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Unfortunately, students from Australia are not accepted for this course. Please reach out to a counsellor for more information.

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In our doctoral program in comparative literaturestudents have considerable freedom in designing their course of study. They workacross disciplinary boundaries as they explore such broad-ranging issues as problems of representation; the intersections among race, class, and gender; performance studies; literature and human rights; postcolonial and diaspora studies; and film studies. Doctoral students focus on three literatures or fields of concentration. Work in the primary literature or field requires broad historical coverage from the premodern period to the contemporary era, with emphasis either on a genre or on a major period, and a thorough reading knowledge of the language. Work in the second and third literatures requires coverage of the period or genre related to the field of emphasis in the first literature. Students must demonstrate advanced proficiency in their reading knowledge of the second language of concentration, and intermediate competence in the third. Graduate students in comparative literature may complement their credentials by earningadditional certificates in such areas asLatin American, Caribbean, and Latino studies,feminist studies, andfilm studies.

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Immerse yourself in the heart of a vibrant academic hub where diversity and inclusivity reign supreme. What if UMass Amherst - Shorelight were your next educational destination? Nestled in the bustling college town of Amherst, the university stands as a lighthouse of knowledge amid the sweeping landscapes of the beautiful Pioneer Valley. Its sprawling campus, spanning over 1,400 acres, acts as a canvas where every student can paint their unique academic journey.

UMass Amherst - Shorelight thrives as a garden of academic disciplines, each faculty blossoming with numerous study areas. Picture a kaleidoscope, constantly turning to reveal stunning patterns of colour – that's how diverse the academic offerings here are. From Engineering to Management, Education to Nursing, and Information and Computer Sciences to more, the options are as vast as the horizon.

Step into the world of UMass Amherst - Shorelight, and you'll find a multicultural tapestry rich with various cultures, countries, and perspectives. Like different instruments in an orchestra, each student contributes a unique note, creating a symphony of diverse experiences. But what makes the music genuinely harmonious? It's the shared respect, the communal empathy, and the collective pursuit of knowledge. This cultural symphony is directed by the university's dedicated resources, such as the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which strive to strike the perfect balance between individuality and unity.

What is university life without a bit of extracurricular sparkle? UMass Amherst - Shorelight is a galaxy of clubs and societies, each star twinkling with unique opportunities. From cultural and ethnic clubs to academic and professional groups, from sports teams to community service organisations, there's something for everyone. Picture a kaleidoscope of interests, constantly shifting and transforming – that's the university's student life for you.

A key pillar of the UMass Amherst - Shorelight experience is its robust alumni network, providing students and graduates with a strong safety net as they traverse the tightrope of their professional journey. Think of it as a bridge, connecting the current students with those who have walked similar paths, paving the way for mutual growth and support.

What if UMass Amherst - Shorelight were to become your home away from home? A place that nurtures your academic aspirations, fosters your personal development, and helps you carve out your unique path in the global community?

Campus Location

The University of Massachusetts Amherst, part of the exclusive Shorelight program, resides in the vibrant college town of Amherst, Massachusetts. Known for its academic atmosphere and lively community, the town provides a stimulating intellectual environment that nourishes students' growth. The university campus has over 1,400 acres and offers a spacious and scenic environment for exploration, learning, and social engagement.

Nestled within the beautiful Pioneer Valley, the university enjoys a picturesque backdrop of rolling hills and natural beauty. Its position within this valley allows students access to various outdoor activities, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Hiking, biking, skiing, and water sports are among the numerous recreational opportunities that the valley offers.

Being in close proximity to an array of art galleries, music venues, theatres, and restaurants, the university ensures a rich cultural and social scene. The sense of belonging instilled by the close-knit community creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, further enriched by the high concentration of colleges and universities in the area.

Study Areas

At the University of Massachusetts Amherst - Shorelight, a diverse selection of faculty departments caters to students' academic interests and career aspirations. Experienced professors and industry professionals within the faculty provide invaluable hands-on learning experiences and research opportunities.

The Isenberg School of Management stands as another flagship of the university. This faculty offers many business and management programs, ranging from finance and marketing to accounting and entrepreneurship. Academic expertise coupled with real-world experience empowers students to carve successful careers in the business world.

