About Sheffield

Sheffield is a metropolitan city with  a long sporting history. It  is home to the world's oldest football club as well as the world's oldest football field, Sandygate. The city has a vibrant cultural scene, with a focus on music and theatre. Being a student-friendly city, it boasts of university  campuses dotted around the city centre. As people are used to the huge student population, many local businesses cater to student needs. Many establishments, ranging from cinemas and music venues to theatres and cafes, have special student discounts.

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  • Known as the most geographically diverse city in England  
  • Seen as a  city geared towards  student life  
  • Considered one of the top 10 most affordable  university cities in the UK  
  • Hub of vintage clothing, quirky shops and a vibrant mix of restaurants, pubs and bars  
  • Home to  Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield

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