cultivate sharp, incisive writing and reasoning skills. English majors go on to rewarding careers as educators, journalists, editors, lawyers, business consultants, public relations specialists, television producers, and more. Internships with local advertising agencies, online and print publications and other businesses will give you valuable real-world experience.AUM English majors have undertaken internships in writing and editing, leading to full-time employment in such well-known organizations as the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, New South Publishing and United Business Media.

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At the heart of Madison, New Jersey, an academic gem - Drew University - quietly flourishes, offering an extensive catalogue of over 60 courses. Nestled amidst a picturesque town, like a diamond concealed within a cave, the university basks in the tranquillity of its surroundings while offering a cutting-edge education. Could there be a better fusion than this?

Imagine this for a moment. The campus, fondly known as "The Forest," is a canvas where nature has generously splashed her greens. Imagine being part of a community where 90% of the student population lives within this beautiful mosaic, learning and evolving together. Isn't this the ideal environment to shape the minds of tomorrow?

While the serene setting of Drew University offers students the tranquillity they need for academic pursuits, it also effortlessly bridges the gap to the buzzing heart of New York City. Just a 50-minute train ride away, the city’s dynamic pulse complements the serene academic life at Drew. Isn't it like having the best of both worlds – the quiet calm of the forest and the energetic bustle of the city?

Drew University is more than just an institution. It is a hive of diversity, where minds from various corners of the world converge, making the student body as colourful as a mosaic of a thousand different pieces. In the spirit of inclusivity, Drew University holds a mirror to the world - reflecting an array of cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. Isn't that what a global education should look like?

The learning environment at Drew University is as stimulating as the exchange of ideas at a global summit. Whether students wish to delve into the mysteries of natural sciences, explore the complexities of human societies, or interpret the world through the lens of liberal arts, Drew University acts as a beacon guiding them through the vast ocean of knowledge. As one navigates through the university's academic offerings, doesn't it feel like walking through a buffet of intellectual delights?

Moreover, Drew University equips its students with more than just academic prowess. From the theatre program consistently ranked among the nation's top 20 to the 90+ student clubs and 26 NCAA DIII varsity sports, the University ensures that each student finds a platform to shine. Can't you hear the stage calling out to you?

Drew University is not just a place to earn a degree. It's a destination where students can embark on a journey of self-discovery, building their best futures while finding their best selves. After all, isn't that what the education journey is all about?

Campus Location

Nestled in the tranquil and picturesque town of Madison, New Jersey, Drew University's location provides the ideal blend of small-town charm and big-city opportunities. Just a quick, 50-minute train ride from New York City, the university maintains close ties to the bustling metropolis, offering students a wealth of cultural experiences and professional prospects.

The university is set amidst a beautifully verdant campus, affectionately known as "The Forest." This 186-acre oasis of tranquillity, replete with Gothic-style architecture and rolling green lawns, provides a serene environment for learning. The university's natural surroundings inspire relaxation and academic creativity while also acting as a retreat from the city's fast pace.

Accessibility is a significant advantage of Drew University's location. The campus is conveniently located near the Madison train station, which offers direct lines to other parts of New Jersey and New York City. This allows students to explore the wider region easily and immerse themselves in many cultural and professional experiences.

Drew University's location strikes a delicate balance between seclusion and connectivity. Its proximity to a major urban centre, combined with the calm, natural setting of the campus, enables students to enjoy the best of both worlds. This harmony of nature and urban vibrancy gives the students a distinctive edge.

Study Areas

At Drew University, education is broad-based and specialised, allowing students to discover their interests and deepen their understanding of their chosen fields. The University's College of Liberal Arts offers various studies, encompassing humanities, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences. This encourages students to think critically about the world around them and fosters a love for learning.

Further expanding the scope of education, Drew University's Caspersen School of Graduate Studies provides graduate-level education in various fields. Whether students aspire to study Medical Humanities, History and Culture, or Arts and Letters, the school's offerings cater to diverse academic interests. This variety in graduate studies complements undergraduate courses, creating a comprehensive academic framework.

Drew University's Theological School is another integral component of its academic structure. It offers diverse degree programs focused on exploring religious issues and their impact on the world. This dedication to religious study enhances the university's commitment to intellectual diversity and academic richness.

