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Watch: Professor of Air Transport Management, Lucy Budd discuss the strengths and benefits of the Air Transport Management Msc course at DMU. Discover how the air transport business works and enhance your understanding of dynamic sector. The Air Transport Management MSc has been developed by two leading aviation academics in conjunction with industry partners, to offer a critical, comprehensive and practical understanding of the structure and operation of the international air transport industry. It has been designed to equip future leaders with a range of transferrable and analytical skills that can be directly applied in the workplace. You will study the many strands to airline operations, including licensing, scheduling, fleet planning, aircraft acquisition, and dealing with irregular operations. You will explore the management and operations of Airports and the key challenges facing the Airport sector, and gain insight business models and strategies that determine the future of the airline industry. You can also tailor the programme to reflect your particular interests or career aspirations through an elective module, and through focus on a particular area of air transport management in your dissertation or business research project. The programme is suited to both recent graduates and those with existing professional experience who wish to expand their knowledge of the commercial air transport industry. Graduates from this course may choose to pursue roles within airlines, airport operators, air cargo companies, air navigation service providers, national regulators, government agencies and aviation consultancy firms. Key features Learn from experienced academics.This programme has been developed by two experienced air transport academics, Professor Lucy Budd and Professor Stephen Ison, who have over 30 years combined experience of developing and teaching air transport management programmes. Gain networking opportunities, with the chance to participate in indus

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Situated in the heart of a city that pulsates with energy and culture, De Montfort University (DMU) stands as a beacon of intellectual exploration, just as a lighthouse guides ships towards the shore. With its campus nestled within Leicester's vibrant city centre, DMU offers a unique blend of academic growth and diverse cultural experiences akin to a fine tapestry interwoven with threads of knowledge and life. Is there a place better suited to nurture curious minds?

DMU is not just a university; it's a microcosm of the world. With four well-established faculties, each housing internationally recognised research institutes, DMU operates as an intellectual playground, much like a grand symphony where each note adds to the richness of the melody. What could be more invigorating than exploring a world of knowledge under one roof?

But what truly sets DMU apart? A profound commitment to diversity and inclusion. Imagine a beautiful garden where each plant, irrespective of its species, thrives and contributes to the overall splendour. Each unique perspective is valued in this garden, and each voice is heard. Doesn't this make for a dynamic learning environment?

DMU also understands the importance of extracurricular activities in shaping well-rounded individuals. Just like a tree, students need more than just one nutrient to grow; they require a mix of academic enrichment and personal development. DMU clubs and societies allow students to branch out beyond their academic interests and nurture their passions, thereby striking a harmonious balance. How could this not enrich the student experience?

Facilities at DMU echo the ethos of providing an all-encompassing experience. From accommodations to catering, maintenance to leisure, DMU ensures students have all they need within reach. Picture a thriving city with all amenities at your doorstep. Isn't this convenience personified?

DMU recognises that the university experience extends beyond graduation, hence establishing a robust alumni network. This network functions like an intricate web, connecting individuals across the globe and providing a platform for professional development and networking. Could there be a better way to extend the university experience?

In essence, DMU represents more than just a place of learning; it embodies a rich tapestry of experiences shaping tomorrow's leaders. Doesn't this make DMU a desirable choice for higher education?

Campus Location

De Montfort University (DMU) resides in the heart of a bustling city, offering students a vibrant campus life that perfectly marries academic pursuits with diverse cultural experiences. DMU stands as a beacon of learning, nestled within Leicester's city centre. Its close proximity to the city's hub of activity offers the university community a unique vantage point to explore and participate in city life.

Moreover, DMU is more than a collection of classrooms. It is a campus that inspires and nurtures its students. Within walking distance of Leicester City Centre, DMU is a convenient and accessible choice for students. The campus setting fosters a comforting sense of belonging and is conducive to realising students' goals.

DMU understands the importance of experiencing campus life firsthand. Therefore, it arranges regular tours led by current students. Each of these tours offers valuable insight into DMU's environment and facilities, allowing prospective students to visualise their future at the university.

Study Areas

The university is home to internationally recognised research institutes contributing towards societal progress across diverse fields. DMU has structured these research institutes under four primary faculties, each offering unique academic and personal growth opportunities.

The Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities hosts institutes focusing on sustainable cities, creative futures, inclusivity in performance studies, literary perspectives, and the exploration of historical societies. DMU encourages students in these disciplines to contribute to creating a sustainable, inclusive future by harnessing the power of creativity and understanding the intricacies of history and culture.

The Faculty of Business and Law comprises research centres and institutes dedicated to enterprise, innovation, applied economics, social value, accountability, governance, sustainability, and urban research on austerity. Here, DMU equips students with the skills needed to navigate and shape the modern business landscape.

In the realm of Computing, Engineering, and Media, DMU houses centres and institutes for computer science and social responsibility, film and television history, cyber technology, artificial intelligence, creative technologies, and sustainable development, amongst others. DMU fosters an environment of innovation, allowing students to explore and contribute to cutting-edge technological developments.

