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Students worldwide have chosen Sydney as their preferred study destination for a myriad of purposes. With its rich heritage, its lovely beaches, its delicious cuisine and its fantastic climate, Sydney offers students a rich living environment. Its multiethnic culture makes it a great choice for students planning to live and study here.  For those who enjoy travelling, exploring the city with its perfect weather and extensive range of events is the best option.

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  • 9th best student city in the world
  • Home to the world's 5 largest universities
  • Great education and outstanding employment opportunities
  • Known as the third most popular international student destination in the world
  • Houses nearly 700,000 international students.

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Why study in Sydney, Australia?

Sydney, one of the largest cities in Australia, is known worldwide for the excellent educational opportunities it offers. The city is home to some top-ranking universities and research organisations that provide industry-relevant education, making it a popular study destination for numerous international students. If you are interested in studying in this city, read on to know more about student life, universities, and the best places to study in Sydney. 

Reasons to study in Sydney 

  • The qualifications and courses from the universities in Sydney are globally recognised. 
  • The city is home to students from different cultural backgrounds, giving you ample exposure.
  • Sydney has a very efficient and convenient public transportation system, making commuting easy for students.
  • As an international student in Australia with a valid student visa, you can work while you study. 
  • Being a very happening city, you can find numerous entertainment options and visit various tourist attractions.

Studying in Sydney, Australia: An overview for international students

The friendly atmosphere, lively culture and excellent education opportunities are some of the reasons to study in Sydney. You can find various student apartments and dorms on and off-campus for your stay. The city is very accommodating to students from across the world and offers plenty of job opportunities after your course. Let’s look at the cost of studying in Sydney for an international student:

Expenses while living and studying in Sydney

Approx. Cost per Week

Accommodation (devoid of other utilities)

AUD 250-750

University Accommodation (Inclusive of food)

AUD 665-1000

Food and Groceries 

AUD 80-280


AUD 50-60


AUD 80-150


Places to study in Sydney 

Are you wondering where to study in Sydney when you need a change of scene from your dorm rooms? Here is a list of some of the best libraries to study in Sydney:

  • Green Square Library: Grab your books and settle down in the quiet reading room for one of your serious study sessions. This library also offers bookable spaces, a music room with instruments and a cosy cafe upstairs.
  • The State Library of NSW: If you are in search of some quiet places to study in Sydney, this library, with its numerous walls of books and beautiful stained glass windows, is the ideal choice. One of the oldest libraries in the country, they also have perks like free Wi-Fi and a bookshop.
  • Marrickville Library: Are you an admirer of architecture? Then, this is the place for you! The library has ample natural light and plenty of cosy corners where you can catch up on your work. 
  • Woollahra Library: A place filled with lush greenery, this library gives you the feel of an inside garden. There are plenty of meeting rooms and private booths where you can settle down to finish some important work. 

Best Cafes to study in Sydney 

If you need a coffee break or a meal to help you power through your study sessions, here are some suggestions for some good places to study in Sydney:

  • Matinee Coffee: This place offers a variety of choices of seating—long communal tables, cosy booth seats, and even alfresco spots. Moreover, you also have access to free Wi-Fi, multiple charging points and bottomless coffee, making it an ideal study spot!
  • Eliette: Go here with your laptops and enjoy some wholesome meals while powering through your lessons. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, with delicious food and coffee, makes it a perfect place for studying. 
  • Good Fella Coffee: A popular spot among many students, freelancers and remote workers, this cafe offers free Wi-Fi and numerous powerpoints to charge your laptops. Every seat in this cafe comes with a view! 
  • Terra Cotta Roasters: If you need some coffee to help in your study session, you should visit this place! With a bottomless batch of coffee and some pastries off their menu, you can be sure to have a productive time here. 

Universities in Sydney, Australia, for international students

Every year, students from across the world enrol in some of the best universities in Sydney. When it comes to the excellence of education being provided and the employability of graduates, Sydney has set some international standards. Here is a list of some of the top universities in Sydney where you can apply: 

Top Universities in Sydney 

Year of Establishment 

No.of. Students 

QS World University Rankings

THE World University Rankings 

The University of Sydney





The University of New South Wales 





University of Technology Sydney





University of Wollongong





The University of Newcastle





Macquarie University 





Western Sydney University





Australian Catholic University





Charles Sturt University 





The University of New England