About Plymouth

Plymouth is a small but perfectly formed city with a large amount to offer students. It is renowned for its modern, dynamic cultural heritage, internationally leading education, research and innovation opportunities. This city is a perfect mix of rural and urban surroundings and has a huge amount to offer, including an unrivaled lifestyle with its amazing green spaces, stunning waterfront and proximity to some of the best beaches and landscapes in the UK. Plymouth’s vast city centre is a wonderland for shoppers, with big brand names and quirky independents all on offer.

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  • Promoted as an uniquely appealing study location  
  • Voted as a safe place to live and party  
  • Nurtures affordable living options  
  • Home to Plymouth University, one of the largest universities in the UK  
  • Boasts of a well-developed transport network  
  • Provides inspiring fieldwork opportunities  
  • Ensures pretty good employment rates

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