Lastly, the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences features institutes focused on diverse areas, including reproduction research, health policy, psychological sciences, social justice, and pharmaceutical innovation. DMU believes in making a tangible difference to public health and societal well-being through research and innovation.

Diversity and Inclusion

DMU's core values include fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. The university has one of the most diverse staff and student populations in the UK higher education sector. The university considers this diversity as an asset and strives to support all members of its community in reaching their full potential.

DMU's strategy encompasses two broad themes: developing culture and enabling equity and fairness. DMU ensures that every member of its community feels safe, supported, and valued for their unique perspectives. The university is committed to understanding and addressing the reasons behind unequal outcomes.

DMU pledges to identify, develop, and support talent, striving to ensure that staff at all levels reflect the diversity of the student body. DMU further promises to adopt an evidence-based approach, using data and lived experiences to inform initiatives, policies, and practices. The university aims to achieve fair and deserved results while maintaining an environment where discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

DMU believes in nurturing not just academic success but also personal interests and hobbies. The university offers a diverse range of societies and clubs for students to explore their passions, nurture talents, and build strong friendships. From arts to sciences, cultural groups to hobbies, DMU offers students a chance to engage in activities that can enrich their university experience and broaden their horizons.

DMU's Students’ Union empowers students to establish their own societies. The only requirement for this is a group of four like-minded individuals. This encourages students to build their communities around shared interests, fostering a dynamic and inclusive campus culture. In fact, at Leicester Castle Business School, DMU is proud to support several professional clubs and societies focused on areas such as accounting, finance, creative industries, economics, enterprise, international business, and women in leadership.

DMU understands that being part of a club or society can be incredibly rewarding. Thus, it aims to provide students across all programmes – undergraduate, MSc and MBA – with fantastic opportunities to meet people with similar interests, network with professionals from outside the university and develop critical employability skills.

Campus Facilities

DMU strives to provide an all-encompassing experience for its students, which is why it offers a range of on-campus facilities. The university’s accommodation team manages all DMU-owned and nominated Halls of Residence. They also address accommodation queries throughout the year and oversee conference bookings within the Halls of Residence during the summer period.

Aiming to enhance the staff and student experience, DMU's catering service offers a range of appetising and nutritious food and drink options. DMU also provides a comprehensive cleaning service for all academic buildings, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for its community.

DMU's conference facilities, known as DMU Venues, are available for internal and external bookings. These include large hall spaces and state-of-the-art conference rooms. The Estates Helpdesk handles various tasks, such as building maintenance, grounds maintenance, and parking permit applications, ensuring a well-maintained and accessible campus.

The Leisure team at DMU offers memberships to state-of-the-art facilities, including a gym, sports hall, fitness suite, and a climbing wall. These services cater to a diverse range of physical sports and well-being activities, encouraging students to stay active and healthy.

Alumni Network

DMU understands the value of maintaining connections beyond the student years. Therefore, the university has established DMU Alumni Clubs around the globe. These clubs allow alumni to stay connected to the university and each other, no matter where they are in the world. DMU welcomes its alumni to join this global community to network, socialise, support charitable projects, or simply keep updated with the latest news and events from DMU and their locality.

The university's alumni networks are integral to its global alumni community. These networks are designed for those with shared personal or professional interests and provide a platform to engage with DMU alumni, staff, and other industry professionals. This continued professional development helps promote networking opportunities and enhance the student experience.

Each of the university’s alumni networks encourages members to share their industry-specific news, developments, and events. Available networks include the Arts, Design and Humanities Network, Business and Law Network, Computing, Engineering and Media Network, Health & Life Sciences Network, Sports Network, and Women’s Network. These networks facilitate the sharing of success stories, publicising industry developments, showcasing job opportunities, and meeting like-minded professionals.

Why Study at DMU?

  • DMU is located in Leicester's city centre, offering an exciting blend of academic excellence and city life.
  • The university has four well-established faculties with internationally recognised research institutes.
  • DMU champions diversity and inclusion, striving to provide an equitable environment for all students.
  • An array of clubs and societies enables students to explore their interests and make lasting connections.
  • A range of on-campus facilities ensures a convenient and well-rounded student experience.
  • A strong alumni network helps students stay connected, offering networking opportunities and continued professional development.


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    601 - 800
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    801 - 1000


Campus offering this course
City Campus - De Montfort University - De Montfort University

The Gateway House, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 9BH

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DMU campus merges with the city of Leicester through a combination of historical city and university buildings, modern and new complexes as well as beautiful parks and public roads. De Montfort continually invest in first class equipment and workspaces and over the next few years the university are continuing their investment in the campus to provide a modern and inspiring environment. A £90 million transformation of our city centre site will see improved teaching rooms, eating areas and the Students’ Union, and create a beautiful area of parkland at the very heart of the campus.

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