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  • Annual course fee

    AUD 28,000

  • Duration

    2 Years

  • Intake months

    September, december, march

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In order to help you stand out, you’ll select a focus area for your degree to tailor your education for specific careers within the business world: Human Resource Management; Small Business Management; Project Management; Administrative Professional; and Sales and Marketing

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Lane Community College is a fantastic educational institution that is located in the lovely Willamette Valley with the spectacular Cascade Mountains to its east and the alluring Pacific Ocean to its west. This college is situated in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon's second-largest population centre, in addition to being in a lovely environment. Students can develop not only academically, but culturally and personally in this environment.

Lane Community College is a hub of exploration and opportunity, where students from all walks of life come together to take the next steps down their educational paths. Here, they offer an abundance of options designed to meet the unique needs and desires of learners. From degree programmes to English language courses, transfer credits to personal enrichment opportunities, whatever it may be that brings someone here, Lane has the right programme for them.

With the opportunity to enrol in over 90 prestigious universities, Lane can be considered as a doorway for pupils. By offering smooth transition options, Lane inspires students to soar to new heights and realise their bachelor's degree aspirations. Like a bridge that spans vast distances, Lane extends beyond conventional education, offering a transformative experience that transcends the confines of the traditional classroom.

It is immediately apparent upon arrival at Lane that this place is more than just a school. Students from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints have converged on this campus to create a dynamic cultural mosaic. It's a setting where asking questions is welcomed and curiosity is praised. As a result, Lane provides a special environment where diversity is both promoted and accepted, fostering a climate in which everyone may feel valued for their particular contribution to its community.

Student success is the foremost priority at Lane. In order to provide students with the resources they need to achieve, Lane offers a number of support services, serving as a ray of hope for those seeking assistance along their academic path. Any obstacles that arise can be overcome with assurance and confidence thanks to customised counsellors and helpful educators.

More than just a school, Lane is a close-knit family dedicated to forging connections between people who share common interests and passions. Members have the opportunity to share memorable moments and experiences through events planned by the Council of Clubs, which will animate the campus.

This active learning environment is committed to providing students with a wide range of facilities and resources. Their physical and emotional health will be taken care of with a contemporary fitness centre and extensive wellness programming. The Health Clinic and the Mental Health and Wellness Centre also serve as safeguards for overall welfare.

Lane is more than an institution; it's a home away from home. 

Building relationships with students and their families is essential to the Lane experience. The community provides a plethora of tools to ensure the success of every kid, whether they are current students or parents watching from a distance.

Campus Location

International students seeking an exceptional educational experience need look no further than Lane Community College, which is situated in the stunning Willamette Valley between the enormous Cascade Mountains and the brilliant Pacific Ocean. As the second most populous area in Oregon, Eugene/Springfield is where Lane University is located. With a size of 4,600 square miles, it is larger than both Delaware and Rhode Island put together.

Study Areas

In order to meet the diverse and individual needs and goals of its students, Lane Community College is pleased to promote itself as a university that is built for the community. There is something at LCC for everyone, whether they want to complete a degree programme, transfer to a four-year institution, improve their English language abilities, sharpen their math and writing skills, or simply study something new for fun.

Diversity and Inclusion

The environment at Lane Community College is welcoming and diverse, and it values each student's individual background. Students from all over the world come to Lane not only to further their academic education but also to take advantage of the numerous internship opportunities available. Additionally, this friendly environment provides kids with priceless experiences that will mould their life.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Students can participate in the vibrant college community at Lane Community College by joining one of the many clubs or organisations offered there. Each active club on campus must have an event, which is organised by the Council of Clubs. The Student Life and Leadership Development office, located in Room 201 of the Centre Building, serves as the focal point for these amazing events.

Campus Facilities

The best institution for students who desire to thrive in their academic and professional endeavours is Lane Community institution. This excellent institution not only offers a multitude of materials, but it also links students with a lot of support to aid them in their endeavours. There is something at LCC for everyone, from basic academic needs like counselling, tutoring, and technological access to necessities for daily life, as well as job exploration guidance.

Alumni Network

Students at Lane believe that relationships are crucial to their success, and they want to honour everyone who has contributed to those experiences. Everyone has a crucial role to play, including proud parents and family members as well as alumni. Lane works hard to offer tools that are customised for each distinct individual in order to ensure that pupils succeed. They acknowledge the importance of these relationships and work to establish enduring relationships with each student and their families.

Why Study at Lane Community College?

  • Transfer Opportunities: Lane Community College offers a seamless pathway to over 90 top universities, allowing students to pursue their dreams of a bachelor's degree.
  • Housing and Internship Opportunities: Enjoy the convenience of fully furnished apartments available on campus while having the opportunity to work as an intern with Lane's network of 800+ companies.
  • Intensive English Programmes: Take advantage of Lane's intensive English programme without the need for TOEFL or IELTS scores, ensuring a smooth transition into credit programmes.
  • Scholarships: Lane is committed to supporting both new and continuing students through various scholarship opportunities, helping to alleviate financial burdens and make education more accessible.

At Lane Community College, the focus is on providing an enriching, supportive, and inclusive environment for international students. The exceptional location, diverse community, extensive study areas, and comprehensive support services make Lane an ideal choice for those seeking a transformative educational experience. International students are invited to join the vibrant community at Lane and embark on a remarkable journey towards their academic and career aspirations.

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Main Campus - Lane Community College - Lane Community College

4000 East 30th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97405

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Lane’s main campus is nestled within the Willamette Valley, between the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean on traditional homelands of the Kalapuya people. Amid the academic buildings is a beautifully landscaped campus with seasonal, native flowers and plants, as well as developed bark trails and a Longhouse.

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