In addition to these, Drew University also boasts robust Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences Departments. These departments cater to areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Studies, Physics, English, History, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology, to name just a few. The expansive range of study areas ensures that all students can pursue their academic passions at Drew University.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion form the bedrock of Drew University's campus culture. The University celebrates its rich diversity of cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and identities. The University is committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

The university's cultural and identity-based organisations reflect a significant part of this commitment. These clubs allow students to celebrate their unique cultural heritage, promote understanding, and foster awareness of diverse cultures. The university actively supports these clubs as they contribute to creating a more inclusive community on campus. office

Drew University also has an office dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This office is tasked with ensuring that all university policies and practices are aligned with the principles of diversity and inclusivity. They also offer support and resources to marginalised and underrepresented students.

In every aspect, Drew University strives to ensure that all students feel seen, heard, and valued. By embracing and promoting diversity, the university enriches the learning experience and prepares students for an increasingly globalised world.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Drew University offers an eclectic mix of clubs and societies that cater to a wide range of interests. This vibrant student life allows everyone to be part of a community that shares their passions and hobbies.

Academic and Professional Clubs at Drew University allow students to expand their academic horizons and professional networks. These societies offer engaging discourse, networking events, and professional development activities catering to various fields of study.

For the creatively inclined, Drew University boasts a wide array of Performing Arts and Music Clubs. These clubs provide a platform for students to explore their talents, collaborate with other art enthusiasts, and foster a nurturing environment for artistic expression.

Cultural and Identity-Based Organisations provide a platform for students to celebrate and learn about diverse cultures and identities. Through these clubs, Drew University ensures the richness of diversity is celebrated and inclusivity is promoted.

Finally, the Special Interest Clubs at Drew University cater to various hobbies and passions. From outdoor activities to community service initiatives, these clubs ensure there is something for everyone at the university.

Campus Facilities

Drew University's campus facilities are designed to support academic pursuits and provide a conducive environment for learning, research, and socialisation.

The main library at Drew University is a significant asset, providing a comprehensive range of resources and services. Housing a vast collection of books, scholarly journals, databases, and electronic resources, it supports academic research and study. It also provides quiet study areas, group study rooms, and computer workstations for the convenience of its students.

Research Centers and Laboratories at Drew University are state-of-the-art facilities that foster innovative research. These spaces offer students hands-on learning opportunities and cater to natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities disciplines.

Campus Residence Halls provide comfortable and convenient housing options for students. Designed to promote a sense of community, these spaces offer amenities such as common areas, study spaces, and laundry facilities.

For fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers, Drew University offers a variety of Recreational Facilities. These include fitness centres, sports courts, and open spaces for outdoor activities. These facilities promote physical health and foster a sense of community among the students.

Alumni Network

Drew University boasts an extensive alumni network across various industries, disciplines, and locations. The University's alumni significantly contribute to diverse fields, including business, academia, arts, sciences, and more. This broad network provides a wealth of connections and opportunities for students and alumni.

Many alumni of Drew University passionately give back to their alma mater by serving as mentors. They offer current students valuable guidance, advice, and career insights, helping them navigate their academic journey and prepare for their professional lives.

The alumni network at Drew University also provides abundant networking opportunities. The university organises events and networking receptions where students can connect with alumni from different industries and career paths. These platforms are invaluable for building professional relationships and exploring job opportunities.

Drew University's alumni network is vital to career development and job placement. Alumni often offer internships, job opportunities, and referrals within their organisations, providing direct pathways for students and recent graduates to enter the workforce.

Why Study at Drew University - INTO USA?

  • Exemplary Academic Program: Drew University offers diverse study areas, allowing students to pursue their academic interests and gain a well-rounded education. The faculty is committed to nurturing a love for learning and fostering critical thinking skills in all students.
  • Proximity to New York City: Drew University's proximity to one of the world's major cultural and economic hubs provides students with numerous professional opportunities and cultural experiences. Its location balances a small-town campus's tranquillity with a major city's vibrancy.
  • Diverse and Inclusive Community: Drew University prides itself on its commitment to diversity and inclusion. It offers numerous cultural and identity-based organisations and ensures everyone feels valued and respected.
  • Rich Student Life: With various clubs and societies catering to academic, cultural, creative, and special interests, students at Drew University can pursue their passions and hobbies, enriching their overall university experience.
  • Extensive Alumni Network: Drew University's broad and active alumni network offers mentorship, networking opportunities, and potential career pathways, enhancing the prospects for students and recent graduates.


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Our beautiful, wooded campus—called The Forest—is the perfect home base: a historic campus that offers the comforts of small-town living, the excitement of big-city adventure, and easy access to a world of opportunities.

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