The university's College of Information and Computer Sciences, an epicentre of technological advancements, prepares students for careers in dynamic fields like software development, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

Diversity and Inclusion

UMass Amherst - Shorelight upholds a firm commitment to diversity and inclusion. The university welcomes students from different cultures, backgrounds, and countries, thus forming a rich mosaic of experiences and perspectives. It fosters an inclusive atmosphere where students feel valued, respected, and encouraged to express their unique identity.

The university's dedicated Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion supports initiatives that promote diversity, social justice, and equal opportunity. This office aims to nurture an inclusive campus environment through education, advocacy, and support services. Diversity training programs, workshops, and events are some of the initiatives in place to enhance cultural competence and inclusivity.

UMass Amherst - Shorelight is also conscious of the representation in its curriculum. It ensures that students are exposed to a diverse range of ideas, experiences, and cultures by incorporating different perspectives across various academic disciplines.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

The University of Massachusetts Amherst - Shorelight offers a vibrant and diverse student life. A broad spectrum of clubs and societies provides ample avenues for students to engage in extracurricular activities and build lifelong friendships.

The university hosts several cultural and ethnic clubs celebrating diversity and promoting cross-cultural understanding. These clubs organise an array of events, workshops, and cultural festivals, allowing students to explore different cultures.

Academic and professional clubs related to specific fields of study also feature prominently at UMass Amherst - Shorelight. These clubs provide a platform for students to engage in academic discussions, network with professionals, and gain practical experience.

The university is also home to numerous sports and athletics clubs catering to various interests and skill levels. Students can join intramural teams, participate in recreational sports, or participate in competitive club sports, fostering teamwork, fitness, and camaraderie.

Campus Facilities

UMass Amherst - Shorelight has an extensive range of modern and well-equipped campus facilities that support academic success, research, and student life. A host of cutting-edge research laboratories span multiple disciplines, providing students and faculty with opportunities to conduct hands-on research and scientific exploration.

The university also takes pride in its extensive libraries that house a vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources. Students find in these libraries a haven of quiet study spaces and group study rooms, supported by easy access to research databases. This environment fosters academic success and contributes to the pursuit of knowledge.

In addition, the University of Massachusetts Amherst - Shorelight campus is home to performance and art spaces, including theatres, music halls, and art galleries. These spaces buzz with regular performances, concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events, creating a vibrant atmosphere for artistic exploration.

Alumni Network

The University of Massachusetts Amherst - Shorelight enjoys the support of a robust and expansive alumni network. This network, which spans various industries and sectors, provides a significant professional asset for students and graduates to tap into. Students gain access to mentorship, career advice, job referrals, and professional connections through this network.

UMass Amherst - Shorelight's alumni are keen to support the career development of current students and recent graduates. They frequently participate in career fairs, networking events, and workshops, offering valuable insights into different industries and practical guidance on navigating the job market.

The university also facilitates alumni mentoring programs that pair experienced alumni with current students or recent graduates. These relationships provide a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable guidance, industry knowledge, and career insights from professionals who have walked a similar path.

Why Study at University of Massachusetts Amherst - Shorelight?

  • UMass Amherst - Shorelight is renowned for its academic excellence and rich research opportunities.
  • The university is located in the vibrant college town of Amherst, offering a rich cultural and social scene.
  • UMass Amherst - Shorelight is ranked among the top public universities in the United States.
  • The university provides comprehensive support and resources for international students, ensuring their success in their studies.
  • UMass Amherst - Shorelight promotes a diverse and inclusive community, enhancing cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.
  • The beautiful Pioneer Valley location of the university offers stunning natural landscapes and a variety of outdoor recreational activities.
  • UMass Amherst - Shorelight's strong alumni network provides invaluable networking and career opportunities.


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Main Campus - University of Massachusetts Amherst - Shorelight - University of Massachusetts Amherst - Shorelight

300 Massachusetts Avenue, Amherst, Massachusetts, 01003

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Located in the scenic Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, UMass Amherst’s 1,450-acre campus is nestled in one of America’s most iconic college towns.

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