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Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. It is the fifth largest city in Australia. It was founded in1836, the city was perceived to be the capital of the British Province of Australia. It is the hub of many government and commercial organisations run by the Government of South Australia. You can also find a lot of ethnic expressways on the streets of North Terrace and King William.

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  • 41st best student city in the world
  • Home to 4 renowned universities and globally ranked universities
  • Rated as Australia’s cleanest, greenest and safest city
  • Houses more than 40,000 students from 130 countries
  • Hub of multiethnic/multicultural communities
  • Best internships and employment opportunities
  • Seen as a smart city with its Ten Gigabit City Project

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Why Study in Adelaide?

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is the fifth-largest city in the country. Being accommodative, affordable, and easily accessible, Adelaide is a popular choice for higher studies by many international students. Moreover, the 2021 edition of The Economist Intelligence Unit's (The EIU) Global Liveability Ranking finds Adelaide to be the third most livable city in the world.

Are you aspiring to study in Adelaide?  Well, you can make the best of both worlds here. This city offers you a perfect balance of education and entertainment. Let’s take a look at some more reasons why you should consider studying in Adelaide. 

Student life in Adelaide

Adelaide is one of the most affordable cities to study in compared to other cities in Australia. You will be exposed to excellent educational options, abundant work opportunities and an accommodative environment here. The city is also known for its vibrant lifestyle as the various entertainment and attractions are sure to give you a wholesome Adelaide living experience. 

Student accommodation Adelaide 

Adelaide is a well-connected city, and most suburbs are close to the central business district. You can choose where to live based on your requirement after considering various factors like safety, ease of commute, facilities, etc. While many universities provide student apartments on and off-campus, you can also find a suitable stay using various sites and Facebook groups. 

Take a look at this table to get an idea of the expenses of different accommodations available in the city.

Types of Student Accommodation in Adelaide 

Approx. Student Accommodation Cost per week

Shared rental 

AUD 85-215

Hostels and Guesthouses

AUD 90-150

Managed student accommodation (Inclusive of 24-hour support and internet)

AUD 200-500

Residential college 

AUD 450-550


AUD 235-325

Campus accommodation (food inclusive)

AUD 300-550

Cost of living in Adelaide

The cost of living in Adelaide is low, making it a perfect place to live and study. Adelaide is 14% more affordable to live in than other Australian cities. Here international students are also offered discounts on public transportation and certain entertainment areas.

Here is an estimated overview of the weekly expenses:

Expenses in a shared student accommodation Adelaide

Approx. student accommodation Cost per week

Utility Bill

AUD 30


AUD 60

Phone and Internet 

AUD 25


AUD 15


AUD 80

Benefits of studying in Adelaide 

Here are some more reasons why Adelaide is an ideal study destination for international students:

  • You get exposed to world-class education as Adelaide is home to some of the top-ranked universities in the world.
  • The city offers affordable commute possibilities, including bus, train and tram services.
  • At Adelaide, international students can take up internships and part-time jobs while studying. 
  • The regional migration incentive program by the Australian Federal Government makes international students eligible for permanent visas or employer-sponsored visas. 
  • Known for its wine and food, the city has more restaurants and eateries than any other major city in Australia.
  • Adelaide hosts several national and international events like Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival, and Test Cricket.
  • The city of Adelaide will soon transform into a “Ten Gigabit City” to deliver high-speed internet services that will unlock new possibilities for businesses. 

Places to study in Adelaide

When you need a change from your study rooms, here is a list of cafes to study in Adelaide. Grab a coffee, get something to munch on and settle down with your books or laptops in one of these popular study spots. 

  1. Monday’s Coffee Store: This small and cosy cafe right in front of the bus stop with friendly staff is a perfect place for your study session. Get there early and grab a seat before the place gets packed. 
  2. Bakery on O’Connell: Located close to the residential colleges in North Adelaide, you can find this place filled with students and their laptops almost all the time. It is a great place to get together and conduct group studies.
  3. Cafe Outside The Square: If you are looking for a place that offers you space for individual study or group study sessions, this is the right spot. It is an ideal place to get your work done with a reasonably priced menu, good coffee and friendly staff. 
  4. The Library Cafe: This beautiful cafe with ample natural light pouring in through its huge windows is a perfect study spot for students. You can find this place packed with students inside the State Library of South Australia. 
  5. Larry & Ladd: The long benches in this cafe are ideal for group projects with your friends. For those who love a lively atmosphere, you can come here to enjoy some good music while studying.

Universities in Adelaide 

Adelaide is home to top universities that have produced several Nobel Laureates and Rhode Scholars in different fields. Universities in Adelaide have been popular among international students for years and continue to rank high in the international listings. 

Here is a list of universities to study in Adelaide Australia: 

Adelaide University List

Year of Establishment 

No.of. Students 

QS World University Rankings

THE World University Rankings 

Carnegie Mellon University 





Flinders University 





The University of Adelaide 





Torrens University Australia 





University of South Australia