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    AUD 66,000

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    2 Years

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    January, may, august

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    New York

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Unfortunately, students from Australia are not accepted for this course. Please reach out to a counsellor for more information.

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You can start right away in bookkeeping and accounting?without committing to a four-year degree program.Students completing this certificate may be able to find positions as bookkeepers, accounting clerks, credit authorizers and clerks, brokerage clerks, and payroll clerks. This certificate program also prepares you to sit for the Certified Bookkeeper (CB) exam.
Why Earn a Basic Certificate in Accounting at Adelphi - :
Explore the discipline of accounting and gain a basic understanding of accounting principles and techniques. The program consists of undergraduate courses in accounting, finance, and business.
You?ll get qualified for entry-level accounting positions in business and nonprofit entities.
Flexibility: Part-time students can complete the 30-hour certificate in four semesters or two years.

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Amid the serene suburban oasis of Garden City lies Adelphi University, an institution of learning that echoes the confluence of diverse cultures and experiences. An embodiment of tranquillity and vibrancy, could there be a better place to spark the ignition of knowledge?

Adelphi University serves as a monumental lighthouse, illuminating pathways for those yearning to navigate the vast ocean of knowledge. Like a painter’s palette, the university's educational offerings are colourful and varied, with various disciplines available for exploration. Is there a better canvas for creativity and intellectual curiosity than a university that caters to diverse academic interests?

The small class sizes at Adelphi can be likened to a close-knit family dinner, where each individual's voice is heard, valued, and reciprocated. Like experienced sailors, the faculty help navigate the complex waters of academic pursuits with their unwavering commitment and expert guidance.

Much like a well-orchestrated symphony, Adelphi's campus harmonises state-of-the-art academic buildings, performance spaces, athletic facilities, and artistic havens. These facilities serve as stages where students can express their talents, learn, and grow, contributing to the symphony's crescendo.

The multicultural campus community, the university's heart, beats with diversity and inclusivity. Could one imagine a richer tapestry than the one woven from various cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic threads? The cultural and identity-based student organisations serve as the looms, continually enriching this tapestry.

Life at Adelphi is not confined to the university walls. Like a tree's branches reaching out, the university extends its influence to the vibrant city life of Manhattan, just 23 miles away. Through internship and career opportunities, Adelphi's students touch the pulse of the professional world while still enjoying the shelter of the university's supportive and conducive environment.

The university's alumni network resembles a constellation of stars, each shining in their respective fields yet connected by the invisible threads of shared experiences and memories. Like the North Star guiding sailors, this vast and diverse network helps current students and recent graduates find their bearings in the professional landscape.

Adelphi University is not merely an institution; it's an immersive and transformative journey. It's a story written by each student, faculty, and alumnus—a story of diversity, inclusivity, intellectual curiosity, growth, and success. And perhaps, the next chapter of this story could be written by you?

Campus Location

Nestled in the serene suburban area of Garden City, Adelphi University strikes a perfect balance between proximity to bustling city life and tranquillity. With just 23 miles separating the campus from the heart of Manhattan, Adelphi University enables students to take advantage of both the dynamic atmosphere of New York City and the peaceful campus surroundings. The picturesque setting of the university, characterised by lush green spaces, landscaped gardens, and beautiful architecture, adds to the visual appeal and creates an inspiring environment for learning.

Adelphi University is conveniently situated near major transportation hubs and ensures easy access to neighbouring cities and attractions. Train stations and bus routes are just a stone's throw away, allowing students to explore nearby areas or embark on weekend adventures. This strategic location combines the best of both worlds, offering a rich blend of academic rigour, cultural immersion, and social engagement.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty and accessibility, the campus location extends learning beyond the classroom. The proximity to Manhattan enables students to intern at top companies, attend Broadway shows, and immerse themselves in the diverse and vibrant city life. The location serves as a gateway to numerous cultural, professional, and social opportunities, enhancing the overall educational experience at Adelphi University.

Moreover, the surrounding area of Garden City offers a wealth of historic and cultural attractions. Students can engage in community activities, visit museums, explore historical landmarks, and attend local events. This exposure to diverse experiences fosters a well-rounded and enriching college experience, making Adelphi University's location a unique advantage.

Study Areas

Adelphi University takes pride in offering a diverse range of programs under its various colleges. Students at this college can delve into multiple fields of study, foster critical thinking, engage in research, and express creativity. At the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business, students are prepared for successful careers in business and entrepreneurship. The programs are designed with an emphasis on hands-on learning, ethical leadership, and a strong foundation in business principles. This approach equips students with the knowledge and skills to navigate and lead in the ever-changing business landscape.

Similarly, the College of Nursing and Public Health at Adelphi University offers nursing, public health, and healthcare administration programs. Students here receive rigorous academic training and clinical experiences, empowering them to address public health challenges, promote wellness, and contribute positively to the healthcare sector.

Lastly, the College of Education and Health Sciences and the Honors College offer comprehensive education, counselling, and health sciences programs and provide an enriched educational experience for academically motivated students. Through these colleges, Adelphi University ensures a comprehensive academic environment that nurtures intellectual growth, fosters inquiry, and prepares students for their respective fields.

Diversity and Inclusion

The commitment to fostering a multicultural campus community is at the heart of Adelphi University's values. This diversity enriches the learning experience, promoting cultural exchange, understanding, and respect among students.

Furthermore, Adelphi University weaves inclusivity into its curriculum. Courses incorporate diverse perspectives, experiences, and voices, covering topics related to social justice, diversity, and global issues. This approach equips students with the understanding and empathy necessary to thrive in a multicultural society and contribute positively to the global community.

