About Wales

Wales is a country in southwest Great Britain known for its rugged coastline, mountainous national parks, distinctive Welsh language, and Celtic culture. Education has a very good success rate with students from all over the world coming to study here. The place is nicknamed the ‘Land of Song’ because of its music heritage. Being a home to the wacky concept of coasteering, exploring the edge of the coastline on foot, climbing on rocks, and jumping off cliffs into the water below, It has long been a favorite destination for walkers and thrill-seekers. Outdoor enthusiasts can find plenty of recreation options such as mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering,  surfing, etc.

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  • Home to 8 famous universities of international repute.  
  • Considered the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution  
  • Famously known as ‘Town of Books’  
  • Voted as the happiest place to live in  
  • Promotes affordable living options   
  • Possesses six World Heritage Sites

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Why study in Wales, UK?

Wales is comparatively a smaller nation than England and Scotland, but it is known to be home to some reputed educational institutions. The universities in Wales offer you undergraduate courses for three years and postgraduate courses for a year. Read on to know why many international students find Wales a favourable study destination.

Reasons to study in Wales 

  • The cost of living in Wales is comparatively lower than in other parts of the UK.
  • Wales is known for its international outlook and the impressive student support it offers. 
  • The student unions of universities in Wales are very welcoming and friendly, giving you ample opportunities to socialise.
  • Since the universities in Wales have well-established relationships with some of the world’s top companies, students get easily employed after their studies. 
  • The nation is culturally rich and has numerous entertainment spots, including theatres, galleries, clubs and more.

Student life in Wales 

Studying at some of the best universities in Wales will open you up to numerous opportunities and experiences. Apart from top-class education, the city has numerous places you can explore during your free time. Moreover, you will be able to find like-minded people in your universities by joining various clubs or societies based on your interests.

Cost to study in Wales 

The cost of studying in Wales will differ depending on the university and course you choose. However, international students can avail a variety of scholarships and funding across a range of courses in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Here is an estimate of the tuition fees for your higher education in Wales.

Higher Studies in Wales

Approx. Cost

Undergraduate program


Postgraduate program


Doctorate program


Cost of living in Wales for International Students

If you decide to study abroad in Wales, you need to plan your expenses in advance to help you better manage your finances. Wales is one of the affordable nations to live and study in. Let’s take a look at the approximate budget you would require to live a comfortable and reasonable life.

Expenses to study in Wales

Approx. Cost per Month