Adelphi University further promotes diversity through a vibrant array of student organisations that cater to different cultures, identities, and social causes. These platforms allow students to share experiences, engage in events and activities that celebrate cultural diversity, and contribute to a climate of inclusivity. By fostering connections among students from different backgrounds, these organisations help cultivate a sense of belonging and community within the university.

In addition to providing platforms for cultural exchange, Adelphi University is committed to creating safe spaces for open and respectful dialogue on social and cultural issues. The university encourages individuals to share their perspectives, engage in meaningful conversations, and learn from each other's experiences. This commitment extends to advancing equity and addressing systemic barriers to inclusion, as the university regularly assesses and enhances its policies, practices, and resources to ensure that all community members have equal opportunities to succeed.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

Student life at Adelphi University is vibrant and diverse, with many student organisations catering to various interests. These clubs, spanning academic, cultural, professional, recreational, and community service areas, allow students to connect with like-minded peers, enhance their skills, and pursue their passions outside the classroom.

Academic and professional clubs at Adelphi University play a vital role in enriching students' learning experiences. By organising workshops, conferences, and career development events, these clubs offer students practical insights into their respective fields. Interaction with guest speakers and professionals provides a platform for students to network and gain industry-specific knowledge, further enhancing their career prospects.

Adelphi University hosts a wide array of cultural and identity-based clubs to celebrate and promote cultural diversity. These clubs allow students to explore their heritage, engage in intercultural dialogue, and participate in cultural events and festivals. By fostering awareness, understanding, and appreciation of different cultures, these clubs contribute to an inclusive and vibrant campus life.

The university also encourages creative expression through its performing arts and creative clubs. Whether it's music, theatre, dance, or visual arts, these clubs provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents, collaborate on projects, and attend performances or exhibitions. Moreover, political and advocacy clubs offer platforms for students to engage in discourse, activism, and advocacy on local and global issues.

Campus Facilities

Adelphi University's campus facilities are designed to support and enrich students' learning experiences. Academic buildings have state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and specialised facilities, providing an optimal learning environment tailored to different disciplines.

In addition to academic facilities, Adelphi University houses the Performing Arts Center, which features a variety of performance venues. These spaces host various cultural events, from plays and concerts to dance recitals and guest speaker events, offering students opportunities to showcase their talents and enjoy diverse cultural experiences.

For the promotion of physical fitness and wellness, Adelphi University boasts comprehensive athletic facilities. These include a fitness centre, an indoor track, a swimming pool, multipurpose courts, and outdoor fields. These facilities cater to various sports and recreational activities, allowing students to engage in physical activity and team sports.

The Ruth S. Harley University Center, a central hub for student activities, features lounges, meeting spaces, a food court, and a game room. It hosts various events, workshops, and club meetings, creating a vibrant space for students to socialise, relax, and engage in campus life. Lastly, art studios and galleries provide spaces for students studying art, design, and photography to create and showcase their work, further enriching the creative environment on campus.

Alumni Network

Adelphi University takes pride in its vast and diverse alumni network, which spans various industries, professions, and geographic locations. This network includes successful professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, healthcare providers, and more, providing a wide range of connections and expertise for students and recent graduates.

The alumni network at Adelphi University is a testament to the university's legacy and a valuable resource for students. Through alumni events, career fairs, and networking receptions, students can connect with accomplished alumni, gain insights into different career paths, and seek mentorship and guidance. These interactions can provide invaluable perspectives, aid in career decision-making, and potentially lead to internship or job opportunities.

Additionally, the alumni network plays a vital role in job placement and career advancement. Alumni often recruit Adelphi students for internships, entry-level positions, and more experienced roles, strengthening the bridge between the university and various professional fields. Furthermore, the university's career services office maintains strong ties with alumni, providing access to job listings, career counselling, resume reviews, and interview preparation.

Beyond professional networking, Adelphi University also organises alumni events and reunions. These events allow graduates to reconnect, reminisce, and strengthen their ties with the university and each other. Furthermore, alumni often contribute to the university through donations and scholarships. These contributions provide financial aid, academic resources, and enrichment opportunities that enhance the student experience at Adelphi.

Why Study at Adelphi University - Shorelight?

  • Adelphi University offers a perfect blend of city and suburban life, providing students with diverse experiences.
  • The university's location near Manhattan offers internships, cultural immersion, and city life experiences.
  • Adelphi offers various study programs across multiple disciplines, catering to diverse academic interests.
  • A commitment to diversity and inclusion is woven into the fabric of the university, fostering an inclusive and respectful learning environment.
  • Student life at Adelphi is vibrant and diverse, with numerous clubs and societies catering to various interests.
  • State-of-the-art campus facilities support academic, athletic, artistic, and recreational pursuits, enhancing the student experience.
  • A robust and diverse alumni network provides valuable networking opportunities, career guidance, and job placement support.
  • The strong emphasis on community, inclusivity, and personal growth makes Adelphi University a holistic place for learning and personal development.


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Adelphi Campus - Adelphi University - Shorelight - Adelphi University - Shorelight

1 South Ave, Garden City, New York, 11530

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The Adelphi campus is nestled within the serene Long Island suburbs on a safe and welcoming sprawling campus that’s beautifully gardened, architecturally exciting and full of activity. Adelphi students learn in more than a dozen academic buildings and centers, study and collaborate in a bright and modern library, stay active in our state-of-the-art Center for Recreation and Sports, enjoy arts performances in our top-ranked Adelphi University Performing Arts Center, and residential students live within seven residential communities. A major renovation of Adelphi University’s Ruth S. Harley University Center was launched this year through a $5 million HECap grant.

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